A Witch's Guide to Shutting Down Enemies


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At 2nd level your goal should likely not be to directly attack them. Rather, buff your party, try called shots with a sling to trip enemies and the like.

CalebTGordan wrote:

I believe I mentioned that Ability focus requires GM approval. I will go back and be clearer on that point.

You should have Cackle before or about the same time as Misfortune. If you don't, Misfortune is pretty much wasted for you and won't be able to fully benefit from it.

I think I will add in a mount section to cover why having one is awesome and why keeping them alive isn't as hard as people seem to think.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it alot.

Ability Focus doesn't require GM approval anymore then taking Craft Construct or Power Attack. I mean you can add it, but it seems unnecessary.

"Most of the following feats apply specifically to monsters, although some player characters might qualify for them (particularly Craft Construct)."

Not seeing where special GM approval is needed.

Edit: And wow... just realized how old this thread (And the responded to post is). I'm going to leave it though, since it probably needs said anyway.

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