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Chaotic Evil


Swing Dancing, Shadows, Madness


The Dandyman is a groovy cat, baby. He likes to swing through towns putting on puppet shows for the kids. Then he collects them, turning them mad over years as he keeps them in secluded darkness until they turn into shadows as well. He just keeps collecting more and more, building an army of shadows for his garden. He appears as a small red-skinned man with a with big head and bulging white eyes. He wears a tacky yellow suit and constantly dances.


Chaotic Evil
Contradictions, Conspiracies, and Absence.

An obscure qlippoth lord known as the familiar stranger, even his own followers are uncertain to its full meaning. All that is held for certain is that he looks of humanoid shape, and that his choosen bare witness to his silent ravings. Most of this, and the other ramblings of his followers, is held to be utter nonsense. Conspiracy theories with no greator root than "what if"?. Those that pray to him, be it for power or out of true reverence, tend to favor places divoid of anything. From empty closets, to looted chappels, to caves. Some have concluded this qlippoth lord simply dislikes his followers and rather than taking significant action to destroy or make use of them, seeks to cause his followers to incur the wrath of other divinities, bore themselves and others to death, or get so caught up in their discussions over meaningless conspiracies that they deprive themselves of things they require to survive. Others, however, believe this entity wants to encourage zeal in concepts so divorced from reason that they will kill any sensable person.

Neural evil
Lust, secret perversions and shame
Shamadoria, the Crying Whore

Some claim Shamadoria is a fallen angel. Some say she was a succubus. In fact,The Crying Whore is the first Erodaemon to enter the abyss. In her true form, she is a 6 feet tall fiend with deep, sapphire skin that glistens in the night sky. She has two very long golden ram horns, and a third eye located in their center. That being said, she almost never chooses to appear like so before a mortal, as she can change her shape to suit his deepest fetishes and desires. She is particularly fond of seducing high priests - she first lures them with her looks, then makes them realize what they have done, at which point she drinks their soul empty, growing stronger and fleeing back to her home on Abaddon.

No one?


Dot. (To be replaced by The Myriad later)

I actually made one last night; should I post it here after work or just like said page here?


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1: Neutral Evil
2: Daemon
3: Obsessive Love, Corruption, Outcasts
4: The Multitude

"I have been rejected just as you have, because I do not hate your kind. Oh no. I love you so, and my kind cannot comprehend that sin. I would carry your spirit away from judgment if I could, though that is not within my power. But I know where it will fall, among the plummeting damned hurled from the Spire’s heights, and I will be there waiting for you, my love. I will meet you there. I will take you, I will drink you, and we will be as one. We will hunt together through the long eons." - The Multitude

The entity now known as The Multitude was originally Escedria of the Radiant Sorrow, an erodaemon in service to the harbinger Jacarcas the Collector, lord of the slave-city of Awaiting Consumption, within the court of Lyutheria the Parasite Queen, former Horseman of Famine. Due to her fascination with mortals and her apparent willing fusion of her soul with those of dozens of mortal worshipers/lovers/slaves, the erodaemon was exiled and eventually found her way to the Material Plane. There during the height of the Azlanti empire she enacted a string of horrific slaughters all perpetrated in the names of and often in the possessed bodies of a single mortal she'd grew to love. Seduced and ultimately consumed by spiritual union with the fiend, she embraced and assimilated each broken creature one after another, all of them seeking a partner, a lover, or simply a friend in a world that had rejected them for all manner of reasons and ultimately fused into the creature that over time strayed from her origins to become a virtual harbinger wrought of the gestalt soul-mass willingly bound together.

The Multitude was eventually bound into a great gemstone in the years immediately preceding Earthfall and the destruction of Azlant. Thought lost, the stone was eventually found by a group of Chelish wizards, all of whom were killed when the archdaemon was unleashed by one of their enthralled apprentices whose soul and identity joined the daemonic gestalt in 4713 AR. The harbinger's status is at present unknown.

