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Serisan wrote:
Oh snap, level 12 in Core? There's a Rarity.

The real kicker? Most of these were the Protégés of our first core characters who we took through Eyes about a year ago.

5/5 *****

Serisan wrote:
Oh snap, level 12 in Core? There's a Rarity.

Not so rare. I recently ran a core group through Eyes of the Ten then Tomb of the Iron Medusa and the All for Immortality series. We have Moonscar, Witchwar and a couple of AP segments in the offing to get them to 19.

The Exchange 1/5

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Newly appointed venture captain Adenai, breaker of minds, herder of ghouls and recent victor in the eyes of the ten

Shadow Lodge 5/5

been a while since this was linked and about a year since it was opened .. so I'll relink this so that its more "upthread"

Level 12 Character List

I made a Google Sheet list for it

here is my question, do our characters max out at 12th level or can we go beyond that

Grand Lodge 4/5

wolf_knight_alpha wrote:
here is my question, do our characters max out at 12th level or can we go beyond that

You can go beyond 12th level when you play adventures that allow a 12th or higher level character to play. Currently we have two series of PFS scenarios (called Seeker arcs), two (I think) PFS multitable specials and many general Pathfinder adventures that are allowed for PFS credit.

Grand Lodge 4/5


Grand Lodge
Venture-Captain Ospero Pherazi, 16th level cleric of Pharasma

Scarab Sages
Ripsaw, 14th level investigator

Sovereign Court
Toshiro Zanbato, 14th level samurai

Hurricane, 16th level magus

okay well i am new the society and am trying to figure out how it all works. what i have read so far doesn't add up to me but that may just be because i am new to this style of play. what are the seeker arcs?

Dark Archive 1/5

wolf_knight_alpha wrote:
okay well i am new the society and am trying to figure out how it all works. what i have read so far doesn't add up to me but that may just be because i am new to this style of play. what are the seeker arcs?

Eyes of the Ten and all for immortality are seeker arcs. They are sanctioned high Lviv scenarios. There is a soft cap at Lv 12 in Pfs, but those seeker arcs, adventure paths, modules, and I think two multi table specials go past the Lv 12 cap. Being a "seeker" is basically an in game badge of honor. It is recognition of your pc's relative strength.

Grand Lodge 4/5

wolf_knight_alpha wrote:
okay well i am new the society and am trying to figure out how it all works. what i have read so far doesn't add up to me but that may just be because i am new to this style of play. what are the seeker arcs?

There are two series written for actual PFS, as well as a Pathfinder module that has rules to run it as a Seeker arc:

Eyes of the Ten: four PFS scenarios going from 12th to 13th level

All for Immortality: three PFS scenarios for 12th to 15th level characters

Wardens of the Reborn Forge: a sanctioned module (an adventure written for general Pathfinder RPG) with three options for PFS play. If you play it as a Seeker arc, you start at 12th level.

Each of these is a connected series, so once you start playing, you have to play them in order and not do other adventures with the same character until it's complete.

Silver Crusade 1/5 *

Francisco Cisneros, inquisitor of Sarenrae, is now level 12.

Silver Crusade 2/5

wolf_knight_alpha wrote:
okay well i am new the society and am trying to figure out how it all works. what i have read so far doesn't add up to me but that may just be because i am new to this style of play. what are the seeker arcs?

A little history:

Originally, PFS was for levels 1-11. Normal scenarios are written for tiers 1-5, 3-7, 5-9 and 7-11. Some old scenarios were written for tier 1-7 but that no longer happens as scaling is really difficult. Beginner scenarios are written for tier 1-2 and often replayable for 1st levels.

In addition to normal scenarios, much has been added with sanctioned modules and adventure paths. Scenarios and modules and AP sections are what you normally see scheduled for game days and conventions.

Way back in season 1, there was a 'retirement arc', a series of scenarios made for characters who had just graduated out of the normal level 1-11 material. It was called The Eyes of the Ten (the Ten being the Decemvirate, the leaders of the Pathfinder Society). It used to be the only high-level content you could play.

