Kingmaker or Skull and Shackles PBP campaign wanted


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Ages ago I made this character for a Kingmaker campaign that started off really well. We had a good group and a good DM but things just went flatline after the first outpost encounter. I'd love to find a DM and some players interested in starting this AP or even Skull and Shackles.

Is there anyone interested? I suppose starting with a DM to create the world would be best.

Did you know you double posted?

Hrm the wifi in my backyard is unreliable at best. Sorry about that.

No worries, just thought you might like to know. :) Also dotting for interest, but I can't DM

Interest here, but also I am quite new, so do not want to dm due to lack of experience. this will be my first pbp campaign. I'd play a sorcerer or bard type

I'm going to be running a Kingmaker game once I'm back from my holidays (a week this coming Tuesday) which will be a 15-point buy, 6 player conversion. If you can wait that long, you can apply to that one.

Although looking at your character, one of your traits is from Carrion Crown.

@Lictor are you opening up a thread for applications to your kingmaker game?

Once I'm back from holiday I will be, yes. It'll probably run for 5-10 days. All stipulations will be in it.

Indeed, I've tried and failed to get Krallek into several games since. It seems there is little desire for a bread and butter fighter any more. I suppose I seem a little plain. 15 point buy in? Could you be talked into making that 20 points? 8)

Lictor, mind linking your thread here, so I can find it easily? :) thanks

I'm definitely making it 15-point buy. I'll link it when I create it.

Dude, make it a 10 point buy! :)

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