GM needs additional rooms for a dwarven citadel reclamation adventure

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I am creating a HUGE dungeon delve in 5 parts for the Dwarves of Taern to reclaim their ancestral home. I have the 1-6 levels Karak built and parts of the each of the other 3 parts and the final adventure but I'm running low on ideas.

Any dwarf themed rooms/areas that you all could think up would be greatly appreciated.

The old dwarven holds have been taken over by Vampire Spawn dwarfs and other creatures of chaos. That could pretty much span the gamut of the bestiaries. One of the creators of the worlds lies buried at the very heart of the world and the dwarfs long ago disturbed his slumber by digging too deep. It isn't awake yet but it's dreams can create creatures.

the creatures it created have driven the dwarfs from underground and now they are coming back to take back their ancestral home. Along the way they must claim and clear the 4 lesser holds, avert a war, bring the scattered remnants of the dwarfs back under one banner and stop a ritual to awaken the sleeping god/chaos being.

what say you?

Well then the foundry is certainly now filled with constructs created by the dreams

An armory can somehow have all of the weapons/armor animated-think Bedknobs and Broomsticks!!

And Shadows abound!

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1) food growing areas. Even if the dorfs don't regularly eat fungi and such- they'd have a growing area for it in case of siege.

2) food pens. they likely have some form of livestock goin on. lizards? goats? auroch?(underground cow from FR), or whatever.
Doesn't mean they are still there of course- but the area would be.

3) Mine. Yup, dorfs love to mine. They'd have a shaft leading to extensive mines. Its what they do, gotta love it.

4) Water. Yup, dorfs need the stuff. Whether an underground lake (or several) feeding the upper levels with spiral tube thingies (which are turned using water power themselves) or some manner of water reclamation from the surface- they'll need alot of it.

5) forges. While any given area can have its own forge area there's also the possibility of having a large, community forge. This is especially true if they are using some special source of heat. (lava, geothermal, fire elementals, etc)

6) tha surface. Assuming the dorfs are in a mountain of some kind, it's not unreasonable to assume they'd have surface exits. Terraced valleys and such where they can grow surface food as well as let the critters out to pasture. They are likely both fortified and hidden (on the outside). And quite possibly a way the vamps sneak out to feed at times as well as possible outlets of other creatures. (and inlets)

7) living area. you may have already done this- but for a large delving there would be many, many, living places. Even if they are destroyed and crumbled ruins it'd still be things the PC's pass by/through.

8) Pass through. If the joint is in a mountain they may very well have one huge thoroughfare that cuts right through the mountain. Think Moria. They have the east entrance and the west entrance. They can be as grand (east entrance) or as obscure/hidden (west entrance) as you desire.
Myself, I could see them being HUGE gates of the city type thing.

9) Chapel/Cathedral. Dorfs, like most races, have their gods. And they'll have places of worship. Whether its a dozen small churches or one BIG one with shrines dotting the delving, the PC's should get a pretty solid idea of the theology in the area when they come plowing through.

10) Meeting hall(s). While the delving is probably too big for everyone to really gather in one place- it'd still have multiple smaller areas for the local rulers to talk to the community. Whether open areas or "buildings" with seating and a podium there'd be places setup for the rulers to deal with the rank and file folks.

Hope it works out well :)


How about constructs like the ones in Morrowind and Stone sculptures that came to life?
A population creatures that used to be pets, maybe they have evolved into even stranger things.

risen corpses of those that died originally. an army of undead dwarfs, that are related to the returning adventurers

Brewery for their beer/ale/mead

Air vents - dwarfs need to breathe like everyone else and air gets stale underground. Also potentially fans/machinery/air-doors to manage the circulation.

Pumps - for moving water out of places they didn't want it, like valuable mine shafts, or away from the vamps' coffins.

Healer halls/hospital areas, possibly in one of the temples, possibly separate.

Large ore processing area. Big machines to crush stuff, melt it, treat it with acid. Lots of room for animated objects of one sort or another, maybe a few golem workers as well.

Living areas. Probably built with a LOT of hidden defenses, choke points,and so on. Dwarves are likely to have built some internal guard rooms In a lot of areas, but especially to defend their families. Maybe some undead dwarven sentinels as well, still trying to keep foes out, which can be laid to rest and/or give out important information if treated properly.

Old dangerous abandoned mining tunnels, with plenty of flooded areas, pockets of poisonous or suffocating gas, possible cave-ins -- and of course at least one vital part of the machinery needed for getting the pumps going again to drain the lower levels is onthe body of some engineer way down in those tunnels.