Since then, higher level modules have been sanctioned for play, and Eyes of the Ten is called a 'seeker arc', and another has been published. So, there are ways to play that can even get a character to 20th level.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Rurik Delver has officially completed a task set for him by the Ten, been proclaimed a deity, and appointed a Venture Captain by the Ten.

Rurik has completed Eyes of the Ten. A great time was had by all who participated.

Second Seekers (Roheas) 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia

I have one level 12 character but he got there via Emerald Spire, and I don't feel like he really counts but

Grand Lodge
Abel Mercer

Scarab Sages

Scarab Sages
Huu Yuu (Tian-Shu Human - Qinggong Zen Archer Monk 12 / Conversion Spellbreaker Inquisitor of Irori 3)

Aialaysia Alona (Plumekith Aasimar - Martial Artist Monk 12 / Superstitious Urban Barbarian 4) *Waiting for Witchwar*

Liberty's Edge
Buzz Seeker (Halfling - Dragoon Fighter 5 / Hunter 7)

Dark Archive
Huu Yuuno (Tian-Shu Human - Qinggong Hungry Ghost Monk 11 / Conversion Spellbreaker Inquisitor of Yaezhing 2) *about to start All for Immortality*


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zefig wrote:

Dracha Strongjaw, Thassilonian Envy specialist, Faithful of Rovagug, Bard/Wizard/Dragon Disciple

Kavar Dusq, Andoren fanatic, barbarian/fighter
Ukru'tusk, intrepid ranger with his faithful Axebeak, Alice
Ramses, Cleric of Zon-Kuthon
Utmost Archer Priedpeak, Thassilonian Pride specialist/eldritch knight/arcane archer
Leonardo de Gouzrak, Thassilonian Greed specialist/eldritch knight
Lord Fauntleroy Braeden Cecil Haywood IV of House Blakros, Thassilonian Lust specialist/Fey sorcerer

These characters have completed their business in and around Alkenstar and have, for the most part, departed for parts unknown at levels 15-16

Silver Crusade 2/5

Grand Lodge: Ismael. Preferred title is "Cultist of Death". (Gunslinger 5 Inquisitor 7.) Just hit 12 last night after Waking Rune.


Hey Myles,

Venture-Captain Bulain Zygmunt (NG Dwarf Ranger 17) somehow got missed.
Homeland of Razmir, no patron deity
Currently hunting the green dragon around Thistletop.

Sovereign Court 5/5 *

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Hit 12 on 2 more Characters at PaizoCon:

Baron Angethel (CN Aasimar [Idylkin], Oracle (Life) 12)


Silver Crusader Kigvan Rockmiser (LG Dwarf Warpriest (of Torag)12)

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/5 ** RPG Superstar 2014 Top 32

Also belatedly:

Sovereign Court:
Baron Edwin LeBlanc, 20th level Cleric of Shelyn, half-orc
Venture-Captain Alain "The PUN-isher" Falaviel, 15th level Gnomish Sorcerer

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Following a special mission from the Ten, a journey into the depths of the Emerald Spire, documenting a riveting tale involving pilfered Sun Orchid Elixir, and breaking the back of the demonic hordes besieging Nerosyan, Venture Captain Marak Dawnblade Ifrit Swashbuckler/Bard/Paladin/Wizard of the Silver Crusade, has attained 16th level, and plans on returning to his nascent lodge in Crystal Crag, to continue his work mending the divide between the native Ifrits and Oreads.

Liberty's Edge 3/5

A slightly drunk man swaggers in. He's blonde, with a thin, but scruffy beard, piercing blue eyes. The man wears a light breastplate, and is otherwise armed to the teeth with a variety of ranged and melee weapons.

"'Pologies, lads. I'm a bit delayed in me announcement, but I've been on a bender with me new blushing bride, Calisro." *BURP* "I mean, Venture Captain Benarry to you swabs. A month or three ago, I became a seeker, and immediately retired. It's time I returned to me true calling, wealth acquisition and redistribution at sea. I imagine I will see the lot 'o you on the horizon."

