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I am trying to figure out a house rule for the following.


the invisible character (I) wants to move through his allys (o) AND through the squares occupied by his enemies (x) in order to get to the empty space (-) behind them and attack on the next round from flanking he cant go around because of the walls (w)

off the top of my head I am thinking that Invisible makes an acrobatics check at +10 to slip through the enemy squares. failure stops the attempt and pops invisibility but does not award an attack of opportunity. If Invisible succeeds there is a chance that the X will notice some one has passed but not be able to see or stop them. (for example if Invisible succeeds by less than 10.)

I am assuming its an acrobatics check but not sure if this rule seems fair or a better one is possible. should a simple stealth check allow the movement or should it be entirely impossible?

the movement through the occupied square would juts break invisibility. There really isn't a check they could do to avoid that.

even if no attack is made?

soulofwolf wrote:
the movement through the occupied square would juts break invisibility. There really isn't a check they could do to avoid that.

No it wouldnt.

i would think the occupied square they are standing in would technically count as an "attended object", and interacting with something attended automatically breaks invisibility. That would be my interpretation of it, doesn't mean i'm 100% correct, and even if my interpretation is right you can still house rule it otherwise, in which case you would just use the acrobatics rules.

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I often run into the reverse side of this coin when a creature moves through the square of an invisible creature. Perhaps I've missed something, but I've never seen a by-the-book ruling on how to determine if somebody bumps into an invisible creature. I generally rule it the way you would for the Overrun rules (the invisible creature gets to decide if it wants to avoid contact.)

In the situation you describe, I think you're on the right track with the Acrobatics check. The DC would be the standard 5+Opponent's CMD with a -Dex Mod adjustment if the opponent is unaware of the invisible creature. I might only grant a +2 circumstance bonus to the check, but failure wouldn't provoke an AoO.

Example: If Opp's CMD = 16 (w/ a +2 Dex mod,) the invisible creature needs to roll 19 (instead of 21) and gets a +2 to its roll.

I would run it that invisible person gets stealth check (using all applicable modifiers) versus the enemy's perception to see if the enemy even notices them. Then, if they are noticed, the invisible person could attempt an acrobatics check to avoid the AoO. If they don't avoid the AoO then the enemy gets to make a regular attack versus an invisible person (50% miss chance). That's how I would do it at least.


i honestly think your idea is the best way to do it by the rules.

but since there is no actusl rule i think I want to run a more simple method simply because I want to be able to do it quickly both when players do it and when the NPCs do it.

The opposed rule systems opens it allup to meta-gaming which is something I try to ignore.

if the enemy is trying to get past the PCs and i simply roll one check then the players dont know what the check was for unless the enemy only beat the CMD+5-10 by less than 10, in which case I will say "You dont see anything but you hear movement and feel a brush of wind that gives you the impression that something has passed by you." if the enemy fails then I will say something like "your engaged in combat with the enemy in front of you when an enemy bumps into you and pops into visibility next to your opponent. this confusion causes a moment in which the two are maneuvering around each other (squeezed) until one of them gets a turn to move out of the square."

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