Paizocon 2012: Three Favorite Parts of Paizocon So Far

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1. Seeing Nick Logue again has been great, but hearing him (non-drunkenly) going on at length about what a beautiful soul Liz Courts is is then giving HER a backrub (Liz is notorious for her backrubs).

2. The Paizocon volunteer of the award, going to Tim Nightengale, Liz Courts, Mark Moreland (these were retroactive for the years before those last two were Paizo staffers [when they were doing most of the deeds that got them hired]). (I'm missing one other who wasn't there at the show, but we've got a plaque with all their names soon to be hanging in the office, so I'll correct this oversight soon).

3. Breakfast/lunch at the Redmond farmers market with Wolf Baur, Adam Daigle, Jeff Grubb, Brandon Hodge, and Dave Gross.

4. Richard Pett bringing Shelly Baur flowers.

5. Richard Pett and Tork Shaw being two of the most charming gentlemen I've ever had the pleasure of meeting (with Sutter's comment "Tork just objectively looks like an awesome person" being both true and right in line with both of these gents' personalities).

6. The after-banquet hangout on the hotel patio with tons of Paizo staffers, long time artists and contributors like Wayne Reynolds, Craig Spearing, Nick, Tork, Brandon, tons of fans we've either known for years and years, and awesome new folks we met for the first time (like this totally delightful Canadian couple who flew down for the convention, Eric and his lovely wife whose name eludes me [I'll have to get a reminder today to correct this].

7. Rob marking out of his game room with a board covered in crucified character sheets, the 25 deaths in his Dungeon Crawl Classics game.

8. Rob telling me as I headed into my Bastardhall game that he'd just had a TPK in that room, Erik had a TPK in the same room earlier, and it was up to me to keep up the tradition. (I did not. Bastardhall is about love. [And I got some great feedback from my awesome group, with great attendees like Jason Roeder, Jeff Erwin, and Robert Jordan [sorry for any spelling mistakes guys]).

9. Running my Erratic Episodes: Mass Effect game (give a click if you don't know what that is) with all my gadgets - bluetooth speaker, projector, laptop, iPad with Mass Effect Codex app, iPhone with music, and having my lazy laptop battery go south on me halfway through with no charger. Then Tom Beckett - player and director of now multiple Pathfinder plays - coming to the rescue with a Mac laptop charger right there on the scene. Hero!

10. The GMing 101 seminar put on by Nani and Kyle Pratt, Kyle Baird, and Doug Miles (thanks Kyle!). This was a great workshop, but what made it awesome was the roleplaying scenarios at the end where one attendee played the GM and stepped out of the room, while his "table" of players were given a scenario - a problem from a real (or embellished) PFS convention game - to confound the GM with. The most awesome one was the GM who had to deal with two players at his table who were exs and started fighting mid-game. The GM did his best to break it up and got high scores and tons of great feedback from the judges. A MUST SEE event for next Paizocon (AND GENCON!) even if you're a master GM.

11. Gary's totally cool in the face of catastrophe VTT announcement presentation. Dude is bombproof.

12. Erik, Jeff, and Vic's on the scene public promotions.

13. Patrick's hat (care of Jodi Reynolds).

14. Judy's Baba Yaga mittens.

15. Stealing/saving James's minis. I should really tell him I have those...

16. Meeting the famous Rob Lazzeretti for the finally! Great, super chill guy!

17. Packing Paizocon swag bags with the esteemed John Halpin.

So this wasn't three, and I'm forgetting a dozen of things and hundreds of people, but I'll post more later and will see if I can get other staffers and attendees to jump on here. Best off all, the show's not even over yet, so I'm headed back there now!

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Aww yeah, I'm notorious. ^_^

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