Pathfinder Society at Bubonicon #44!

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I previously mentioned this event here, but got no response. I'm going ahead with it despite that.

Fifteen tables, (potential) prize support.


Let's make that URL a link, shall we?

Pathfinder Society at Bubonicon #44


Only a couple more weeks until Bubonicon #44! You can sign up for games at Warhorn (the links are available here: Bubonicon #44).

We have been locked in for prize support, so boons and prizes will be available at the show! And yes, they will be Season 4 boons.

There's also a special treat for those in attendance: Colorado Venture-Captain JP Chapleau will be present to GM a session of NeoExodus, his own published setting based on Pathfinder RPG rules.

I've been getting a lot of questions from out of state gamers, so get your seats while they're still available, 'cause with only two weeks left, I can't guarantee availability.

Grand Lodge

I love the name of this con


Clint Blome wrote:
I love the name of this con

You should try to come! We're going to have a blast!


Back from GenCon? Yup, that I am. Going right into Bubonicon like a boss? Yup, that I am. Folks, Bubonicon is TOMORROW, Friday the 24th. The doors open at 3:00, and the Pathfinder Society tables open at 6:00 for muster.

Be there or the Aspis Consortium will steal your car keys and enchant them with a curse that makes them slip from your grasp and tumble into the sewer when you go to unlock your car door!

Shadow Lodge

Too late to come. However, next year us from Denver should come down. Then the next weekend is Tacticon in Denver. You guys should come up (and in the week between New Mexico is an awesome state). We should coordinate.

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