Just took the Pathfinder plunge today...

Beginner Box

Was at one of my local hobby stores and saw the Beginner set, always wanted to find out how the system works for god knows how long, so I bought it!! Ha Ha

Back in "the day" I played the origianl D&D then onto AD&D throughsome of my college years and a bit of AD&D 3.5 a while ago.

Not to many gamers here where I live so I plan on running a net game after I go through the rules and chars in the box.

So any advise out there, I've run and played many a WW II net games over the years and played a few net RPG's, but not this system.
I probably have about 12 of the various map packs and say 50-70 older figs as well as the nice cut outs from the new box.

I plan to run the intro 4 character storyline at Sandpoint and see where it takes us.

Next, is it worth signing up to that PF Society, is it viable when I get the itch to be a player instead of a GM?

And what are your recomondations for PF campaign and Adventure Path sets to get, the best ones that are the most interesting to most players, and GM's alike?

Cheers, thanks and happy gaming :)


I can't speak about PFS since I've never played it but as for what Adventure Path to get, I would have to suggest The new Rise of the Runelords, the original was awesome and the Anniversary edition has been tweaked to make it even better (and compatible with the Pathfinder rules, the original was 3.5).

Lots of interesting NPCs, some neat environments, and tons of fun. It runs a little long (17th level) but definitely a good time.

Welcome to Pathfinder and the boards TRDG

I can't say much on PFS play since I don't do PFS (none nearby, and work)

as for APs and modules the recommendation will vary pending the play style you like and the game play type.

For a beginning player/GM, the follow APs are good; Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and Carrion Crown.
Module wise, a good starter is The Darkmoon Vale series, or The Price of Immortality trilogy.

Darkmoon Series (Hollow's last hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, Carnival of Tears and Hungry are the Dead)
The Price of Immortality trilogy (Crypt of Everflame, Masks of the Living God, and City of the Golden Death)

Thanks, have you guys ever run a net game of PF by chance, wondering what kind of problems come up.

Basically for my other net games I just have a discription/action post then take a dig pic of the map with figs then each player posts what they will do.

Tried manya times to play RPG's with the usual play by post but unless the players and the GM are all on the site together, it fades pretty fast...

WW II games not as much as you just post about each specific Platoon, then post a pic of movement or the results of the shooting.

Cheers, hopefully someone who is in the PF Society will pop in to give me the skinny on how that goes and if it is fun and worth it.

I suspect it will have to be a net game I need to join as well, if I can find some, LOL

Thanks again and I'll ring up the hobby store to see what they can order, so the an compalation of RotRL is the best bet it seems.


I run a few PBP games, here on these forums,
as all the basic tools you need are present.

I can recommend a way to dip your toes into a great Character Generator Software. Hero Lab becomes a great tool for setting up & running adventures. They have a free Beginner Box Version.

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Welcome to pathfinder and the boards! Now just give paizo your credit card number and let them take all Your disposable income. Dang u paizo! :p

Thanks again gang, just downloaded that Version and I'll take a look when I have a minute.

Ya its going to be $$ if I get way into this, more so than the players, but thats usual as we all know for the most part.

Right now I am trying to find a hook for each character, before they meet in Sandpoint to go route the evil in Black Fang's Dungeon.

Just a small scenario for each that lead them to meeting each other and hearing about Black Fang.

I'd PM each player and run the short scenarios then (alone) intro them into the main thread for each char to do a bit of roleplaying with their char before the rumor of something evil lurks just outside of Sandpoints door.

Drawing a blank right now....

I'll have to look around the forums and threads and see what I can see Azure, thanks and you may see me as a player maybe when it presents itself.


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Welcome, TRDG. I'll second recommending Rise of the Runelords. It's starts out (and keeps going back to) Sandpoint, so if your players are already familiar with the setting, that will help. It's also a great introduction to the setting overall.

Keep in mind that the Beginner Box (while awesome) has streamlined rules and only goes to 5th level. Once you get past that, you'll want to transition to the full rules as presented in the Core Rulebook. The Core Rulebook is available in PDF format for $10 if pricing is an issue for you.

As a Venture-Captain for Pathfinder Society, I'm naturally going to recommend you at least try it out. It has a number of benefits for new players:

1) Meet other Pathfinder players in your area.
2) Learn more about the Golarion setting.
3) Learn the rules by playing. Pathfinder Society adheres to the rules as written (RAW) as much as possible, so you can see how they're intended to work without much in the way of house rules.
4) If you are the only GM for your group, it gives you a chance to step out from behind the screen for a while (although if you're any good you'll probably get asked to help out and GM a scenario occasionally).

