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4/5 5/55/55/55/5 ***** Venture-Captain, United Kingdom—England—Coventry

Lanliss Haltermark, Halfling Priest of The Eternal Rose)
Ordog Bloodstone, dwarven idiot, sorry fighter
Tusker Du, Half-Orc Paladin/Oracle of the Inheritor

1/5 *

Silver Crusader Kaelendel Eiron, Elven Bard 12

(and ready for Eyes of the Ten)


Silver Crusader.
Druid 12 (Menhir Savant)
Running eyes of the ten in one month.

The Exchange 5/5

Hi! I just made Venture Captain a couple of weeks ago! I completed some fancy hush-hush mission for the Decemvirate. I partied with some other fancy types: a paladin of Ab'dar, a gnome that rode the fastest turtle in the Inner Sea, and some fancy Jarl that wielded one of those fancy Aldori swords. I got to be our parties arcane caster, it was fun!

Rogue (Swashbuckler) 10 / Fighter (Lore Warden) 2 / Sleepless Detective 1

Grand Lodge 5/5

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Winnifred Hayley wrote:
a gnome that rode the fastest turtle in the Inner Sea

R.I.P. Casey Jones

--Venture Captain, Revolutionary Leader, Psychologist, and Former Rider of the Fastest Turtle in the Inner Sea, Chomm Skee, M.D.

Gnome Cavalier 13

Scarab Sages

GM baby unknown class or race :P

Clerik 6 Hell Knight 6, cheliax

Grand Lodge 2/5 RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Okay, technically still 11.2, but...

As of GenCon 2014 a couple of weeks ago, the two-year story of how Thomas the Tiefling Hero saves the world has ended. He fought the demonic hordes at [REDACTED] when the [REDACTED] failed; he persuaded political leaders to support the mustering of an army; he secured and activated a mighty weapon against demons; he rescued Cyphermages from Rahadoum and elven demon hunters from the Tanglebriar, as well as earning the friendship of a tribe of mammoth riders, securing their support in an assault on the Worldwound; he tracked down and killed/captured two treacherous villains; he opened the door to Jormurdun and helped repel the dark forces lurking within; and he even slew a demon lord.

Now, with the threat of widespread demonic incursion past, he's retiring from active duty as a Pathfinder field agent. Now, he'll be spending his time working as an understudy with Ollysta Zadrian of the Silver Crusade (perhaps one day he'll be her successor?) and going on private missions to protect the innocent, whether at the behest of the church of Iomedae or on his own initiative.

Scarab Sages 4/5 **

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path Subscriber

Kirina Vulk, order of the Flame, master of disguise, deceit, and charm, and owner of the Flaming Scabbard tavern franchise (with bars in Absalom, Khorvosa, Magnimar, and Riddleport); Human (Varisian) female Urban Druid (Lust Domain) 13

- Kirina recently completed a very important mission for the Decemvirate, and has been promoted to Venture Captain. You'll find her new lodge in Khorvosa. Those interested in furthering the cause of Liberty should talk to the little human girl at the Flaming Scabbard down the road from the lodge...

Scarab Sages

Update on my characters: Venture-Captain Brother Harsk the Constant (Osirion/Scarab Sages) - level 18 dwarf monk (after having completed The Witchwar Legacy).

Sovereign Court 3/5

I am both honored and pleased to announce that his most arcanimus maximus, the Earl of Nalthevir, and Marquis of Western Marchlands, Ozuman the Great, has joined the ranks of those you call "seeker."

Sovereign Court 3/5

Thank you, Argyle! Thank you all!

Please, I appreciate your applause, but truly, was it not a forgone conclusion?

Argyle and I shall very much enjoy venturing out with each of you to find the world's greatest secrets.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

Been putting this off for a while, but here goes...

Following the conquest of Jormurdun Micheal 'Camden' Schwartz's journey has ended, and he can finally rest.

Following the dissolution of the Shadow Lodge, he spent the next few months in a haze, debating whether to formally resign, or just disappear. After deciding to resign, he left for Nerosyan, hoping to have one last party on the Society's dime. What he found was a reason to stay.

