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It is here the fallen should be honored. Whether in The Camp, the Desolation, at the Temple City's walls, or within Tsar itself, those who have lost their lives will always be remembered for their sacrifice in this thread.

We'll keep this like obit pages on AP boards.

The Gory Details: (optional)

I expect this thread to be quite large before it's all said and done. My group is at 6th level right now, so in about 3-4 sessions they will be making their way to The Camp. I'm sure I will be making more than one contribution here as well.

I question if this really "Has to be done"

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ralantar wrote:
I question if this really "Has to be done"

Are you being a jerk or do you have some sort of point?

Frog God Games

For those who wish to record their PCs deaths, we at Frog God Games have set up an Obituary page on our website. Be warned, there are spoilers!

Here's the Link

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Name: Runniago
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Summoner 5/Cleric 2
Adventure: First day on the job
Location: The Camp (The Commons)
Catalyst: Gurg the hill giant
The Gory Details: He was always the first PC into combat in the run up game to the Beginning of ST. The party arrived at the camp, and mistakenly assumed it to be safe. The PC dismissed his summon due to it being large (Wouldn't fit inside most of The Camps buildings) and also being a terrifying urine yellow 6 legged super crab-horse beast. Not exactly a boon to the party's diplomacy attempts. Underestimating the Giant, he died in the first round of combat to a full attack. He landed on the ground 10 feet away at -27 HP.

Oh my, so close to death so many times, no obit yet, but terribly close twice! Thankful for hero points that's for sure!

Okay, thank the merciful gm, been knocked out nearly dead many times now. Had two hours where we discussed a "getting dead" proof way past a beastie and anticlimactically kayaked it in one round, other stuff had most of our large party nearly qualifying as landfill. Great adventure!

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