Finally, Paizo just recently announced their Game Space, which will be a virtual table top (VTT) for playing games online. It'll be available this summer, so watch for upcoming announcements.

Hey Thor, I'll see how this first starter game works out for the players and I. Then go onto the next step to the real thing once I start getting the books. Like to have the books in hand rather than PDF's, old school brither, LOL!!

So are there some net games in the PF Society as I think I read. I work overnights and I usually have Sunday and Mondays off so that limits me in playing and GMing, but I do the best I can.

If I register its ok to just see whats going on and see if there are some net games I could join into or do I have to worry about playing in person ASAP? Probably not but want to double check here.

Can't wait to check out Game Space, I've tried another and......



I usually GM, and I really enjoyed going down to my local gaming store last weekend to play Pathfinder Society.

You'll start at Level 1, so it's easy to get a handle on playing. PFS will use the full Pathfinder rules, which are a little more detailed and complex than the Beginner Box rules (they're also a lot more like D&D 3.5, in case you didn't know that). But if you start with a simple character, you can play in a PFS game, be successful, and have fun without being a rules expert.

If it's not too prying, where do you live? You can probably find a PFS game in your area if you live within reasonable driving distance of a game store.

Thanks Trin, nearest PF player is about an hour away, The game community is pretty small where I live, trust me there.

Kinda why I have to go to the net for my GM/playing fix, but it works, for the most part, sort of...

Yep, D&D 3.5, know it fairly well, so it should'nt be that hard to pick this system up.

Thanks for the post!!


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Welcome to the Game.

The Box set will give you all you need to play for years. You can 'upgrade' to the full rules any time you want for a mere $10 as you buy the core rules PDF from the game site... but you don't need to right away. Play and enjoy your beginners box first.

That said you can read the rules for FREE off the Paizo website... on the left hand menu, near the top you'll see a link for the PRD (Player reference document). You can read them for nothing and even use them until you wish to buy the rules... which are worth the money.

As for PFS, Kids and work have more or less KILLED my gaming... until I found PFS. I can attend the odd tournament/convention or a saturday at a game store an hour or so away and just keep playing my character(s) with a different module each time.

I recommend you check for your local PFS in your area and get an initial day off to go play with a pre-gen (they'll supply) and check it out - then just go and play again when you have the time.

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Seeing how you said you will be doing an internet game, are you using a Virtual Tabletop? If you haven't picked one, I can recommend Roll20. It's simple, not having rules integrated into it, so easy to learn. Built in video chat. If evrybody you game with is on Google+, you can launch the sessions in a Hangout. It runs in your web browser, so no software to download. Best of all, it's free.

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xorial wrote:
Seeing how you said you will be doing an internet game, are you using a Virtual Tabletop? If you haven't picked one, I can recommend Roll20. It's simple, not having rules integrated into it, so easy to learn. Built in video chat. If evrybody you game with is on Google+, you can launch the sessions in a Hangout. It runs in your web browser, so no software to download. Best of all, it's free.

Cannot second this recommend high enough. I love this free app. So ridiculously easy to use compared to other tabletops I've tried.

And welcome TRDG to Pathfinder and to the community here. So helpful, friendly, and the Paizo staff posts here quite frequently and are a joy. In a year, I've learned to appreciate both the game and Paizo as a whole.

A few years back I was in your shoes. Long time, but lapsed gamer who longed for the adventure. I got into DnD 4th edition, had some fun (mainly because of a wonderful group I met through meetup.com who favored story over dice), but eventually grew tired of the 4E system, and needed something that was more in line with the game I fondly remembered, which definitely turned out to be Pathfinder. It's love child of Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson and the Collective Paizo staff. It's that damn good.

The Beginner Box, I can say without any second guessing, the best RPG product I've ever bought in terms of quality and usefulness, and that comes from someone with countless dead trees worth of gaming books under his belt. It's truly a labor of love, and it shows throughout.

I too am looking into PFS lately, and should have some experience under my belt after my first ever Gencon next month. Wow, that's embarrassing to admit after gaming for over 30 years. But Gencon here I come!

So again, welcome and many years of adventure to come!

Winter_Born (Rick)

Good stories and feedback people, seems I'm not the only one who come back to this later in life. LOL

I checked on the R20 and will play with it a bit tonight and see what they offer.

Still thinking on the PF Society, and I think for the moment I will just still to dig pics and posts if I get my PF net game off the ground.

Been a day at a certain site and no bites yet, but then again it is not an RPG site to say the least, but its early yet.

Thanks again for the great posts, links and help here gents!!


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