After seeing the dangers of the Worldwound firsthand, he realized that the Shadow Lodge was more relevant than ever. He, along with a number of other like-minded agents, devoted themselves to protecting as many as possible from the horrors of the Abyss.

In pursuit of this goal he fought to the heart of the Tanglebriar, rescued powerful allies from a Daemon worshiping cult, proved his strength against the demons of the north, redeemed a wayward Venture Captain, brought a traitor to justice, and finally, sacrificed his life to prevent an ancient evil from re-surfacing.

With Jormurdun secure, The Fourth Crusade over, and the new Shadow Lodge in capable hands, he, once again, finds himself without a purpose.
And he wouldn't have it any other way.

Micheal 'Camden' Schwartz LG (formerly LN) Gunslinger 11/Alchemist 1
Silver Crusade (Formerly Cheliax, formerly Shadow Lodge.)

4/5 5/5 *

Roland, silver crusader Cleric of Iomedae12.


Viscount Mimo Tomblebur, Halfling Bard, the proprietor and featured performer of the Excelsior Opera House in Absalom, has obtained the honorific of “Seeker” after completing 45 missions for the Society. With the wild success of his opera house (due largely to the support of the Taldane aristocracy and his stunning countertenor voice), Mimo must now heed the call of his public and focus on bringing exceptional music to Absalom. But should the Society truly need him again, his Wagnerian battle call will be at their command.

[Summary: Mimo Tomblebur, Halfling Bard 12, Taldor]

Liberty's Edge

Sir Adon, Knight Captain of Andoran, Last of the Spear-Shield Phalanx, (Fighter 11/Oracle of Ancestors 1) retires from field duty after assisting the Society explore the newly opened Sky Citadel of Jormurdun. Putting his experiences to good use, he has opened The Parabellum, a fighting college and dormitory to train his own paramilitary company, The Vigiles, for hire to escort merchant caravans, personal guards, mercenary freelances, and military muscle should the Society ever sound the call in the event of another crusade against the demonic hordes.

Grand Lodge 5/5 *

I have participated in an expedition to Triaxus, where I furthered the expedition to find the Famous and Infamous Baba Yaga. I have decided to embrace my role as a venture captain and I have become a member of the Grand Lodge.(reaching level 14 after playing Reign of Winter Part 4: The Frozen Stars, and using his free season 6 faction change to switch from Silver Crusade to Grand Lodge).

Dark Archive 3/5

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Lord Adari, Venture Captain of the Pathfinder Society, Honorary Hellknight of the Order of the Gate. Level 20 Necromancer as of 10/24/14.

5/5 *****

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Here ye, here ye, let it be known that His Grace Antonius Gallonica, Viscount of Faldamount and Signifier of the Order of the Gate has, after many recent successful incursions into the Hao Jin Tapestry, been accorded the rank of Seeker. Let it further be known that His Grace has magnanimously consented to remain and undertake some trifling society tasks before he returns to his beloved Cheliax to take up the reigns of rulership of the Gallonica family.

(Half Elf Razmirian Priest Sorcerer 12)


Mama Raf- 12 bloodrager. (Grand lodge?)
Soon to be Ibnatus 12( 11rogue 1urban barbarian) sczarni

Sovereign Court

Sir Deacon Williams, Lord Knight Captain of the Eagle Knights.
10 Fighter 2 Urban Ranger. Fresh into level 12!


Hijiliack, Human (Ulfen) Fighter and Caravan Traveler
Straight level 12 vanilla Fighter (no archtypes)

Now has reached the ranks of the level 12

He is the essence of a Tank in combat

Dark Archive 4/5

Huscarl Aela Jorrvaskr (Human Barbarian 12) has opened the Dwarven Sky Citadel, plundered it's contents, and settled down in the Hold of Belkzen with her trophy Orc husband Zannick to raise their daughter Shayozar Jorrvaskr to be an Orc worthy of the Death's Head tribe.

Grand Lodge 5/5

I've had it with these blasted missions, I've got enough coin to supply me with booze and cigars for the rest of my days, and can make a solid living training pathfinder recruits in tactics at the grand lodge in Absalom.

