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How can I increase my caster level at level one for 1 spell? I know there is Magical Lineage,but I was wondering if there were any feats. I have a magus and am looking to deal as much damage with shocking grasp as I can.

There's Spell Specialization, +2 caster level on one spell, can be switched around later when it becomes obsolete on Shocking Grasp.

That's a nice one two punch for the magus, making his save dc higher since you need spell focus (evocation), and upping the damage.

Varisian Tattoo is a feat that gives you +1 caster level on one school of magic that you have Spell Focus in in addition to granting you a SLA.

there is another trait that gives you +1 caster level for 3 different spells, missionary I believe.

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Did we ever get a ruling on all of the caster level bonus questions?

There is also Bloat Mage Initiate that grants +1 to caster level with single school of magic and stacks with Varisian Tattoo but gives penalties as if you were carrying medium load.

At the moment the best combination I can think of is Spell Focus and Spell Specialization plus Gifted Adept or that trait that Matthias mentioned. They probably won't stack as traits usually have trait bonus type.

So would a level 1 shocking grasp do 4d6 damage if I'm thinking about this right with Gifted Adept and Spell Specialization? Also what would the save DC be with an Int of 16? Would it be 18, 10(Base)+1(Spell Level)+3(Int mod)+1(Spell Focus) +3 (Caster level increase from Gifted Adept and Spell Specialization)? I'm still new to Pathfinder so I'm still fuzzy on some things. If this is all correct it seems pretty good for a level 1 spell, both in Save and in damage(average of about 14 I think).

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Higher caster level doesn't add to the DC of the spell. The DC is only the spell level + casting stat + bonusses to DC of spells (like spell focus).

There is no save for shocking grasp. Traits that increase the caster level don't affect the save DC

10(Base)+1(Spell Level)+3(Int mod)+1(Spell Focus) = 15

OK Thank you.

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There is also some Ioun Stone (orange from what I remember... but not sure) that Increase Caster Level.

Also I would highly suggest you to take Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp), that will allow to add a Metamagic feat without increasing the level of your shocking grasp.

My favorite is then Intensified Spell, that you will need soon if you want to go more than 5dice on your shocking grasp :)

So Level 1 Magus Human:
Traits: Magical Lineage & Gifted Adept
Feats: Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Specialization (Shocking Grasp)

Equipement to buy:
-Ioun Stone (Orange Prism) (30 000gp...!)

Would make your level1 shocking grasp caster level:
1 (base)
2 (SSpecialization)
1 (Ioun Stone)
1 (Gifted Adept)

5d6 on a level 1 spell. Not bad, your shocking grasp already cap :)

And your next feats would be Varisian Tattoo (Evocation) and Intensified Spell if you ever want to get higher than this.

So once Level 5 with all those feats, your shocking grasp would do:
5 (base)
2 (SSpecialization)
1 (Ioun Stone)
1 (Gifted Adept)
1 (Varisian Tattoo)

Once again, CAP! 10d6.

I don't think you can get higher. Everything else is calculating how you want to progress in these to keep the highest number of dice through progression.

Im confused by the wording of Intensified Spell. If I wanted to take it, could I after i maxed at level 2 when it would be caster level 5 or would I have to wait until actual level 5?

Intensified Spell is simple:

Shocking Grasp cap at 5dice per RAW.

Intensified Spell is a +1level metamagic that makes it cap at 10dice. (5higher)

With Magical Lineage, you reduce the cost of metamagic by 1. So Intensified Spell cost... nothing.

This way you can cast Level 1 Shocking Grasp that max at 10dice instead of 5

How can I get a 30,000 gp item at first level?

By being the DM's girl/boyfriend... ? :D

I don't know either, that's just the written optimisation.

I don't know any other way you could max out your caster level w/o 3.5 things and gets in weird templates.

Also a suggestion about optimizing damages of a Magus, which I know well about:

It can seems strange on the start, but here the trick:
Dip into Crossblooded Sorcerer. Orc/Primal Elemental (Air).

Result? You loose one level of Magus abilities. Ok, it's sad. But hey, you got +2/dice of damage on any lightning spells. Or +1/dice on every other damages spells.

Which totally, totally worth the caster-level loss at the time you're throwing more than 2dices. (Maths speaking, a D6 is an average of 3.5 So +2/dice, +4 for 2dices, better than a D6).

That way, the lvl5 Magus I gave as example would be 1Sorc/4Magus, and would hit for 9d6+18 instead of 10d6. ;)

Also would can u apply 2 metamagic feats to one spell? Say I intensified it then maximized it, would 60 damage be worth it for a level 4 spell at 10th level?

If it worth it or not might be more a perception of choice than anything else.

But yes, you can apply multiple metamagic, just stack the level penalties together.

I tend to prefer Empower Spell than Maximize, but again, it's a matter of choice. But Empower really upgrade your spell, when maximize just change the luck, and cost more!

Here for fun:

Intensified Maximized Shocking Grasp (4th): 60 damage.

Intensified Empowered Shocking Grasp (3rd): 15x3.5 = average 52.5 damage, minimum 15, maximum 90. Keep in mind normal curve, making it way harder to have 15 or 90 than 45-55. With a spell one slot under ! ;)


With sorcerer dip:
Maximized: 54+18dmg = 72
Empowered: 9x3.5+18 = 45,5+18 = 63,5.

Also as a quick note you cannot have both magical lineage and gifted adept on the same character (they are both Magic traits) and you may only have one trait from each category.

Michael Foster 989 wrote:

Also as a quick note you cannot have both magical lineage and gifted adept on the same character (they are both Magic traits) and you may only have one trait from each category.

Even if you take the Extra Traits feat?

Extra traits feat doesn't get around the 1 trait per category. You could take wayang spellhunter instead of magical lineage as it is a regional trait.

As Jon said, Wayand Spellhunter is the way to avoid that little problem ;)

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I like this character, it has more variety with skills.

Elf L5
Dex = 20 Int = 18 AC = 20

L1 Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)
L2-4 Magus (Kensai)
L5 Sorcerer (Cross Blooded(Draconic/Orc or Elemental(Air))

Wayang Spellhunter (Shocking Grasp)
Magical Knack (Magus)

L1 Spell focus (evocation)
L3 Spell Specialization, +2 caster level on one spell
L5 Intensified Spell (Shocking Grasp)

Dervish Dance +5 Hit, +5 Damage
Arcane Pool +1 Hit, +1 Damage 10 Rds
Arcane Accuracy +4 Hit
WF(Scimitar) +1 Hit
Spell Strike -2 Hit
Canny Defense +3 AC
Battle Dance +2 Hit, +2 Damage 4+Cha Bonus in Rds
Cross Blooded +2 Damage per die to Shocking Grasp

Scimitar 15gp
Armored Kilt 10lb 20gp +1AC / Haramaki 1lb 3gp +1AC

Would make your L5 Shocking Grasp CL7
5 (Base) 3 Magus+2 Magical Knack
2 (Spell Specialization)

Scimitar 1d6 damage Crit 18-20/x2
2BAB+5DD+1AP+1WF+2BD-2SS+4AA = 13 Hit
5DD+1AP+2BD = 1d6+08 Damage

Shocking Grasp
7d6+14 = 7d6+14

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What race is your Magus?

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