A few obvious tunnels near the entrance which look promising but are really killing zones where attackers could be lured in, isolated with pits or portcullises, and then either finished off with arrow fire from behind cover or else just left to starve to death. There might be angry undead in these areas... Or maybe some kind of spores or something left over from the deaths.

A hallowed temple, with ward spells that have kept the enemies of the dwarves out so far, where the players can rest .... but sleeping there gives them dreams, and perhaps some kind of magical obligation, to set things right (e.g., get the pumps working again, see above.)

Some new areas repurposed by the creatures called up by the dreams of the Thing buried deep below. Summoning circles, perhaps with outsiders held in them that the PCs can bargain with,if they dare, and if they havethe right price. (Maybe the demon wants the famous gem the dwarves hid in a secret vault before he agrees to go kill something)

Dark Archive

Art Galleries, Dwarves are some of the best artists in the world and would have dozens of galleries displaying their skill all over the place. And the guardians they set up to keep it secure.

Breweries - everyone knows Dwarves make the best Beer/Ale in the world and those rooms take up a LOT of space.

Stairwells - Nothing is as easy to defined as a well designed stairwell.

Scaffolding - Building these massive, inspiring rooms takes serious scaffolding to get to every corner of it. These make for interesting fight locations.

Refuse pits - you have to drop the trash somewhere.

Vuvu wrote:
risen corpses of those that died originally. an army of undead dwarfs, that are related to the returning adventurers

This there are... and lots of them. The Vampire Spawn dwarfs are the ancestors of the dwarfs that fled.

I had the underground farms planned but may need to add more. The livestock most likely would have all died long ago but... mutated? hmm. there's an idea.

Pumps and vents.. NICE. Unintentional trap like passages. added!

I had considered Golem-like guardians but golem-like laborers. Genius.

Good/helpful undead. Excellent suggestions.

There are certain hallowed places in each of the 5 parts where the players will have missions to reclaim that will also be safe places to rest. but glad I wasn't out on a limb thinking that.

I like the idea of finding a bound creature. That ought to be an interesting encounter.

Anyone that would be up to the challenge of creating an encounter/room for such an adventure?
All credit will be given :)


I'd check some of the AP's and/or modules. look for something around your level range.

match the CR of an encounter to what you are looking for then swipe it completely. ;p

doing a 6+ level place on your own and keeping it all original while not impossible- is daunting. (even the Ap's are done by 6 authors, i do believe, not just one guy churning out 6 books at a go)


Good call on the swiping of pre-existing stuff. Will need to re-flavor/re-skin but should be a simple process.

I have the first 6 levels pretty well locked up. I just need some ideas/created rooms for levels 7-15 (not a huge fan of higher level stuff)

BUT if someone has an awesome idea for something lower level I'm sure I could shoehorn it in.

Stable or Gauge for there earth moving Equment Ie (earth elementals / Bulette)
Forge or furnace with Fire elementals
Art hall with Stone Golems/Iron Golems/ or Caryatid Columns
Mines with Xorn in them
Store /shops

With Dwarfs I think fortifcations so traps alot of them Dead Fall/ Pit/
Giant Blocks, Caveins in unfinshed Mines ect. Gas Clouds or Trap.

Water Tanks
Store Houses

Mold /slimes

If some of the dwarves have become vampire spawn, I'd say have a repurposed beer-cellar, but instead of beer, the barrels and casks are all being filled with blood. If the vamps are getting their blood from humanoids or other creatures you could have a prison nearby as well.... but think of a huge room where manacled creatures are led to be bled dry for the vampire's consumption. Perhaps some of the vampire spawn actually sleep in some of the barrels -- a great image to have them all jump out, or the party suddenly sees some of them roll aside, or the lids pop off, and the spawn emerge to feed.

On a same note, a dwarves drinking hall, but instead of beer, there is blood poured everywhere. Have rats or animals or some other animalistic baddies lapping at pools of spilled blood, where instead of drunken dwarves sprawled everywhere, vampires and other blood-craving fiends are all languishing, drunk in their own way from barrel after barrel of fresh blood. A way to inspire some true horror, or perhaps to catch some of the vamps by surprise as they may be lazy in their sated state.