Logan Invulnerable Rager 12. Retired

Silver Crusade 5/5

What's up, guys? This is Berric "The Ladies' Knight" Thorne here, I figured I'd finally get around to reporting my achievement of seekerhood. I've worked to be a good dude and set a good example to those I've partied with when I'm not doing my bro Dammerich's will. I got to lead dwarfs and Aasimar and even a Tiefling in a charge against the demonic leader of Jormurdun, which was pretty sweet.

I've hooked up with a half-orc, and partied with Hellknights, we shouldn't call them Hellknight's, it's too harsh. We should call them pretty okay knights instead.

I'm currently working on saving Golarion from the Reign of Winter witches, and trying to stay cool while being forced to work with Baba Yaga for the greatest good.

Well guys, I'd better get moving. You guys be cool to each other!
-Berric Thorne, Ladies Knight, Smartest Paladin in the Inner Sea

Liberty's Edge 4/5 5/5 ****

After saving Aram Zey and Amara Li, Knight Captain Silbeg Cailean has graduated into the esteemed ranks of the Seeker. He is a rogue of many talents. He has always been a combination of skill monkey, double-gladius wielding, silvered-tongued adventurer. He has called out mythic Vrocks (and lived to tell the tail). In fact, his blades have dispatched no less than 4 Vrocks, several succubi, and countless babau ('cause he didn't count). He has solved mysteries, attended fine galas, infiltrated Chelaxian homes, embassies, and fortresses. He participated in the defense of Nerosyn, and celebrated the success of the Society on their first descents into Jormurdun!

What does the future hold for this brave adventurer? He is currently working directly for the Ten, and will continue adventuring beyond!

Liberty's Edge 3/5

Having recently returned from Tian Xia as one of the victors of The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, I have come to the realization that it may be time for me to hang up by manacles for a little while. Even after his bitter betrayal I was reminded of Torch's crusade when The Society sent me as a part of an extraordinarily underprepared group to explore the ancient ship King Xeros when it mysteriously appeared in Absalom's harbor. I found some solace in aligning myself with Maldris and his mission but, truth be told, I was not cut out for politics…I'm a simple man charged with meting out justice and enjoying some adventure along the way.

Knowing me I won't be able to sit still for too long; but for the time being I believe I have earned some rest and relaxation. Rumor has it that The Ten are looking for a handful of veteran agents to deliver a sword to a newly reopened Lodge. We'll just see if they can convince me its in my best interest to do so.

Gregor Hawthorne
28 Neth, 4714

Silver Crusade 2/5

It's been some months since my graduation to Seeker, but to be frank my relative retirement has been so comparatively relaxing I completely neglected to submit my paperwork! It does a body good to trade in the rigors of adventuring for some spirited negotiation on behalf of the Silver Crusade. Why, in my last adventure I found myself more often relying on the bodies of my foes than my own aging form-- many talk of the importance of walking a mile in another's shoes, but only real mastery of the arcane and the favor of Sarenrae can truly achieve this effect!

Quite a shock to find that seditious madman responsible for my last hurrah with the Society using the same tactic as I... it's more than mildly uncomfortable attempting to share a body with such a rotten soul, believe you me. I can only hope he found some peace in his eternal rest when I expelled him.

Adhistin, Human Wizard (Necromancer) 12 and Diplomancer of the Silver Crusade. Positive energy only-- managed to Turn Undead successfully the first time on his retirement mission!

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Captain, Isles—Online

parabolica chosen of sarenrae has now achieved seeker status and well deserved retirement


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Lord Stanis has now achieved level 13. He came out of retirement to go straight to the bottom of the Emerald Spire and perform such daring acts as Delaying heroically, Withdrawing with courage, and failing saves with honor. In the end he walked out victorious. You're welcome world.

Liberty's Edge 4/5

I just got back from Geb, and I don't recommend the visit. And I certainly won't be sending any caravans into the Mana Wastes any time soon. Not without heavy firearm support at least! I think maybe it is time to settle down in Absalom and leave the adventuring to other foolish agents.