(Captain Jonathan Francis "Bootjack" Kenway. Human Slayer 12)

Shadow Lodge 1/5

Marv, King of Orcish Barbecue and Trade Prince of the exchange (formerly the Scarni). Locations across the Inner Sea.

Abernathy Adillow. Halfling wizard and GM credit baby. Played a total of three times.

Sovereign Court 5/5

To Whom It May Concern:

On ███████████████████████████████████████, in ██████████████████████, ██████████████████████████████████████ and █████████████████████████████. By ██████████████████of ████████████████████████, ██████████████████████████ immediately. ████████████████████████████████, as of ███████████████████████ at ████████████████████████. Please ███████████████████ to █████████████████████████████, care/of ████████████████, ████████████████████, and █████████████████████████.

Explore, ██████, Cooperate.

█████████████, on this day, ██th of ███████, ████A.R.

████ the ████.

Silver Crusade 4/5 **** Venture-Lieutenant, Ohio—Toledo

Silver Crusade:
Brother Ernesto, faithful servant of Sarenrae (LG Human Cleric 10/Paladin 2)

Grand Lodge:
Miloslav Davidovich, Gorum devotee (CN Half-Orc Unchained Invulnerable Rager Barbarian 12)

Grand Lodge

Grand lodge : Sakuchi the Tiny oread, level 12(8 druid, 3 monk, 1 bloodrager).

It only took me 400 years to get this far it did.

Dark Archive 4/5

The Decemvirate hereby announce the retirement of [redacted] following the failure to [redacted]. A team of five four, including [redacted], was sent to [redacted] for the purpose of [redacted] and were overwhelmed by a [redacted] from [redacted].

Rumor, devotee of Norgorber, keeper of secrets, and harvester of kidneys, has reached level 12 and has retired for the time being due to staggering problems dealing with Lissalans.

Dark Archive - Exploiter Wizard 5 / Unchained Rogue 1 / Arcane Trickster 5 as of his final [?] mission.

Scarab Sages 5/5 5/55/55/5

A druid wearing a dress made of autumn leaves wipes a tear from her eye as she shuffles up to the wall. She presses a single drop against the wall and slowly writes in "Mister and Mrs. Fishy" and circles it with a stylized outline of two entwined sharks. The water turns pink, crystallizes and slowly grows into a bit of rose coral.

Her foot taps a rock a few times, and the ground bursts forth an enormous fin, followed by the rest of the land shark in a hail of stone and rubble. Rather than be concerned she smiles, rubs his belly until his back leg gives an earth shaking series of thumps, and hops onto his back. She touches the holy symbol of desna around her neck and shrugs.

"Anywhere will do I suppose "

The Exchange 4/5

An impeccably dressed Taldan woman twists a lock of blonde hair around one finger. "Despite having the most unusual agents I've had the pleasure to field working for me, I can proudly announce to you all that I have unleashed the untouchable in defiance of Law itself. It was by my red text that the agent of immutable law fell and allowed a new patron to arise. I expect it to be a very fruitful relationship."

Sister Ayako, Venture Captain of the Lantern Lodge, has achieved 14th level at the grandest convocation of the year.

Paizo Employee 4/5 **

Venture Captain Viscount Kircheis von Lohengram is proud to introduce his protégé, a Catfolk Paladin of Ranginori he'd saved from the desolate hellhole more commonly known as Osiria. Rumors that she was found sleeping on his desk following even more preposterous rumors that the Viscount was a Rakshasa are, of course, false.

Milani watch over her.

Kitsune Spymaster of the Sovereign Court - Scout Rake Unchained Rogue 8/Snakestriker Brawler 2/Rose Warden 4

The Crimson Rose

Grand Lodge 4/5 ***

A stocky Ulfen man raises a mug of mead and announces to all the patrons at the Wounded Wisp that the next round is on him on account of the successful defense of Absalom and his promotion to Venture-Captain by the Decemvirate.

