Order # 2127185: 'Blood of Angels' missing pages

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Hello, Paizo Customer Service minions!

I wanted to let you know when I received my copy of 'Blood of Angels', pages 9 through 24 were missing from the inside cover. I checked the outside binding and also the staples and I do not see any damage to the book at all. I also checked the shipping package and no sign of the missing pages. To my (admittedly untrained) eye, it looks like the pages were never assembled to begin with.

Please advise...if you need me to return my copy, I would be more than happy to do so, if only to see if something happened prior to Paizo receiving the book.


PS. You guys are great, did I mention that already?

Paizo Employee Director of Sales

I apologize for the misprinted book!

I will put a replacement copy into your sidecart to go out with your next subscription shipment. In the meantime, please derive what use you can out of the misprint & the PDF and then, once the good copy has arrived, feel free to dispose of it however you see fit. We don't need the misprint back.


Thank you so much guys! After all of the books I have ordered from you good folks at Paizo, this is the first time I have run into a snafu (well except for the whole avatar name thing, he he)

Give yourselves all a pat on the back for me, will ya? :)

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