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I'm getting a One Ring crossed with Call of Chulthu vibe from Shadows of Esteren. I'm hoping it's out by Gen Con. The kickstarter is worth checking out just from the short video--great art and great music.


I just signed on for this one at a pretty high level. . Amazingly close in atmosphere and setting to my home campaign...would've saved me a lot of work, you know, 6 years ago! =-)

Curious why this one isn't getting a lot of love. Incredible production values, awesome product...well past its goal, but surprised to see it isn't the talk of RPG town, ya know?

Brandon - you won't be disappointed, I've been in since the first KS and as you say: great production values and very evocative art and writing. The guys in charge have decent communication on the KS site and while they had a slight delay in delivery of Book 0 (due to stretch goals more than anything) they've delivered on everything promised.

Updating the links and what not for the current KS:

Kickstarter for Book 2 - though you can get copies of the earlier Prologue and Book 1 as well.

Also - the introductory Book 0 is available as a free download, just in case you want to try before you commit (link is on the KS page).


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Thank you for providing those links for everyone, Mark--at my first glance I thought Charles' post was from last week--not last week plus a year! Hahaha. My first necro'd thread! Should have started a fresh one, though--this project deserves a look by anyone interested in a low-magic horror setting.

I'll say this, too. The French are onto something with their layout aesthetics. I had thought Cadwallon and Confrontation were the most beautiful RPGs ever produced, but this one is giving the old Rackham line a run for that title as far as I'm concerned.

I got onto this KS a few weeks ago - can't wait for it!

Even thinking of sourcing the French edition just so I can have it now...


I bought in at one of the high collector tiers, but just couldn't wait knowing that Books 0 & 1 are already out there (nor could I believe I somehow didn't investigate this last year when I first heard of it), so I've got an order of those in transit, and will likely downgrade my buy-in to just Book 2 plus some extras. Art folders and stuff are nice, but...

Is it weird that I like the painted covers more than the limited editions with the Celtic knots? =-)

Heh - not wrong at all. Though the LE covers do have a great embossing on them and feel great. I agree that the artwork is nicer to look at - especially the KS special Book 0.

I'm most looking forward to the box actually - should be a really nice storage option for the whole shebang I've got floating around from the first couple of KS's plus what's coming from this one.


Yeah, losing out on the box and the quality is why I haven't downgraded yet--good to know there's a tactile element going on there! They just announced the new box so we'll see how that influences my decision (depended how the art ends up I suppose), even though they admitted it wouldn't be the same stout quality.

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Been picking these up on KS since the first book and they are gorgeous to behold.

Book 1 is nominated for a bunch of Ennies (art, quality, and product of the year I believe, maybe more).

I have the LEs because I love the understated, almost ominous look. I can always stare at the cover art in the PDFs.

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Well, despite being French, I can't tell about the quality of the French edition. One of my players "borrowed" it just after purchase, and I have yet to hear from him.


Folks, the Shadows of Esteren: Travels Kickstarter is entering its final week. The project is already well-funded, the rewards are stout, and there are a lot of fantastic buy-in opportunities on all levels. And if you pledge for any physical product you can pick-and-choose from a smorgasbord of books, pdfs, screens, tiles, and other game aids, which means you can catch up on previously-produced products from earlier Kickstarters without missing a beat.

I know I'm preaching to the choir for those of you already on board, but the world is fantastic, the atmosphere dark and gritty, and the gameplay smooth and realistic. And you can even preview the setting and system with a free 80-page pdf you can download here. The first one's always free, right?


Creeping up on the last 48 hours, folks! And now there's a new hardcover and limited edition in the mix: a fiction and scenario book called Ghost Stories. All that money left on your paycheck after you splurge on Mythic Adventures and Wrath of the Righteous? Yeah--screw the mortgage--this is what it's for! ;-)

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Book 1 is now officially a triple Ennie winner! Silver Ennie for Product of the Year, and the Gold Ennies for Production Values and Interior Art.

If anyone's interested, I've started this thread, hoping to get a Shadows of Esteren PbP started.

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