"She whispers into the busy silence of my dreams. She tells me that I’m beautiful. She tells me that she loves me. She kisses my lips, she kisses my cheek and nape of my neck. She tells me once more that she loves me before she bites deep, savoring the taste of my blood like sacramental wine, leaving me horrified and ecstatic at once." - Draenara of Kintargo, the Chelish conjurer's apprentice effectively orphaned by her family, two days before releasing The Multitude from her Azlanti bindings

The Multitude takes the form of a Huge sized erodaemon -adjusting to match the size of any prospective partner- though gowned in royal silks and finery in the style of Azlanti royalty, and with additional ranks of horns all ornately carved and decorated to form a sort of crown atop her head, and a pair of massive draconic or bat-like wings.

[This all derives from a non-canon short story I wrote for Pathfinder Chronicler about 6 years ago called The Multitude]

1: Chaotic Evil
2: Demon (formally a Qlippoth)
3: Extinction, natural disasters, and skeletons
4: Trexamiir

Every mortal creature dies one way or another; that is the fate brought up into life since the beginning. And once an entire species becomes extinct, only the strongest of magic can even have a chance of bringing them back. Or how some wish it was so-for one fiend prevents such magic from existing, simply for his own cruel intentions. This beast is known as Tremaxiir, the Beast of Extinction.

Like Cyth-V'sug and Dagon, Tremaxiir was once a powerful qlippoth who had a fondness for slaughtering scores of lives with the power to summon any natural disaster at his calling. Once the demons conquered the Abyss, such demonic energy absorbed into him, forming him into originally nothing more but a powerful demon-a strength that was thought to be somewhere between a balor lord and a full demon lord.

He remained that way until the fateful day known as Earthfall happened-when such a thing happened, the fiend took notice of the huge amount of lives lost from scores of natural disasters not caused by his own. As he witnessed the destruction, he found himself absorbing unusual souls-souls he would never be able to taste again, for these were the souls of various humanoid races lost to the lore of the world. These were merely the strongest of souls to be absorbed-the souls of entire populations of hundreds of thousands of various species of animals, magical beasts, dragons, monstrous humanoids, and fey that all perished with Earthfall followed him. When he returned to the Abyss, he felt the souls rise him to the rank of a powerful demon lord; he carved his own small realm known as the Fossil Prison-a huge, prison-like area formed out of enormous fossils of unknown beasts, with the very heart of the realm containing huge spires of black crystals that glow with the faint screams-these crystals are the very dungeons for the souls of every extinct creature since after Earthfall. From then, Tremaxiir developed an obsession with absorbing the souls of all creatures that perished from extinction that he would pave the way for natural disasters to happen on a grand scale-all in a desperate attempt to relive the moment of absorbing so many souls at once.

Today, the Beast of Extinction is rarely worshiped at all-even then, most followers are usually mistaken for those madmen who devote their faith to Rovagug. The relationship between these two seems to be mixed-while Tremaxiir does respect Rovagug's insatiable appetite for destruction, he does not wish for the end of existence, for he needs life to continue in order to collect the souls of creatures that become extinct. He is commonly worshiped by destructive and insane boggards, marsh giants and troglodytes, thus making him on bad terms with Dagon, Gogunta and Zevgavizeb-the later is often considered the Beast of Extinction's greatest enemy, and clashes between the two have been the stuff of legends.

Tremaxiir appears as a fusion of different fossilized skeletons of different dinosaurs-he has the body of an Ankylosaurus, with ebony covered diamonds covering his back and sides, with a tail that has a huge, crystal spike that makes it look like an earth breaker (his favored weapon). His neck is long-twice the length of his body-with his head being like the skull of a Tyrannosaurus, with eyes that seem to smoke like dormant volcanoes.

