A Barbarian with four stars? Congrats, Dave!

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In the fall of 2009 Dave Dostaler GMed the first PFS game played in the Denver area of Colorado (that I am aware of). A group of fresh faced Pathfinders played through scenario #1, Silent Tide that evening, fending off an invasion from the past. I am proud to note that I was part of that game. He did this deed at my store, Enchanted Grounds in Denver, Colorado, launching an organized play system that has grown the store’s community and brought it closer together at the same time.

Last night, nearly three years later, he GMed his 100th game, earning his fourth star. I am thrilled to let you all know about this accomplishment. Thank you, Dave, for all you’ve done. This store wouldn’t have the presence it has without what you started that night three years ago.

Congratulations, Dave, on an awesome accomplishment!

woot!!!! Contrats

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Dave is indeed a heckuva guy, and deserves every one of those stars!

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Awesome and congrats, Dave!

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Grats Dave!

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Congrats Dave!

Thank you for your labor as a GM and helping build a better PFS Community

Congrats Dave!

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As I posted in our local group:

I had the great pleasure of being in that first game, and I can say that since then and because of it, I have come to meet a whole bunch of really great people.

I owe Dave a lot. He is a four star GM in every way.

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I didn't even think Barbarians could read, let alone GM...but maybe I'm stuck in an old ruleset.

Congrats, Dave.

You rock.


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Thanks! I appreciate it! It was September 9th, 2009 when I ran my first game at Enchanted Grounds. My favorite part of PFS is the awesome players that I have had the pleasure to GM for over the past few years. Thanks again!

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You have have been the catalyst that made the Denver Community what it is today. Thank you for everything you have done. You have truly earned your stars.



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Congrats Dave! I am glad I was apart of 1 of those games. I look forward to more when you make it into town.

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We haven't met (yet) David, but I look forward to it!!

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4 Stars every where!

Congrats Dave!

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Rivermurk the Vengeful wrote:

Any GM/DM with this kind of praise is long due a 4 star mantle. Grats!

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Rivermurk the Vengeful wrote:

Couldn't think of anything useful to add until I read Rivermurk's comment.


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