I really like the idea of guard rooms and choke points as related above by somebody else. Dwarves don't scrimp on defense. Perhaps the creatures have repurposed some of these defensive choke points, perhaps some of them are simply over-run, but tell their own tale of how the dwarves fought, fell back, or died as the hold was lost -- step by step, to the invaders.
Maybe have a last bastion that actually held out -- a construct or automaton or bunch of iron golems that the enemy couldn't overwhelm, or when all the dwarf defenders were killed they ignored it. Beyond that is something the original dwarfs considered sacred, or is important to reclaim the hold. Perhaps the (or a) "Last stand" area has the spirits of good dwarves who cannot rest because they failed their ancestors and lost the hold. Perhaps every area the party reclaims, or sanctifies, or expels the invaders, wakes up more and more of these ghosts. Then, in the final battle you can throw the party against a force of enemies that would normally be impossible to overcome, but they only have to face a small portion in the climactic battle because the dwarf spirits are finally strong enough and angry enough to come to the party's aid.

Stationary defenses -- like long corridors with ballistas at the end of them. Many could be employed by the party or their enemies allowing the party to settle scores, have incentive to sneak up on siege-weapon crews rather than charge, Perhaps even give the party an opportunity to repel an otherwise overwhelming counter-attack... Ie, a long rectangular chamber which has semi-circular parade grounds on both sides, separated by a long, wide bridge spanning a huge canyon. On the party's side of the parade ground are two ballistas, or catapults, or whatever. one of them would need to be loaded. A REGIMENT of enemies is marching across the bridge, word of the party's as-of-yet unimpeded invasion of the dungeon has reached the lower levels and they are sending this force to re-enforce the monsters in the higher levels. The party can turn the siege weapons on the regiment (or break the bridge if they can get across some other way) and still have a tough fight mopping up the survivors. The party will have a feeling of being resourceful, lucky, and handling an encounter they otherwise might not have.

Don't forget to accentuate temperature, humidity, and other conditions where steam, deep cold of underground, and furnaces or harnessed geothermal activity.

Areas that are mostly filled and obscured by pipes (some that may leak steam or gas or water or oil or flames, whatever) ... these service/supply tunnels would have been designed not just cramped for practicality, but cramped for DWARVES -- these are not tunnels for traffic, merely to allow useful substances to travel between areas, and the dwarves that worked them would be accustomed to conditions that might push the limits even for dwarves. The idea that an area is too dangerous, or collapsed, or inaccessible unless by way of these tunnels could be an exciting set piece, especially if you have the adventurers (some of whom might be crawling with their weapons in their teeth or requiring reduce person spells or worse, might encounter monsters in there that are small or agile enough not to be troubled, so they'll fight at an advantage while the party is weakest or most compromised.

Any of these work for you?

All of the above. Thank you for your input. the Siege engine, unit breaker scenario would be awesome and WILL be added for sure.

Your description of the last stand areas gives me the thought that there will be places where the dwarfs put themselves in defensive mode and then just never left. The golem/automated defenses will be operational so the Spawn never got in but the dwarfs died there not being able to get out either. The spirits come to the aid is a little too LOTR for me I think.
The Heroes will have the option to rally the living dwarfs and being in reinforcements from outside so they won't need too much from inside.

Blood beer and drinking halls are good ideas too.

Appreciate your ideas!

BltzKrg242 wrote:

I am creating a HUGE dungeon delve in 5 parts for the Dwarves of Taern to reclaim their ancestral home.... I have the 1-6 levels Karak built... Vampire Spawn dwarfs and other creatures of chaos.

Check out Karak Azgal from the WFRP setting if you haven't already based this dungeon on Karak Azgal already. : )

My dwarfs are Definitely Warhammer inspired. I have not seen the dungeon/Karak tho...
Thanks for the pointer. On it's way to my home now.

Vicon wrote:

If some of the dwarves have become vampire spawn, I'd say have a repurposed beer-cellar, but instead of beer, the barrels and casks are all being filled with blood. If the vamps are getting their blood from humanoids or other creatures you could have a prison nearby as well.... but think of a huge room where manacled creatures are led to be bled dry for the vampire's consumption. Perhaps some of the vampire spawn actually sleep in some of the barrels -- a great image to have them all jump out, or the party suddenly sees some of them roll aside, or the lids pop off, and the spawn emerge to feed.

On a same note, a dwarves drinking hall, but instead of beer, there is blood poured everywhere. ..

Blood Flavored Beer?

Another idea I thought might be good is that since you've got all this blacksmith and foundry business... You may want to include a couple of "Industrial accidents" in some of the more ruined areas... Rusty cranes or scaffolds could fall from a loose fireball, or a slain flying creature or a reckless blow from a big brute could bring things tumbling down.