Jarl Gudrun Ytterboe - Skald 12 (Grand Lodge)

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5

"Look at me!" says the Bekyar Mwangi. "Now I am the Venture-Captain. Come Akama, we have many things to seek for on our own!"

Liberty's Edge 1/5

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All these Venture Captains? Seems like too much paperwork to me. If anything interesting comes up, I'll be in the bar.

Liberty's Edge, Monk (Martial Artist) 12

Silver Crusade 4/5

As of Origins

Silver Crusader Boswick Bumbleberry, Paladin of Iomedae, has joined the ranks of the Seekers.

At the event of his promotion, Boswick was quoted as saying I am now, as always, at your service.

The Exchange 5/5 ****

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A nearly two-foot tall Grippli stands proudly as he's selling his wares.

"Yeah, I played an instrumental role in fending off the Assault on Absalom. I then went to the Plane of Fire to Unleash the Untouchable Opal and free Rangirori from his prison. And to think, it all started because I left my tribe because funds had started to run low. Being a Pathfinder is hard work, but it pays off. Now my tribe's swimming in gold! Literally!"

Grippli Shaman (Heavens, wandering is Lore) became level 12 during Assault on Absalom, I had a chronicle ready to boost him to 13, then did Unleashing the Untouchable. Probably the most fun I've had with a character. Shamans are awesome support classes. I've always felt useful.

Dark Archive

Three new retirees

Mr. Cheliax, F1,Sorc 4, Evangelist 7
Rakshasa Tiefling, Heavy Black Dragon Full Plate, and a Nodaichi...always pretending to be a fighter with a vacation package of a lifetime to sell in beautiful lawful Cheliax the garden State of Golarion. I'm not allowed back in Cheliax - they can't tell when I'm lying.

Dr. Phil Moore Love, Cleric evangelist 1, Sorceror 2, Mystic Theurge 9 - offering love in all the wrong places. Black Rider of Baba Yaga, Darkive Servitor, and official BBQ'er for the Librarianatrixness.

Silvanus Arturo, Fighter (Archer 5), Magus (Myrmidarch 7) - bearing Gamin the Reforged (just to handle non elven communication) - he never swung the blade in combat, it's a valuable artifact - would you swing a (golarion equivalent of a Stradivarius)? Disarmament specialist (via ranged disarm)

Scarab Sages 3/5 *

Gear Sprocton, The Constant Jeweled Sage, Bismuth: Level 12 Alchemist.

Alchemist of dangerous repute, now a jeweled sage of the scarab sages.

Made the unfortunate mistake of playing race for the runecarve without knowing it was the only way to hit 20, so end goal is to hit 19.2 with her and hope for a capstone adventure someday. :)

HalfElf Inquisitor and Zen Archer, T. Kolodziejczak (Defender of Right! Scourge of Slavery! Archer for the Oppressed!), has won many victories in the name of Justice, Liberty, the destruction of all undead.

While having accomplished much on behalf of Liberty's Edge he knows that evil never sleeps and so he must remain ever-vigilant and answer any call that the Pathfinder Society issues. His time to retire to the Verduran forest has not yet come.

His bow is mighty, his arrows fly true, and speed of his strikes has been remarked upon across all of Andoran. He stands ready, a true Seeker for Justice.

Grand Lodge 1/5

Having helped empty out the Emerald Spire and claimed a Barony in the Riverlands, Egil Firehair was called to Osirion to help deal with the
Pharaoh Hakotep & the Mummy's Mask.

Baron Firehair is, as can be easily imagined, a Fire Kineticist. Having doubled up on the Fire element, at 15th level he has added Water to his repertoire.

While heading into Hobocon for my -1 character's crowning moment of hitting 33 xp I got to thinking on what I would write. I was hungover and tired but figured that "Baggio Burgamasco, first gnome of his name, Bardiche polemaster, counterfeit mage, urban barbarian,and Exchange Tycoon (twice) has made the grade" was too bland.

