Pumping up the elemental races (on par with standard races)

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I really like the planetouched. All of them, since 2ed. However, I never liked their 3rd edition iterations, nor their PF for the same reason. The aasi and tiefli in PF are too strong, and while I prefer the ability modifiers they gave to the "genasi" in PF, their abilities just plain suck (compared with the aforementioned A/T).

This is what I'm going to use in my campaign:

Stacking Resistance 2 RP: The character has elemental resistance 5, but it stacks with other types of elemental resistance.

The stacking resistance is priced like the advanced elemental resistance, so I think it's balanced and more flavourful (specially when most casters are going to get immunity eventually).

Elemental Affinity 3 RP: A member of this race gains special benefits when using magic associated to its element. It treats its intelligence as 2 points higher to cast spells from the associated elemental school and using school powers, its charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities and all oracle spells and revelations, its wisdom score as 2 points higher when casting spells from the appropriate elemental domain and using its granted powers. Furthermore, it treats its level as 1 higher when casting spells with the associated descriptor, determining the effects of associated school, bloodline and granted powers as well as revelations and to determine the damage of alchemist’s bombs (as long as they deal the associate damage).

Bloodlines: Djinni, Elemental Air, Stormborn
Elemental School: Air
Mystery: Wind
Domains: Air

Bloodlines: Deep Earth, Elemental Earth, Shaitan
Elemental School:
Mystery: Stone
Domains: Earth

Bloodlines: Efreeti, Elemental Fire
Elemental School:
Mystery: Flame
Domains: Fire

Bloodlines: Aquatic, Elemental Water, Marid
Elemental School:
Mystery: Waves
Domains: Water

I think the price is balanced since its a combination between elemental affinity and pyromaniac but without the spell-like abilities.

I also added some movement abilities, but what do you think?

Has anyone done something similar/different to the elemental races?

for my games we just house rule it that resistances stack as long as their source isn't a spell, this doesn't seem to break anything and we've never had a problem with it at all.

While this is a good idea, you could always just add 4 RP to them with by adding +2 to any given stat.

So a 6RP becomes a 10.

Just give the +2 on whatever stat makes the most sense for the given element.

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