One image that leaped to mind might be an area where rejected (quality control I am sure is an important issue for dwarfs, if it's not master-crafted, it's got to at least be done right) or non-dwarven made (because seriously, you're going to use a weapon forged by an ELF?) are carted through to be melted down. Imagine an area of foundries, scrap heaps, junk piles, cooling pools, all laid out with little to separate them (like a huge factory floor) -- high above are Bus-sized dumpster carts on rails, filled with rusted, old, and broken weapons. I can think of few things as shocking as an accidental or intentional tipping or upsetting of one of those carts onto the factory floor below -- imagine it RAINING axes. a WATERFALL of metal weapons pouring from a bin sliding along a track above you -- crushing and mutilating anything it spills on that can't get to cover, and weapons bouncing everywhere. Perhaps a chain reaction occurs and multiple carts spill about -- in the confusion, and havoc of so many weapons flying around, a steam explosion (or series of them) could occur throwing weapons and shrapnel everywhere. If done right it could make for some interesting battlefield hazards, or an exciting diversion/"let's get the hell out of here!" moment.

Also I thought it might be cool to stage a battle in a kind of rock-tumbler -- picture a 40-foot square room with hatches on opposite sides. The room is normally filled with rocks they want to smooth (or who knows what) and so the room is on a track that basically rolls it end over end (picture a six sided die turning one side at a time) -- perhaps the path of least resistance (or a secret way) deeper towards the objective is through the rock tumbler. So it's like this -- the party is in this room, and it tumbles like it does, so if they stay on their side of the room, they are going to FALL FORTY FEET every time the room turns. They have to run to the other side in (however many rounds, I'd suggest testing or fudging to keep things fair, but interesting) the more ground they cover to the other side, the less distance they will fall, with the other side being spill prone, but otherwise unharmed. Every time the cube turns, the entrances change from being ahead and behind the party to above and below the party.
But it gets more interesting. They are discovered, or there are monsters that are disturbed by the tumbler, and while the cube prevents anything from LEAVING the structure while the box is moving along the track (maybe make some swinging cage-door, or some rock arm that looks like a turnstile that engages and blocks anything trying to come out of the box while it is preparing to turn, or even something like a revolving door that allowing things to get IN, but if you try to get OUT in it, the second half of the rotation takes objects that would leave the box into a kind of rock-chipper (deadly) -- so the party is in this room and they not only have to fight monsters, but they have to run a touchdown across the room every uncertain number of turns or they know they're going to fall a distance relative to how little they've moved. The bad guys can come from behind, ahead, above -- maybe even below -- suddenly AoO become very interesting, and a race will be on to clear up the enemies (or keep them on the side of the room with the worst fall) in time for the party to cross the room and not fall themselves. If the party is receptive and the situation is interesting and exciting -- have some rocks of various sizes drop into the box from above at some point along the track -- the party will have to dodge them, and of course have their foes be somewhat less successful to even the odds and give them the satisfaction of seeing a charging enemy get run over by a tumbling boulder they just dodged. If things get hairy you can always have the machine break down and they have to climb or hop out and run the rest of the track.

(note, the party being "Stuck" in the room until the tumbler gets to the other end of the track could be ruined if the players are smart or crazy enough to try to escape the cube (if you don't have a mechanism to keep them in as I described, they can simply hop out or step into the doorway on the floor and be left behind. Of course, if there was some way to kick a bad guy out the forward hatch it would be fun to declare the sickening yelp and crunch of the entire room rolling on him. Note also loose weapons, armors, arrows, anything in the tumbler can become dangerous every time it falls.)

And I know it's cliche, but a Tram or railcar across a canyon (especially if enemies are pursuing on a parallel track and attempt to board broadside, and/or fire from their car at the parties car -- it would add an element of swashbuckling type action to shake up a dungeon crawl.

Likewise Cliche but potentially fun is a reckless ride in an ore cart. Party members could shoot past all sorts of situations and enemies and the real struggle would be making the right choices and navigating the cart so nobody gets hurt -- the party may only have one or two rounds before the cart passes any particular threat, but the satisfaction of the party's archer Knocking over a precariously perched vat of boiling stew onto a mess-hall of humanoids below, or a fighter cutting all the chandeliers to fall into a tunnel below as he flies through a series of servants tunnels above a populated area, or suddenly smashing through a web to find that spiders are climbing into the cart from various sides, to disturbing a flock of cloakers, or stirges, or whatever and having barely a moment to fight them before they've attacked and their way behind you. Jumps and tense point where everyone has to get out and push to make sure the cart doesn't slide backwards down a steep incline are optional. You can always end it with the cart flying off the broken track and into deep water below, or perhaps that sneaky enemy boss or henchman gets ahead of the party and blows the track right before they pass, but instead of being blown up they plunge into darkness to land in mossy garbage, or sewage, or an underground river, or a giant colony of puff-ball fungus that serves as airbags.