This one's based on Javanese mythology

1. Chaotic Evil
2. Demon
3. Dismemberment, bodily fluids, cancer
4. Rangda

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Magic
Subdomains: Demon (Chaos), Catastrophe, Rage, Insanity, Arcane
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace
Sacred Animal: Cane Toad
Sacred Colors: Maroon, black
Symbol: A circle of festering pustules surrounding a lamprey's mouth

Rangda is a disgusting, festering, female Demon Lord. She resembles a corpulent, vaguely humanoid beast, covered in oozing sores and pustules. She has maroon skin, a hunched back, no tail, and suckers on her fingers. Her eyes are massive, too big for her skull, and she has a ratty, splotchy mane of straw-coloured hairs. Her mouth is a reeking abyss, and like her eyes, seems to extend outward from a too-small face. Her fangs resemble that of a predatory, deep sea fish, and she has four enormous boar-like tusks, two on each jaw. Her tongue is as long as her body, and drapes from her gaping maw. It is covered in additional, jagged teeth, and though it is prehensile she drags it on the ground most of the time, leaving a trail of caustic slobber. From her sores and pustules, omoxes and other ooze-like demons constantly spawn and slither out of her like the offspring of a Surinam toad, and she constantly excretes vile fluids and gases from every pore on her body.

She is among the most simple-minded and bestial of the Demon Lords. Her ambitions rarely extend beyond feeding herself and her grotesque brood, and she would seem to be far more chaotic than evil if not for the hideous delight she takes in smelting down whatever unfortunates she stumbles upon in her cancerous juices. She corrupts any environment she wanders into, rapidly transforming lush, vibrant jungles into wretched cesspools. She is not a particularly ambitious Demon Lord, and has few allies even among the gruesome inhabitants of the Abyss, but other fiendish demigods with interests in disease and environmental devastation have found her to be a blunt instrument and rather easy to manipulate. Apollyon, the Horseman of Pestilence, has convinced her to lay waste to entire nations in exchange for particularly prized forms of food, such as the corpse of an Empyrean angel. The murder of the Empyrean, however, attracted the attention of the Empyreal Lord Barong, a lion/dragon-like beast every bit as majestic and Rangda is repugnant. Though Rangda survived the battle, Barong emerged triumphant in what proved to be the first of many clashes between the two beasts. Rangda has since hated Barong with a passion and has attempted to take revenge on the great beast many times since. Thankfully, Barong has proven much smarter and more skillful in his use of his power, and has stopped Rangda in her path every time, though he has never proven able to put her down completely.

Rangda has few human worshippers, but the most physically warped sentient species, such as Morlocks and Caulborns, tend to make up most of her cults, as do a race of bat-like, skull-faced humanoids known as the Leyaks. Boggards as well have a particular affinity for her, as do Akanames and Otyughs.

Inspiration: Rangda

1. Lawful Evil
2. Rakshasa
3. Decadence, consumption, vanity
4. Goladasera, the Glittering Badshah

Among the Vudrani, the fall of Prince Goladasera serves as a cautionary tale against excess. The heir to a petty principality, the ambitious young prince envisioned himself as a grand emperor, ruling from a golden city. To make his “Glittering Kingdom” a reality, Goladasera demanded gold and slaves as tribute from his neighbors, most often at swordpoint. The opulence of his lifestyle grew with every conquest, and his youthful beauty decayed from indolence. Vanity proved to be his undoing, as he died of lead poisoning from makeup intended to hide his deterioration.

As a rakshasa, Goladasera appears with the head of a white lion, and dresses in voluminous silks and furs to conceal a hefty paunch. He welcome those souls foolhardy enough to seek his realm with revels that end only upon their demise.

1: Neutral Evil
2: Daemon harbinger
3: Droughts, dessication, searing heat
4: Siroccian Of The Thousand Droughts.
Once a mage on a far off world, his planet was suffering from ice age and his civilization was dying,so he ended up casting a ritual that moved the planet closer to the sun.

The ritual worked,a little too well. So well the planets oceans had boiled away within a year and the entire place was a dry husk within 5.

Now the Searing Skies works under Trelmarixian, working to cause famine via drought and desertification. Destroying farm land, evaporating lakes and Oasises and turning lands into barren, dessicated, wastelands.

