Kingmaker in the Bandit Kingdoms (warning: Spoilers for Age of Worms)


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I've finished successfully running the Age of Worms AP in Greyhawk. Lashonna escaped, a PC became the new Prince of Redhand and Kyuss was slain, with one of the PCs taking his place as the new wormgod.

I'm setting my Kingmaker campaign 20 years after that with a new cast of PCs, adventurers who answer the call of the Prince of Redhand to rid the Bandit Kingdoms of unlawful behaviour and the presence of the Old One's forces.

I'm planning on using Iuz and Lashonna to stretch the AP to lvl 20 (maybe even 21) but I've no idea how to implement it. Any ideas?

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Kingmaker in Greyhawk? One of my favorite campaigns as a sequel to one of my other favorite campaigns? Yes, please! :D

Are you still going to be keeping the First World angle? Or dealing more with Lower-Planes kinda stuff?

I would have a hard time seeing Lashonna and Nyrissa working together, although Lashonna does have a great deal of experience with quietly handling the delusional and power-mad. Maybe some of the other forces the PCs come into conflict with aren't all working for the same goal, but fighting amongst themselves as well? Maybe there's some way the PCs can use these to their advantage?

It's been forever since I've talked Greyhawk with anyone...I'll have to dust off my Gazetteer and see if there's something that jumps out at me. Good luck! I think the River Kingdoms were at least moderately based on the Bandit Kingdoms, so this does seem a likely locale for crossover. I wish you well in your noble endeavor. :)

I would suggest considering Lashonna as replacing Nyrissa and putting the campaign more on the order of 50 years afterwards, say as PC Prince of Redhand has just announced his/her heir with his/her grandchildren heading into the boonies.

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I've already decided it's going to be 20 years after Dawn of a New Age 'cause one of the human PCs can be the son of the new Wormgod (sired while he was still mortal). On that note, Lashonna may not be an antagonist but an ally of sorts since she was bound to serve Kyuss.

I'd love to keep the Civilization vs. First World approach, so maybe I could Nyrissa pulling Iuz' strings from the shadows, eventually making him and the PCs go all-out on each other only to step in at the right moment to destroy them both.

Details are somewhat rough at the moment since I've mostly just glossed over the details of the AP, but I think I have something here.

These are some things I already though about changing about Stolen Land.
Erastil becomes Ehlonna (the stag aspect I'm still working out but maybe I can have it be a REALLY old aspect of hers)
Restov becomes Alhaster (though I don't know about the council of Swordlords)
Firearms are permitted (early stage only, maybe the Staglord uses a musket ^^)

Something else I may have missed?

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