Ordained Champion


Has anyone done a conversion of the Ordained Champion PrC from Complete Champion to Pathfinder?
I recently dug out my 3.5 splatbooks and was reading through them again, and ran across this really, really nice PrC.
It looks, at a glance, able to just be directly converted, but then I saw the bit about giving them a Paladin's smite v.s. all alignments, at the cost of one of his daily channels.
Has anyone else looked at this for conversion?


Well, just remember that smiting in Pathfinder is a much more powerful ability than the 3.5 counterpart. I think it should 2, maybe 3 channel energy to smite every possible alignement

What if it's 1 or 2 uses per day, and while smite is active they can't channel?

I do like the Ordained Champion, but I think the that the Holy Vindicator was Paizo's attempt at it in Pathfinder. Their concepts are pretty close (use your spells and channel your faith into your weapons). I think the Holy Vindicator is a little more flavored and fleshed out, but it might be what you are looking for. A Channel Smite is an unaligned smite in a way, and the AC can get scary high when you stack Stigmata and Vindicator's Shield (+5 to AC at level 20 all the time, and +15 to AC on the first hit of any encounter).

I think that he should just stick to channelling his spells into his weapon and getting the smites he was already allowed (if I recall right the text said something about a hardcap of 2). A straight conversion should work out fine.

I've read the holy vindicator, and it doesn't have the same feel. And the bleeding all over the place is kinda...well unnecessary.
Ordained champion does what it needs to do in 5 levels, also instead of 10.

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