Help me build my Dwarven Monk


Ok So I am in a low game and am playing a dwarven monk.

I have recently had a reset button on my character.

In a group of a Elf Ranger focus on Bow.
Paladin Human.

I am wondering how to build my monk.

Level 7 at the moment and going all the way to lvl 20 or higher.
I would like to stay monk all 20 levels.

Let me know what build you feel would fit best and the best way I could build him.

Stats are very high in customized campaign.
Str- 18

They will continue to get better as we progess in the campaign hopefully. I would appreciate any help. I have asked for help a few time and havent gotten full answer.

Thank you in advance.

Whether your focusing on striking or trip/grapple etc strength should be your highest stat. Your defenses will be good assuming proper itemisation so hp relatively less important.

Your primary issue will be keeping up with damage. Have a look at monk of the four winds, scaling elemental fist will help and you can take stunning fist later. That assumes an unarmed build.

Have a chat with your DM about whether he will allow knuckles with unarmed strikes (the old knuckle rules) or otherwise an easier way to boost unarmed strike that the amulet of mighty fists.

monks are kinda built to be mage killers- killer saves, evasion, quick movement, multiple attacks to spank mirror images, etc. Dwarven monks even moreso. he takes a movement hit but more save mojo.

Dwarven monks have got to be an oddity in the world tho- the lawful is OK, but dwarves have an affinity for material stuff and anger that monks kinda don't. Start there- take racial varients that dump the Dwarven Greed and Hatred for something else. Maybe even the Dwarven weapon familarity if you are gonna go unarmed all the way- you won't have martial weapon prof, so Dwarven Axe is a nogo for you anyway.

Look to the Style feats- i dig this idea a lot, but beware. All styles are not created equal, and some styles are lame some are crazy good.

Well 18 is the highest strength he can start with as a dwarf. I would recommend steel soul.

If I had your amazing stats this is what I would do:

Level 1 Fighter Unarmed Fighter - Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Crane Style (B), Steel Soul (1)

Level 2 Monk Master of Many Styles - Crane Wing (B)

Level 3 Monk Master of Many Styles - Crane Riposte (B), Dragon Style (3)

Level 4 Fighter - Dragon Ferocity (B)

Level 5 Fighter - Weapon Focus Unarmed (5)

Level 6 Fighter - Weapon Specialization Unarmed (B)

Level 7 Fighter - Two Weapon Fighting (7)

After this you can either go get more fighter levels or monk levels. Fighter levels for more damage and I will suggest finishing off the two weapon fighting feats, maybe pick up deadly aim to mix things up. Monk for more defense, probably could add a 3rd style chain.

Equipment of note you must get Amulet of Mighty Fists, those gloves that gives extra Weapon training, and a monk's robe. Also max UMD so you can use mage armor that will really help out you AC. A back up weapon pretty much anything you find cool since with the fighter levels you are proficient with all martial weapons.

Edit: I recommend probably at least 1 more monk level if you decide to stay more Fighter just so you can pick up Monastic Legacy.

why two weapon fighting? and how do the fighter lvs create more damage? 4 fighter lvs for +2 dam (weapon spec) or 5 for +3 vs 3 monk lv for a die step.

geekgumbo wrote:
why two weapon fighting? and how do the fighter lvs create more damage? 4 fighter lvs for +2 dam (weapon spec) or 5 for +3 vs 3 monk lv for a die step.

Well I have 5 fighter levels and that will get him weapon training for another +1 to hit and +1 damage, add in the gloves that will be +3/+3 so alot more damage.

The fighter levels will produce more damage if he continues on it because he can pick up power attack, greater weapon focus, Greater weapon specialization and more weapon training bonuses.

Bonus to hit and static bonus to damage is better than just increasing die damage. With Monastic Legacy and a monk's robe his unarm die damage won't be too far from a pure monk.

Two weapon fighting is because Master of Many Styles trade away flurry of blows, so you need the two weapon fighting chain to get your attacks back up.

If you continue fighter with my build with the better bab, GWF, and weapon training, hitting even with the bigger minuses from TWF and ITWF shouldn't be an issue.

Every extra attack my build pulls off is another 1dx + 1.5 str (remember as a monk his offhand attacks adds 1 x str and dragon ferocity adds 50% on top of that) + weapon training + weapon specialization + AoMF bonus. So you want to get as many attacks as you can on a full attack.


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Or just to be cheeky be a Zen Archer and put the Elf to shame with your bow.

If you follow Treantmonk's guide you can build a pretty good 'vanilla monk'.

Mix in some of the newer material and you can improve on it vastly. If you have access to Ultimate Magic the Qinggong arcetype lets you build an "a la carte" monk with various ki powers to create a unique flavour for your monk.

Not a fan of Slow Fall? No problem, swap it out for Barkskin and boost your AC instead.

Just brainstorming here a bit - but if you added 1 level of Cleric you could qualify for Crusader's Flurry and gain FoB with Scimitar. The high threat range is nice for multiplying all those static damage bonuses... Maybe take Hungry Ghost Monk and fuel your ki-pool with keen scimitars (15 - 20 threat range).