Set wrote:

1. Chaotic Evil

2. Qlippoth
3. Architecture, Madness, Numerology
4. Koorpiak / Aleph the Uncounted
5. This qlippoth 'lord' appears as multiple curved planes of force, in shades of black and dark purple, swirling around a central point to form a roughly spherical shell. Each plane flickers with pale blue numbers, geometric figures and mathematical formula, but to attempt to decipher them brings no insight, only madness. Appearing in the dreams of those who have viewed the mathematical scribings of those already touched by his maddening illumination, or who spend time within one of the twisted and alien-angled geometries of one of the buildings or warrens constructed by the architects and builders who have succumbed to his warped visions, he brings insanity to any who attempt to understand the nonrational numbers, unsolveable formula and non-Euclidean angles his form displays. The planes of force that make up his manifestation slide into and out of view, and are said to exist not only in multiple planes of existence, but also to somehow simultaneously co-exist in different locations in space, and even time itself. The scribbled formula and alien architecture that so often results from his 'inspiration' are merely conduits, to further spread his madness. Some afflicted deludedly believe that the mental degeneration that accompanies his mad insights are incidental, and that 'Aleph the Uncounted' is actually an angel, attempting to open the minds of the mortal races to the dangers of the outer dark, and instruct them as to how to build fortifications that will defend them against creatures such as Hounds of Tindalos, or the maddening insights of other eldritch horrors, but this, like the 'numerology cults' that spring up when a new theorum inspired by his mind-twisting presence is discovered, who 'discover' that, to 'save the world,' they must kill certain quantities of people with certain traits, or burn down certain buildings, or destroy great quantities of crops to form arcane sigils visible only from...

May steal the idea of a demon related to Math and numerology.

1. Chaotic Evil
2. Demon
3. Surprises, Song, Mercenaries, pragmatism, connections
4. Alithera/ Huntress of fortune
5. Following Nocticulas ascension, the power vacuum left behind was a subject of considerable contest by both her former vasalls, specifically those ruling other major demon isles, as well as her former and current rivals. A time of chaos, but also of opportunity.
Having, while acting as Nocticulas envoy to hell, succesfully "liberated" 66 captives of Dolaras, as well as the means to create infernal contracts in her own name, on a technicality, Alithera returned to her fief of Luralune, giggling all the way home, only to find that a civil war has broken out on account of Nocticulas disappearance.
She used her own forces, the various capabilities of the 66 captives, mortal mercenaries and demons to quickly stake out a sizeable subrealm consisting of 4-5 demon isles, while formally pledging fealty to Shamira.
Alithera became a nascent demon lord in the process, and quickly figured out that the best way to survive and prosper further was to be simultaneously useful to as many interests as possible.
She therefor established a magical telepathic network known as "Leashed-In" for the interplanar provision of mercenary services, and then used this network to fill her own ranks with mercenaries from many planes. Prayers to and pacts with her often take on the form of mercenary contracts, profane gifts from her agents are handed out quite freely, typically accompanied by access into her information network. Initially, the capabilities and informations offered by the profane gifts considerably enchance a mercenaries success, but over time, the great opportunities offered, together with the mistrust of most populations to anyone with a profane gift, serve to alienate the individual, often resulting in that individual taking on increasingly evil and risky contracts, until he or she dies and the huntress of fortune claims his soul. There are those in her service who prosper succeed and retire, they have little to fear from her, unless they move directly against her interests. She considers them to be free propaganda I dont have to pay for.

Here's something I just wasted like 4 hours of my life on specifically for this thread... didn't even know what Div were.