Liberty's Edge 4/5 *** Venture-Lieutenant, California—Los Angeles (South Bay)

Ellestron Makkarios, wizard (diviner) of Liberty's Edge, has helped liberate the Dwarven Sky Citadel of Jormundun. After achieving the 12th rank of wizardry, he is prepared for new challenges

Also, Bella Pixie also was part of the expedition and has achieved seekerhood. (I am not sure if the player posts on the board often.)

Sovereign Court 3/5

Modwitz Whislebender, bard of the jokes, has officially gone into retirement...it's been a good run!

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/55/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Florida—Melbourne

Barstag "Boomer" Smithsage, Lava Gnome Alchemist (Grenadier)/14
Sarenraehotep, Garundi Cleric (Theologian)/13

Grand Lodge 1/5

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Kael Falmar, Master Necromancer and newly appointed Seeker, is pleased to submit his research into the wholly Arcane Restoration of the recently Deceased.

(Male Elf Necromancer 5/Pathfinder Savant 7, can now cast Raise Dead as a 6th Level Wizard Spell)


Darius Fundinn: Fey Foundling, Book Maker, Silver Crusader, Venture-Captain, is now at 13.2 after completing Eot10 last weekend.

(Male Snowborn Half-Elf, Life Oracle 4 / Hospitaler Warrior of the Holy Light Paladin of Magdh 4 / Holy Vindicator 5)


The Baron of Beatdown once again came out of retirement for a special mission for the society. He left the wenches long enough to peak through the Doomsday Door. He didn't like what he saw, so he went back to the wenches. Now Lord Stanis is a 14th level wench wrangler. (And he continues to put the massage in misogyny.)

Silver Crusade 4/5

The King of the Storval Stairs has fallen, and though I briefly consulted with my Lady of Graves before returning to the fight, I have managed to keep the name unsullied. All have returned safely, and I will stand by in Absalom to negotiate the return of Agents from the Boneyard as needed.

Dark Archive 4/5 5/5 ****

I would like to announce that Decemverite has recognized the following as Venture-Captains:
Xavier Bogaerts, Paladin of Shelyn of the Silver Crusade
Humi Kettlebane, Ranger (formerly) of the Scarab Sages
Tyiez, Rogue of The Exchange
Brraghfitti Silentsong, Ninja of the Scarab Sages
Silbeg Cailean, Rogue of Liberty's Edge

Additionally, The Pathfinder Society recognizes as Seeker,
Quintus Verrus, Inquisitor of Asmodeus of the Grand Lodge

Scarab Sages 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Captain, Isles—Online

Pasamoro has triumphantly returned from his last mission to the storval stairs (with the grateful assistance of Sierra), and has now hung up his greatsword (until the society can find him an even greater challenge that that so called King...)

The Exchange 5/5 *****

We are pleased to announce that His Grace Antonius Gallonica, Viscount of Faldamount and Signifier of the Order of the Gate has been recognised by the Decemvirate and been accorded the rank of Venture Captain. His Grace shall shortly return to his blessed home of Cheliax to establish a new lodge in the port of Westpool. All loyal pathfinders can be assured of a warm welcome in his new home.

5/5 *****

Sierra Heartward wrote:
The King of the Storval Stairs has fallen, and though I briefly consulted with my Lady of Graves before returning to the fight, I have managed to keep the name unsullied. All have returned safely, and I will stand by in Absalom to negotiate the return of Agents from the Boneyard as needed.

Formoch squished you good! Should have ignored puny archer girl and made sure you stayed dead!

Silver Crusade 4/5 5/55/55/5 RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Newly minted Venture-Captain Zobek.

Fighter 6 / Gunslinger (Bolt Ace) 6 / Barbarian (Urban Barbarian) 1.

Lantern Lodge 1/5

Krispen the Unchained, sometimes known as the Snake, once of Cheliax but now faithful to the Grand Lodge, has ascended to the rank of Seeker even as he cleanses the blood of Mantis Assassins from his blade.

(Tiefling Bladebound 11/Sohei 1, began with Cheliax, became a member of the Grand Lodge after the fall of the Paracountess)

Dark Archive

At the behest of my mistress, I, the humble servant Vassago, do hereby announce that the illustrious Lady Imperia Korva Marcello of Egorian - third daughter of Lord Elric Johannus Marcello II, Hellknight Signifer of the Order of the Gate, Diabolist of the Fourth Seal, and Priestess of Asmodeus (The Kingdom Shall Be His) - has risen to the rank of Seeker within the Pathfinder Society.