Since so much stuff gets manufactured you might also want a show-room area of sorts -- a big hall filled with mannequins in various poses, many of whom are modeling weapons and armor made for display of craftmanship -- this would be a great spot for an ambush by assassins (who are naturally posing as many of the mannequins using magic or talent as a very convincing ruse.)

A mint wouldn't be a bad spot to hide a bit of treasure -- you could have gold coins ready made in mold-pans or a small pile of ingots stacked to be melted. Don't go overboard, but it might be a nice shot in the arm for the lucky, or the nosy.

Another interesting set-peice would be for you to think of a really cool solitary monster (or couple of monsters) that have no affiliation whatsoever with the main bad guys (some aberrations native to deep underground that have blundered in since the dwarves are no longer repairing all the cracks and patrolling as they did.) -- these nasties are can be big and dumb, but they are dangerous to the bad guys as well as the good (think "rancor monster") -- perhaps the party can overhear about how a party of the caverns is being sealed off until they come up with the time, or a way, to deal with the trespassers. But basically, the party could have a tense fight interrupted by these brutes, or happen upon the brutes killing some of their enemies and having to decide to join in, fight, or run away -- but they soon realize that the bad guys have closed off their point of entry (maybe right in their faces or soon after they enter) and they realize they are trapped in a confined space with these nasties. They will have to come up with a creative way to drop a big weight on them, or drop them in a pit, or kill them the old fashioned way. Afterwards they might find a neglected or a forgotten path back towards where they were headed.

Another cool idea might be, since layers of rock are composed of different strata, one level of the complex is in a particularly solid and difficult to dig layer of rock. Sure, the dwarves aren't going to let that stop them, but it effects the characteristics of that level (The vaulted ceilings in an area like this would be unheard of, spaces will be small except for maybe the main drag and the main shafts to transport materials to lower more diggable layers, and the structures will be a lot more functional rather than decorative (people may move in decorations and embossment but nobody is carving extensive craftwork in all but the most special of places in this area. Some interesting features include that doors or cut out of the material in these halls will not be broken through as in other areas, and your weapons are more likely to be chipped or cracked than the walls should you try to force or beat them. Tunnels get more claustrophobic and utilitarian. It might just be an interesting thing to notice and not really factor in much, but giving a little attention to the rock strata might help immersion. Another way to convey this is to have an area of the tunnels be more recently dug, and smoothed, but not bricked up like I commonly imagine dwarves halls. Perhaps this is "The geologists wing" or some other esoteric area for gemologists or earth scientists, or tunnel-architechts that leave their halls in this more natural style. Decribe alternating layers of shale or sandstone or limestone -- include veins of rock or sections studded with semi-precious gems. Heck, have one part of the network burrowed straight through a series of giant natural crystals.

I know I mentioned a prison before, where vamp-spawn would keep food nearby where they could juice them for their blood or basically "peel and eat" them... but there should also be proper jails -- make sure you relate some evidence of bad things having happened when control of the place shifted. Maybe there is evidence of a fire in some cellblocks, with bodies piled up near doors or charred and curled up in corners. Maybe whole wings of starved prisoners -- and maybe the horrible manners in which they died made that area haunted. Maybe there was a prison-break or the guards freed the prisoners when control of the dwarf hold was lost. There could be evidence of the prisoners struggles with or against the guards and the party's foes. Perhaps even a lone survivor gone mad -- or worse, what if the most badass, psychotic prisoner serial killer with a dwarfs grudges and lifespan suddenly got free and nobody was around to stop him? What if he decided to stalk the party?

Don't forget your giant turbines. Those air tunnels are huge and need fans. The fans might spin very slowly, but have them moving. Now have a fight happen while crossing one of these huge vents -- the party has to either run across, or mind their footing as they ride a sloped piece of metal around a over a pit. A battle here could be high tension!

Why has nobody mentioned Dwarf Fortress yet? Have a look around at the fortresses people have created, the tales they have told and the woe that has befallen their dwarves.

Boatmurdered is a great place to start.

