Building a Lycans Animal form.

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I had a Topic similar to this a few days ago that was resolved. This one has a different question.

That question is how do you build the stat block of your animal form. I understand all the other elements of how to build a Lycan but that.

The big questions are Do I just change to the stat block in the Bestiary of the base animal accept that it has my stats where higher and +2 Str and +2 Con.

Do I take its HD or Keep mine. I believe I keep mine as mine will eventually be greater with levels anyway just, low at lower levels.

Do I take on its skills and feats wile in the animal form. Again I think this is a no. The exception being if it has Racial skill buffs I would gain them, e.g. a Tiger have +4 Stealth(+8 in tall grass).

I am pretty sure The case is Take my stat block and add its naturals, its speed, its SA's and SQ's. But I would like a second opinion.

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