So instead I felt that this was more apt to announce Baggio's arrival:

He walked into the tavern, like he was walking onto a yacht,
His fake 'tache strategically lop-side-ed, it's colour was apricot.

He had one eye on the mirror, as he watched himself gnome by,
And all the kings dreamed that they'd be his partner, BIG business partner, and

He's so vain,
He thinks the Eyes Of Ten is about him!
He's so vain, (SO VAIN!)
He thinks the Eyes Of Ten is about him!
About him, about him!

He talks like Jose Mour-i-n-ho, but he looks like Sean Dyche!
That makes him a Ginger Gnome-i-n-ho, a polemaster with a Bar-diche!

He's where he should be all the time,
And when he's not it's a crime,
And when all the enemies they attack him,
He's got mad combat reflexes and

He's so vain,
He thinks the Eyes Of Ten is about him,
And the Exchange (the Exchange!),
He thinks they're all talking about him,
about him, it's all about him, about him ...

(But then the mission went awry. There was an emergency teleport and to keep the peace the Pathfinder society have told allies that the group was killed. Baggio is now his brother "Roberto" and has had to ditch his fake 'tache and grow his hair out. He also has to tone down his personality lest those who are meant to think he's dead cop on. He is a 12th level gnome that has been told that there is a whole chunk of the world that he's not allowed go into. Imagine what that does to a gnome like Bagg-uh "Roberto". He was vexed for at least 5 minutes!)

Grand Lodge 1/5

Sir Vernon Caldwell is now running through the Eyes of the Ten. A level 8 Gunslinger/level 4 Investigator, he will soon open a Pathfinder Lodge in Brevoy, to operate out of his country estate.

His motto is "Et Tactu Quodam Attingit".

Dark Archive 5/5 ****

"I'm the most well-known archer of the Society, Baron Merrick Blackwood, but you can simply call me 'Baron Blackwood'. I used to say I'm the best, until a dragon started spreading slander about me. So at least I'm famous, I guess. I inspire everyone with my heroic deeds, and after a mission, I always invite them to my own private island for a party."

Aasimar Bard (Arrowsong Minstrel), level 12. Participated in Salvation of the Sages and Passing the Torch. He bought a noble title, a private island and a ship for getting to said island purely for fun. He's a bit pompous, but just want people to like him through telling them how cool he is. Which usually backfires.

Arrowsong Minstrel is a fantastic archetype. Surprisingly good archer, and on top of that he has all the Bardic goodies.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Venture Captain Micheal "Camden" Schwartz has emerged as a Champion of the Siege of the Gallowspire, and has rooted out an insidious threat in Passing the Torch.

For now he will return to his lodge in Mendev, and continue working on plans for the Sixth (and hopefully final) crusade.

Major spoilers for Passing the Torch:
He has also joined Eliza Petulengro as the Second unmasked member of the Decemvriate. The time for anonymous leadership is at an end, if the Society is to move forward it must be done with full transparency and accountability.


Ansari Zolta (male human rogue 11/cleric of Cayden Caileen 1), Keleshite brewer and one of the most honest thieves you'll ever meet. Currently involved in The Eyes of the Ten (Part 1 completed, Part 2 coming soonish).

Nar-Lok (male half-orc heavens shaman 12), tattoo-covered fortune-teller and devotee of Desna; accompanied by Doasvaria, his nightmare dragon spirit animal. He's survived a visit to Hell, multiple Lissalan temples, and years of working with Zarta Dralneen without losing any of his soul, and most recently,

helped kill Rune Lord Krune.

Silver Crusade

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Crusader Princess Avelina Theodosia Iomedae Rydell Cecilia Galfrey, Heir Presumptive to the Bladed Crown of the Diamond City, Knight-Duchess of Egede and Its Outlying Territories, Sword and Shield of the Inheritor, Sword Knight of the Third Circle, Knight-Commander in the Most Holy Order of the Crimson Charge, Protector of the Faith, Sworn Nemesis of Baphomet and Deskari, and Patron of the Knights of Ozem has proven her worth (as if there was any doubt!) to the Ten and has been awarded with the position of Venture-Captain. She will be opening a new lodge on the borders of the Gravelands in order to be on the front lines of the new Glorious battle versus evil! And to find artifacts relating to her Beloved Inheritor.