If your GM rules that you can 2 hand your 1 handed weapon for 3:1 on Power Attack and still Flurry with it mores the bonus!

kind of off topic but if you did a zen archer with the first Monkey stlye feat and a good acrobatics skill you could start prone (+4 ac vs range) take a DC 20 Acro roll to swift move up, fire your bow, then drop prone again. Goofy fun :)

Thanks for all the advice far. It would be nice but I guess my DM really wants people to stay all one class. Says will give more benefits late game for us in his game work better RP wise. So a build going straight monk is what I'm looking for.
Was thinking Zen archer. But wasn't sure with our ranger. Can you still do trips and stuff in FoB if your Zen archer monk.

it makes no difference, you get improved point blank shot so quickly you can stand up front if you like, and if you get snap shot you actually threaten.

Also, great news, instead of tripping enemies you get an improved trip that knocks enemies prone by killing them. It's the benefit of massive archery DPR.'s funny cause it's true.


Lastoth wrote:

it makes no difference, you get improved point blank shot so quickly you can stand up front if you like, and if you get snap shot you actually threaten.

Also, great news, instead of tripping enemies you get an improved trip that knocks enemies prone by killing them. It's the benefit of massive archery DPR.

A quick death. It's the combat maneuvre, and Archer's are fantastic at it.


But in all seriousness you lose the ability to FoB with anything other then your bow so you can't do trips and stuff the same as a "normal" Monk.

If I recall there are some ranged pins/trips/sunders you could do if you didn't want to use a quick death for whatever reason...

So does anyone have any other builds besides a zen archer. Also what is very efficient Zen build. I would like to see some builds people have used, cause I'm paranoid and want to be very useful full of fun Dwarven RP.

So I was thinking of doing a Manauver master build

1st:Combat reflexes
1st bonus:Improved trip
2nd bonus: Improved Dirty Trick
3rd:Snake Style
5th:Vicious Stomp( something else if take Greater trip at 6th)
6th bonus: Greater Dirty trick/ Trip
7th: Snake Sidewind
9th: Snake Fang
10th bonus: ??? - Tripping Stike?
11th???? from here out

Or a Kinda normal build/ Martial Artist:

1st:Deflect Arrows
1st Bonus:Combat Reflexs
2nd Bonus:Throw Anything
3rd: Dragon Style
5th: Dragon Ferocity
6th Bonus:Improved trip
7th: Elemental Fist
9th:Dragons Roar
10th Bonus: Medusa's Wrath
11th: Weapon Spec.
13th: ???

Also Would Flowing monk be worth losing the speed boost as a 20 speed little dwarf or no? Any good flowing monk builds/ combos.

Please give me input on thoughts on builds so far or better if you can think of them. I think of to many options and cant find which one I want to play with.

Also if anyone has a fun Master of many styls build other then the Druken master of many styles build. I very much like the Archetype but said to lose my flurry.

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Is the Guided enchantment available to you?
An Amulet of Mighty Fist with the Guided enchantment can make for one mean monk.

I believe my GM would allow guided property.

You're a dwarf, build a sunder monk using Manuever Master and the dwarf monk favored class bonus, focus on disarm and then sunder armors to cripple your opponents for easy clean up

Drunken Master Dwarven Monk

1st:Swift Drinker
Monk 1: Deflect Arrows
Monk 2: Combat Reflexes
3rd: Snake Style
5th: Dragon Style
Monk 6: Mobility
7th:Snake Sidewind
9th:Snake Fang
Monk 10: Medusa's Wrath
11th:Dragon Ferocity
13th:Elemental fist
Monk 14: Improved Critical
15th:Style Master
17th:Deep Drinker
Monk 18:Snatch Arrows
19th:Dragon's Roar?

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Porpentine has done a great Zen Archer Monk build. e-to

In summary, simply going up levels increases the Ranged aspect of the build so there is no need for your own Feats being used (basically you get given most Feats, then use your Monk bonus feats for things like Precise, Improved Precise, Point Blank etc)

That leaves you room for spending Feats like so:

Toughness, (Improved Initiative), Deadly Aim, Dodge, Defensive Combat Training, Vital Strike, Hammer the Gap, Dimensional Agility, Improved Vital Strike, Stunning Fist, Ability Focus Stunning Fist.

Obviously all these feats are optional (Except Deadly Aim) so you can pick them based on what you want to be - more defensive, 'all rounder', more aggressive.

Statwise you would be going with maxing Wisdom, ideally 14s in Str, Con, Dex.


In PFS I am actually playing a Quingong Flowing Monk of the Sacred Mountain. He is designed around tripping, has high Str and Dex but fairly low Wis. The build is ALOT of fun.

He has the Feat that adds Dex and Str for trips, he has vicious stomp so that on a successful trip he can make an Attack of Opportunity (good because I don't have the Int to get Greater Trip). He has Combat Reflexes so on a FoB I can trip multiple people and Stomp on them all. Add in the Flowing Monks ability to trip when someone attacks and that's another Stomp.

I cannot remember the Feats exactly but it's something like:

1) Fury's Fall (I think that is the name of Feat to add Str and Dex)
1b) Improved Trip
2) Vicious Stomp
3) Combat Reflexes

Now, I actually went Human instead of Dwarf because of no speed increase and I didn't want 20ft movement. I also took it because I shamelessly went with 7 Int so liked the extra skill, and of course Feat. Not sure what I took as my bonus feat as Human though (possibly Combat Maneovoure training for CMB to use lvl?).

For Traits I think I took the extra Initiative and the +1 To Hit with Attacks of Opportunity.

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