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I have a player who is making a Magus and I muddily recall running across some Magus magic items. unfortunately, I can't seem to find any in the official books. Are there any Magus magic items in the Paizo books or did I imagine it? Do you know of any good ones... even if they're form 3rd party publishers.

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Sorry, cannot help;just dotting for interest,as the magus is my favored class.

You mean specifically for Magus and not just things that benefit him?

I'd do a search of the magic item section on PFSRD for Magus, but that picks up the sidebar's use of Magus (so every page on the site).

Searching for "a magus" brings up the third party artifact Mournsky mentioning its rightful wielder is always a Magus while various class features bring up the also third party Gloves of Arcane Gathering.

A lot of wizard items help the Magus due to both preparing arcane spells.

in addition to the usual types of items that benefit everyone a blessed book is handy for a nice spellbook, I cant think of anything else that specifically benefits a magus.


When doing a search on PFSRD's website you can narrow down the focus. First, search for the topic (in this case 'magus') and then when it provides the search results hit the area of interest (in this case, magic items) and itll narrow the results down to all magic items with magus in the description somewhere.

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Edit: Correction, it works sometimes. It apparently wont work for Magus because of the sidebars. Deuxhero is right.

I like Spell Storing weapons for a magus. It lets you drop another spell in a spellstrike, triggered after you hit. My half-orc magus keeps Vampiric Touch in there for when he's getting low on hit points. If I go all out and smack someone with an Intensified shocking grasp and trigger the vampiric touch after I hit... they're usually not happy campers.

Additionally, it's usually pretty easy to keep a few pool points around to put the spell back in the weapon before you go to sleep. Spell recall is nice for that.

Most of my other items are pretty normal for a front-line fighter, as I'm doing a fightery magus, with a bastard sword and the heaviest armor I can wear.

personally, I agree with spell storing weapon. My magus always gets one if he can. (getting it on a keen scimitar is fun, for the 15-20 crit range, which applies to any spells cast through it, though sadly not the stored spell, just spellstrike)

Spell-storing weapon
Bladed belt (AEG) (turns into any slashing or piercing weapon)
Ring of arcane mastery (AEG) (stores arcane points and gives you other benefits, like pool strike arcana for free)
Gloves of arcane striking (AEG) (if you have the arcane strike feat, which I always take, it allows you to do "splash damage" with it, as well as give the benefit to either damage or AC of allies if you use aid other on them)

Ultimate equip. pag 239.
Spellstrike gloves / Aura (strong)/ Price 8000gp.
A set of gloves which allows the wearer to cast any magus spell with a range greater than "touch" as a touch spell to use with the magus class ability Spellstrike, three times per day.

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