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Just something I've been wondering, is where on Golarion would be an appropriate location for an Arthurian campaign of High Chivalry. My first two ideas were Lastwall and Mendev.

Lastwall is an excellent primary candidate due to it's dedicated role as a bulwark against the threats of the Hungry Mountains and the Hordes of Belkzen. It also already has a dedicated order of Knights, which could be expanded into various different orders, much like the Hellknights have been split into separate Knightly orders with different thematics.

Mendev has a similar angle, although it has a bit of a darker edge, what with the nation being focused on a seemingly endless war against an endless waves of demonic invaders. Still, it offers plenty of opportunities for Knightly heroics.

What other nations do you think would work for an Arthurian-themed campaign?

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I could see Taldor as a decadent, Mordredish, end of the dream setting, or perhaps a spin on Arthur's rise itself if the princess tries to take the throne after her father's death, as opposed to a male heir.

For the Grail Quest, possibly even Andoran, with the feudal kingdom being replaced by the Eagle Knights.

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Andoran or Lastwall. Of course, my only interaction with Arthurian legend (other than what is common knowledge) was with Sir Gawain, and the level of "innocence and knightly chivalry" displayed by the Arthurian knights was naive and stupid good by our world's standards, much less eldritch-abomination plagued, demon-infested, makes-4.0-taste-like-diabetes-in-comparison Golarion. That being said, Lastwall is the only thing that comes close (without the iavity but with the holy mission), and Andoran are at least shining examples of valor and "knighthood" so to speak. Mendev and Taldor are too corrupt for me, and the only place remaining with a "knightly" tradition are Cheliax and Molthune...which are self-explanatory, and definitely NOT Arthurian.

Obviously I'm now two years too late, but for anyone else I would pitch the idea of Old Taldor: "Knights, fair maidens, heroic adventures, and righteous quests—these are the legends of old Taldor.

Sounds rather Arthurian to me, perhaps the PCs are sent/forced back in time for a good old-fashioned knightly quest if you wanted an adventure along those sorts of themes. The threat could be from the First World, opening up Camelo- er, Taldor to interactions with the fairies that seem common in the Arthurian tales.

Just my two cents. :)

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I have to second Mendev if you're looking for a more historical, Celtic Arthurian setting as well. From what various developers have said, old Sarkoris was the closest analogue to Celtic Britain, as the birthplace of the Green Faith and a home of painted warriors.

The intermingling of Sarkorian refugees with the very Roman-like Taldan crusaders makes for a culture probably very similar to the Romano-British culture we often associate with more historically minded depictions of the Once and Future King.

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