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I accidentally clicked a bit too quickly and selected for the Bestiary Pawns to be shipped immediately rather than being held for my next shipment. Can you please correct this and ensure that anything I've presently got coming will all be in the same gigantic crate instead of a few little ones? :)

Also, is there a way to have new orders default to the side-cart rather than defaulting to ship immediately? I thought that there was, which is what led to my error.

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I have moved the pawns into the sidecart to ship with the upcoming subscription shipment. Additionally I moved the Art of Wayne Reynolds book into your sidecart so that will ship with a subscription order and not by itself when it is released.

Anytime you place a new order you should see an option to put it in your sidecart or a pending order. This is a choice for each new order you place.

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Thanks for the quick resolution and the explanation, Sara Marie. :)

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