See also Dwarf Fortress Megaprojects.

This pdf might be useful, since it has a descriptions of different kinds of rooms and what can be found in them.

Interesting assists folks. Thanks!

In the vein of animated workers.... Rooms made dangerous by their work, several golems left with instructions to dig a tunnel have been digging and digging, stacking piles of excavated material, meanwhile their tunnel stretches for miles and miles.

They can make nice background too, as they ignore all inhabitants and visitors, continuing their work forever. They can also serve as part of an interesting set pieces in an encounter. A construct is hauling a cart of debris, either as an obstacle during a battle, or even part of a chase scene.

Some of the abandoned rooms near the surface have probably been filled up with bat swarms. This also gives vampire dwarves something to summon, and a useful source of wandering monsters. PCs might be able to make their way through these areas without waking up the bats I'd they are VERY QUIET, I.e. high Stealth checks or a silence spell, and don't have any light sources.

When the hold fell, there could have been all sorts of machines or even regular cooking fires or furnaces, etc... that burned for a goodly long time without proper attendance and maintenance. Consider adding an area that is completely covered in soot, hallways that are waist-deep in trapped ash that has almost nowhere to go, maybe at the bottom of the area that is actively choked with smoke, almost zero visibility, and filthy soot and ash are a couple of golems absent-mindedly gathering coal, and feeding the furnaces. Without maintenance, oversight, and sanitation -- the regular means that would have kept the smoke from being too much of a problem have turned a specific area into a terrain and environmental challenge. Perhaps also there are creatures that have come to this place because an ashy environment appeals to them.

A very deep, but narrow chasm, connected by many bridges, and a river of lava running through the bottom. (Think Minecraft). Along the sides of the chasm, and accessed by the bridges and narrow walkways, are a series of catacombs wherein are interred the dead architects and builders (says so on a massive plaque). There are restless ghosts present who guard the "remaining dignity" of these dead, and if they're not appeased (left an offering or a blessing from a Cleric) they fade out, only to return later with a few dozen restless dead to tear the PC's apart. Smart PC's would know to flatter the ghosts by complimenting them on the hard work they put into the place (Diplomacy). A good roll might mean the ghosts impart some secret they built into the place. A failure means they'd better remember the way they came in. (Cue Scooby Doo music).

Hmm... always some interesting stuff to read here. A few of my own suggestions....

An auditorium hall with crazy acoustics. Decrease the DCs for hearing checks except increase the DCs for pinpointing where a sound is coming from. It could definitely make a cool vibe of the party being followed by invisible hidden creatures. The auditorium would of course include a raised stage for performers, and a series of alcoves on an upper level with large mirrors used to light the area. The floor would be filled with broken tables and chairs for guests, the stage littered with old instruments (drums, horns, etc). Depending on how you approach it, a goal could be to light one or more of mirrored alcoves to clear the hall. Especially, if it is filled with light sensitive underdwellers like morlocks who would be a good slave population for vampires.

A freight elevator could also be a cool encounter space. Basically, as a mine gets older and the dwarves go deeper they make one moderately sloped shaft and just keep extending tunnels off that shaft. The shafts floow is smoother and has a channel for an old chain powered a a winch system at the top of the shaft. Somewhere in the shaft a large platform is chained to the winch on a series of wheels to ride up and down the shaft. This would be used to haul material in and out of the mine. The tunnel could now be a great roosting ground for all manner of bats which the vampires keep to benefit their supernatural powers. If the platform winch is automated it could be an interesting trip up or down. As an additional hazard, the platform could break at some point, causing the PCs to have to abandon it and go deeper down the shaft. However, the chain could snap (by accident or design) and the unmoored platform could just start roll with gravity chasing them down into the tunnels.

What about the aqueducts and sewerage systems they have ingenously crafted? They may have been reduced to slow flowing slurry, but who knows what creatures were formed from the waste and heavy metals that were never flushed away and left to fester in a stew of chaotic energy etc.

Irontruth wrote:

In the vein of animated workers.... Rooms made dangerous by their work, several golems left with instructions to dig a tunnel have been digging and digging, stacking piles of excavated material, meanwhile their tunnel stretches for miles and miles.

They can make nice background too, as they ignore all inhabitants and visitors, continuing their work forever. They can also serve as part of an interesting set pieces in an encounter. A construct is hauling a cart of debris, either as an obstacle during a battle, or even part of a chase scene.

I like this a lot. Combats get pretty static so having to move or get crushed is good...

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