1: Neutral Evil
2: Druj Nasu (Div)
3: Eyes, Lichdom, Mirrors
4: Uoymai
5 (Optional): Uoymai has three large, compound eyes that bulge from her face and forehead. Her voluptuous lips hide a maw filled with circular rows of hooked teeth spiralling all the way down into her stomach, and she constantly drools acidic bile that immediately digests anything it touches. She has the neck and torso of a beautiful woman, both her humanoid arms splitting into a pair of clawed, insect-like forearms extending from each elbow. Her green and purple hair flows down her blistered back weaving between countless pairs of shatterd wings and halteres that sprout from busted boils. Below her waist, she has the body of a fly. Four large insect legs support her, and a large abdomen trails behind her. Despite not possessing a single pair of unbroken wings, the multitude of pieces allow her to fly with perfect maneuverability, perform advanced aerobatics, and hover effortlessly. Uoymai's plethora of wings and violent motions create a significant amount of wind accompanied by the buzzing of a billion flies.


The Sin Within

Source VoodistMonk

Alignment NE
Pantheon Other Deities
Areas of Concern Div, mirrors, undeath
Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Vermin
Subdomains Hatred, Plague*, Undead
*Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Broken-back Seax
Symbol Broken, black mirror
Sacred Animal(s) Mirror Serpent
Sacred Color(s) Black and purple

While looking at your reflection in a mirror (or similarly reflective surface), pray to Uoymai, contemplating your darkest sins and desires. Destroy something beautiful or sacred, sacrifice a living creature in Uoymai's name, or voluntarily take 1 point of Constitution damage while chanting praises to Uoymai and cutting yourself with a shard of broken glass.

After performing this obedience, you add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against necromancy spells that you cast, and can use a mirror of equal value in place of onyx or black sapphire as a material component in necromancy spells. In addition, you can deal sneak attack or other precision-based damage to a target even if it has concealment against you.

Boons - Deific Obedience

Source VoodistMonk
1: Broken Spirits (Sp) death candle 3/day, mirror image 2/day, or blood rage 1/day
2: Everything Breaks (Sp) Once per day, you can cast disintegrate as a spell-like ability (DC = 10 + half your HD + your Charisma modifier). You may use this an addition time per day for every 5 HD you possess, to a maximum of five times per day at 20 HD.
3: Mirror Sight (Ex) Your natural eyes are replaced by mirrors, and you are now capable of visually perceiving through the use of blindsight, darkvision, and low-light vision. You gain blindsight to a range of 40 feet, darkvision within 60 feet, and can see twice as far as normal in dim light. Low-light vision is color vision.

Source VoodistMonk
1: Death's Reflection (Sp) ray of emfeeblement 3/day, shatter 2/day, or animate dead 1/day
2: Mesmeric Mirror (Su) Any weapon you wield is treated as though it has the ghost touch weapon property. And you can summon illusionary reflections of yourself to throw off attackers, as an immediate action when you are attacked or become the target of a spell that requires an attack roll. One duplicate of yourself appears, and the attacker must determine randomly which it hits (as mirror image). For every 5 HD you possess, one additional image appears, to a maximum of five images at 20 HD. Each image lasts for 1 minute per HD or until destroyed. This is an illusion (figment) effect.
3: Mirror Mount (Ex) You gain Monstrous Mount as a bonus feat, even if you do not meet its prerequisites. You treat your HD as your Effective Druid Level, and receive a Mirrored Serpent as a companion. This is in addition to, and does not interfere with, any other companions or cohorts you may have.

Source VoodistMonk
1: Shards of War (Sp) face of the devourer 3/day, enemy's heart 2/day, or stinking cloud 1/day
2: Sudden Sting (Su) You can inflict a lingering, painful sting as a swift action that requires a successful melee touch attack. This sting deals 1d4 points of piercing damage for every 2 HD you have (maximum 10d4), and the target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + half your HD + your Constitution modifier) or become staggered for 1 round. This is a pain effect. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.
3: Undying Champion (Ex) You join the ranks of the undead. You gain DR 10/bludgeoning and good. Your type changes to undead, and you acquire all undead traits. Although immune to disease, you can still carry and spread diseases. You no longer have a Constitution score, and use your Charisma score for calculating hit points, Fortitude saves, and any special abilities that rely on Constitution.

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