Creating a kingdom building database


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The limitations of spreadsheets are seriously starting to annoy me. So now I'm working on a database application for kingdom building.

Before I get too far in, does anybody know of any similar efforts? I hate duplicating work that's already been done.

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I have not done anything as of yet,though I've been pondering something that would port to an iPhone as an app in some capacity. What all are you thinking of putting into it? How complex are you looking at making it?

I know a poster made a spreadsheet that would do all the math for you. It even fixed any errors that the authors said made it into the AP.

I've got the skeleton written for a program to handle the kingdom building stuff. It's in C++. I started it yesterday, but I have no idea how long it'll take me to finish it.

In theory Visual Basic would be able to cope with the demands of such a program, although the creation would be beyond my own knowledge. I don't know of any such program in the works right now, but would love to have a look at the final effort if I may

dot. I am not a programmer, but I want this program if possible.

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I would buy an app, just to let you know.

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My primary objective at this point is to get this thing functional as quickly and easily as possible. I've already created the relational database structure in OpenOffice. In the interests of saving time and effort, I was planning to build the interface using forms in OpenOffice as well. I'll have to learn to code in OO, but that shouldn't be a huge deal.

For the main interface, I'm thinking a Kingdom Turn Wizard will do the job. There would obviously need to be a few other forms for data entry, but the first and biggest goal is making kingdom turns as simple and painless as possible.

I'm glad to know there's interest in this idea! I'll endeavour to make it as broadly useful as possible for others to use. :)

Here's a screen cap of the first draft of the DB structure if that kind of thing pleases you.

A year later, a new forum visitor quietly asks: Did anything come of this? I'd sure love if there was an app for that.

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A couple of my players have begun the ambitious task of updating the kingdom stats to mesh with Ultimate Campaign, and have made a spreadsheet in Google Docs. As far as I know, it's still a work in progress, though. I'll ask them if it's in a state that can be shared with the greater Internets.

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The only updated excel spreadsheet for UCAM that I know of is Here . No one has a database that I know of, though Herolab is supposed to be creating an update that lets you track your kingdom as part of the UCAM expansion pack. It is not out at of this time, however.

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