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A friend of mine wishes to create a human urban ranger, which would definitely be useful to the party, as we currently lack anyone with the ability to disarm magical traps, and the general features of that archetype suit him quite nicely.

However, I have come across a bit of a snag; I've heard various people saying that picking you can't pick your own type (or subtype) without having an alignment of evil. That said, I can't seem to find that anywhere in my pathfinder core rule book. Have I missed something?

Thank you in advance!

if you look at it it is the 3.0 DnD rule book it is in there

since you are not using that rule book no you have not missed any thing

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It's a 3.0 artifact that does not exist in Pathfinder.
Favored Enemy(Human) has no alignment restriction, and would be silly to houserule otherwise. In fact, no Favored Enemy has an alignment restriction.

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Favoured Enemy Human does not require Evil. It does not require you to hate them either. It simply means you have expertise at killing them. Sure, that could be because you are a psychotic murdering maniac. or it could be because you are fully aware of your own weaknesses.
It could also be because you have killed many Humans - as a Lawman or a Bounty Hunter.

Ther is no shortage of Evil humans in the world, it is not unreasonable that Good people are trained to hunt and kill/apprehend them

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You could be an expert at tracking them down and subduing them with nonlethal damage. A bounty hunter of sorts.
Any houserule that requires an evil alignment, is silly.

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That was indeed a D&D 3.0 rule that was dropped with the major redesign of the ranger class for 3.5 (and by extension Pathfinder). There is no restriction on a ranger choosing their own type as a favored enemy.

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