It is now my great privilege to recount to you the tales of my Lady's many inspiring deeds, beginning with--

Dark Archive

Vassago, be silent. I thought I told you, "No speeches"...

My apologies. This is actually somewhat overdue, but I felt I should go ahead and add my name to the annals of Seekers, just in case this lovely mess in [REDACTED] gets my companions and I killed.

Alas, I cannot expound upon my service to the Society at this time, as we are nearly ready to depart. Presuming I survive, which I must admit has been a near thing on occasion, I shall endeavor to more properly write an account of my travels. Until we meet again...

Come, Vassago.

Imperia Korva Marcello of the Dark Archives (Oracle 7/Hellknight Signifer 1/ Diabolist 4)

Silver Crusade 4/5 5/5

After my companions and I triumphed at the Ruby Phoenix Tournament in Goka and returned to the Grand Lodge with our prize, I have been informed that I am to function as a free agent of the Society, to be called upon when necessary. I shall be taking my leave to Goka once more, to rejoin Amara Li in running and maintaining the Lantern Lodge. I owe her and them a great debt for bringing me to the Inner Sea and showing me just what I am capable of. Similarly, I shall function as a paragon of the Silver Crusade there, organizing those who desire to fight oppression and evil.

That is, if my esteemed ancestors choose to allow this.

(Sister Arashi Itonokogiri, Oracle of Ancestor 8/Paladin of Shizuru 4, Silver Crusader and "former" member of the Lantern Lodge, has just become my third Seeker.)

The Exchange 4/5

It has been a long time, hmmmm yes...

Liberty's Edge 2/5 *

Fire Elementalist and Son of Rahadoum made it to level 12 just before Christmas. He is my first level 12 and my only bloatmage.

Liberty's Edge 4/5

Okay, so I lied. Thought I was going to be settling down in Absalom, but now it seems I'll be taking up residence in Korvosa at the Acadamae, teaching Practical Magic. Hopefully, they'll learn how to not get a knife in the back.

Andoran Rogue10/Fighter(Lore Warden)3, tagged along on the ride through Academy of Secrets and was not disappointed in what he found.

Liberty's Edge 4/5

Hi, so, uuh, I just became something them peoples call "seekers". I don't know, I'm not many, I'm just Burburtep, so I can't be seekers. Maybe a seeker, yes, maybe that. What is a seeker?

And, uuh, yeah I was with some friends over in some island thing, there were many things but most of them fought us. Was a competition or something, like, like one of them slave pits arena fights! It was a disgaze! Uuh, disgrains! Uuh, disgrace, yeah that! And imagine, peoples call Burburtep stupid!

So, uuh, anyway we fought everything, won everything (the other people were really lousy, 6 seconds and it was all over) but yeah there was one man. Yeah that one man came to us one day, wanted to wrestle or something. Burburtep accepted that, wanted a new friend in a new land. But, but that... that ONE MAN! THAT ONE MAN! DEVIOUS AND EVIL! DIDN'T PLAY FAIR! DIDN'T WANT BURBURTEP AS FRIEND, ONLY SHOWOFF! SO EVIL! BURBURTEP DIDN'T LIKE THAT AT ALL!

So, uuh, after we won everything and took the odd rug as a prize we were to get back to base. But... Burburtep had an urge! Yes, uuh, wait no no no not that kind of urge! Burburtep thought of that ONE MAN! SO ANGRY! So, umm, Burburtep sneak out at night, meet that man, and POW! Off with his head! Serves him right for being EVIL AND NAUGHTY! NO TOYING WITH BURBURTEP! BURBURTEP STRONG NOW! IS SEEKERS!

So, uuh, now Burburtep is a seekers. They tell me to go look at many eyes. Sounds dumb, cities have plenty eyes already!

Originally from Katapesh, served Andoran, then Liberty's Edge. Half-orc Ex-Monk (Ki Mystic) 11/Barbarian 1.

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