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I'm an elven wizard. I would like to take a Ratling as my companion. I was just wondering what the rules are for a familiar's lifepan. I haven't been able to locate anything on the subject.

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To the best of my knowledge, there are none.

There isn't anything listed regarding the lifespan. With that said, it should be the lifespan of the Wizard.

It'd be up to your GM and how he envisions the world. I can totally see a wizard having a succession of familiars - all descending from his original one from when he was an apprentice, and being heartbroken each time they get too old and die. I can also see them living an unnaturally long life because of the bond. Either one could work, and is unlikely to matter in a normal campaign.

Depends on if your GM targets familiars and ACs :-)

there are stories of a familiar also becoming a magical beast (something like their own lvl20 ability) and surviving their master by centuries or more

It is an interesting use for this in case you find some ancient ex-familiar in ruins and you can talk with it

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