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hi, im playing a ranger 2/ cleric 4 /windwalker 4 (shaundakul prestige class from the FR setting) my idea was to play a battle cleric but i seem to be unable to do anything
the stats are 14(16)-14-14(16)-13-18(20)-12 (i have a belt of str and con, and a headband of wis) i have a holy greatsword+1, power attack, and vital strike.
my problem is that the pouncing barbarian wants me to heal the ton of dmg that he always receives and i dont seem to do much damage so far. i got a scabbard that casts lead blades on my greatsword 3 times a day. so basically i tried to ad a ton of d6`s with holy+vital strike+lead blades but i seem to have the same problem that dps rogues have, i hope that at next lvl with righteous might and furious focus i will be performing better.
any advice would be apreciated


It sounds like you're going in the right direction with all your choices. So, I don't really know what to add to it. It seems the healbot aspect of your barb is kind of a problem in terms of action economy. Maybe, you could consider quick channel so that you can channel energy as a swift action? I don't know if that wind walker prestige class helps with your channel energy. It seems your bigger problem is comparing your dps to the pouncing barbarian who just reached his sweet spot.

Tell the Barb that healing during combat is a poor use of a cleric and to stop telling you how to play your character ;)

If the barb goes down heal him at the end of the fight ;) , if he's taking too much damage that's a design flaw with his character not yours. If he wants a heal bot tell him to take the Leadership feat and make a heal bot for himself ;)

I agree with Phasics, just because you are a cleric doesn't make you the healbot, especially if your concept is a battle cleric rather than a healer cleric. Tell him to figure it out for himself on how to get healed and you try to enjoy your own character w/o worrying about him.

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Your character is clearly not a Healer/Caster Cleric.
It is, as mentioned above, more of a Battle Cleric.

Its common for the main front line player (usually a Fighter or Bar) to complain if they don't get the healing they need in-combat.


TELL your Bar that you are NOT a healer-type Cleric. You are a more of a Battle Cleric or a Ranger with Cleric levels.
If he gives you a "why do you even bother to make a non-healer Cleric" speech. Then ask HIM why does he make a Bar that is so dependent on healers to stay up in combat?
He is sure to say that Bars need healers to function... this is NOT true.

He is the one that needs to work out his build/tactics...etc.

(Sorry for the raging. Came across a similar problem before.

Let the barbarian die!

Seriously, if he wants to run around like someone with a death-wish then give him a lesson in wish fulfillment!

Oh, and to add insult to a shedload of injury, turn his corpse into a zombie (you have access to Lesser Animate Dead), and send the now slightly more intelligent and far more controllable (rotting) meatshield back into the fray!

You are a messenger of the Gods, not a bandaid!

Only use vital strike if you can not full attack. Also, in the future try to focus more in your Str as your wis is already high for a battle cleric. You mostly should be casting buff spells (for you rpimarly) and for that you d not need a high wis.

thx for the advice, most of my friends think that a cleric should heal in combat as a primary role, so i gotta hear them complain
the wind walker PrC mostly gives me fighter BAB and full caster progression, so, i cast spells as a 8th lvl cleric and i got a BAB of +9
i vital strike often because since the greatsword does 3d6 with leadblades, adding vital strike and holy lets me do 8d6 + static bonus to evil foes. i know its the same problem that rogues have but i think that my static bonus is far higher than a rogue`s,
according to my maths at lvl 11 with vital strike+lead blades+righteous might i`ll be doing 10d6+17, it sounds nice, but still gotta test it, this is my 1st character this high lvl so far

Ismodai wrote:
so i gotta hear them complain the wind walker PrC mostly gives me fighter BAB and full caster progression.

How that can be bad?

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