(Human Sorcerer/5, Evangelist of Iomedae/8)

Reiji Nakami, First Master of the School of the Undefeated of the East has defeated the all opposing teams and emerged as the victor of the Ruby Phoenix Tournament, thanks to the power of teamwork, friendship, and FIERY PASSION.

(Tengu Magus (bladebound/kensai)/12)

3/5 5/55/55/55/5 *** Contributor

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Well, if Hrothdane is doing it, I have to, too! Since she was in all these games.

Venture-Captain Zella Aviar (elf witch 13) is dearly hoping that after that all that fuss of that last mission, she can finally be relieved of field work and instead can work quietly for the Dark Archive identifying and cataloguing magic items.

Expert archer and Erastil follower Honoria Mangin (human paladin 12) pushed her skills to the test in the Ruby Phoenix tournament, but the Pathfinder Society came out victorious! She plans to retire back home to Andoran and work on her family’s farm until she can get a piece of land of her own.

Tai Sapphire, the Sugilite Sage (oread brawler 11/bloodrager 1) tracked down the Amethyst Sage in what she expected to be her last mission for the Pathfinder Society before settling in completely to her duties as a Jeweled Sage. Yes, I played them out of order. However, she’s heard that something is going on with Torch again, and that may be worth coming back to handle.

Dark Archive 3/5

I had totally forgotten about Eliza insisting I file this report. Ridiculous. As if I have time for this nonsense when there is so much work to be done in the Archive! Anyways, after exploring an Emerald Spire of Azlanti origin, dealing with a malcontent intent on bringing down the Decemvirate, participating in the Breaching Festival in Korvosa, and foiling the Whispering Tyrant's silly little ritual in Gallowspire I, Xadd the Magnificent, have been made a Venture Captain. Hopefully, this will afford me the time to really focus on my research, but I suspect I'll actually spend all my time dealing with the incessant nagging of agents looking for another archaeological site to damage irreparably.

Xadd, Wayang Alchemist 16

Silver Crusade 4/5 **

Arcturus, Aasimar Cleric of Shelyn and Silver Crusader. Level 12 (33 chronicle sheets). First played May 15th, 2013.

Final 4 adventures were part of the Cult of Lissala arc and GM credit:
4-08 The Cultist's Kiss
4-10 Feast of Sigils
4-12 Refuge of Time
4-20 Words of the Ancients.

Looking forward to playing seeker level adventures.

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/55/5 *

Venture Captain Sasha Velinznrarikovich, Aasimar Wizard (7), Cleric of Nethys (2), Mystic Theurge (10).

He has had a long and storied career. Most of which is entangled with Torch and Lissala. The most notable occurrence recently is a run in with Torch. Also, while on the team researching how the sky key operated and could be used for a jump back in time, there was a bit of a time magic debacle and...he is now a child again... This occurrence has caused him to have to reassure new folks that he meets that he is indeed "..a very powerful spellcaster..", which he sometimes feels he must insist several times. All that said, he is an academic at heart and enjoys teaching the new ranks of Pathfinders.

Venture Captain Sasha can be found in the Grand Lodge in the 'lodge' he has set up which he has dubbed the 'Research Room'. This 'room' is actually a well integrated demiplane whose door is the portal, allowance to which is a wayfinder. This separate plane allows full blown experimentation without fear of the 'full blown' nature damaging the Grand Lodge itself.

He dreams someday of finalizing his career in a race for a rune-carved key.

Kata Thirkuld, Half-Orc Paladin of Andoletta, is currently pursuing her other occupation baking cookies until a mission that requires a pathfinder of her skills comes along. A few adventures ago she became acquainted with a group of Sarenrae worshiping orcs, and if a party can be assembled for Eyes of the Ten and she can become a venture captain, she hopes to be able to recruit some of them to her lodge.

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