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My July monthly subscription was picked up at PaizoCon this year, and I was charged for the amount on my card on 7/4/2012. However, on Monday I just received another "Your shipment will be sent out email" and I have order #2137739 pending to be shipped. My card also has a pending amount on it, although not the full July Subscription amount.

I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be double charged for the July shipment and that another package wasn't going to be sent to me. Thanks!

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

It looks like the books you picked up at PaizoCon were not properly marked off as picked up, so the system thought you still needed to have them set to you. So it did.

The good news is that you were not double charged for the books (the shipment used the charge we ran on the 4th to pay for the books). The bad news is that it charged you $4.21 shipping and handling.

I have credited that $4.21 back to your Paizo account. Please feel free to keep the mis-shipped books with our apologies for the mix-up.


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