Magical crafting feats.

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Don't like them very much, or wealth-by-level, for that matter (or the way that wealth-by-level and crafted magical items work together). Magic equipment should be in the hands of the DM and the loot tables, not the players.

Just my two cents.

I like coffee.

I like plants.

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Do you do anything but complain and try to start flamewars?

Coffee and plants suck.

Keeping plants in your home is slavery.
The same with animals.

Eating plants or animales is murder, too!
As is using parts of animals or plants for building stuff, including magical stuff (see, I posted something about crafting items).

Its not slavery. I asked their permission and our alignments match.

Coffee is a plant, though not all plants are coffee...

Weslocke wrote:
Its not slavery. I asked their permission and our alignments match.

Your GM let you take leadership!?!?

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I had bacon this morning. It was magical.

I am the GM! I gave it to myself as a reward bonus feat for good e-bay sales last quarter! Muah-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

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I removed some posts. Don't be jerks.

Also, this thread is locked. I'm not sure what its for, other than to stir the pot.

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