What races have you NEVER played?

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First off Gnomes rule all get over it lol.

Foghammer I am sorry you had such a hard time with gnome PC there certainly are times where a gnome in the mix takes the edge off the game.

Most of the time they rule. I think gnomes are getting better with age. I hated them in 2e I loved them in 3e and beyond.

The race I have played the most thought is 1/2 elf. Currently playing a a 1/2 drow.

I have played all the core races, enjoyed tieflings, looking forward to playing catfolk, or kitsune.

Gnomes certainly do not rule. Only the gnomes mom thinks it's cool!

Of course Gnomes are cool. They can make and be proficient in wielding an air conditioner. The keep to a Gnome is being quirky without being annoying or an attention hog. Mine just complains because people look down on him (literally), and is insulted if the enemy doesn't think he is the most deadly in the party. He is a running commentary about Gnome Prejudice.

I enjoy playing Gnomes, but I don't understand why Gnomes and Halflings are so close in personality. To me a halfling is just a Gnome with dirty feet.

And Half Orcs are just too angst filled for my liking.

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You must be playing some different half-orcs than the ones I've seen...

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Hell, my current half-orc is proud of being a half-orc.

Badass human mother and badass orc father? Feels badass, man.

It would be easier to list the races I HAVE played.



Gnomes don't deserve all the hate they get, but they're not that great. They're good at being casters and Paladins, but the slow speed hurts.

Halflings are a walking embodiment of everything that's wrong with the entire heroic fantasy genre-- it can't get out of Tolkien's shadow. Halflings only exist because of Hobbits, and they only continue to exist because they've "always" existed. The fact that Halflings and Gnomes both get a CHA bonus also means that the two Small races just don't feel different enough.

I played a Halfling briefly and didn't see a single thing about it I liked. At least Gnomes get free cantrips and a badass double weapon. Halflings get the sling.

I can't ever remember playing a Half-Elf... it seems like the purview of the Legolas-wannabes and the only thing they excel at is multiclassing, which Pathfinder discourages anyway.

I almost never play Humans or Bestiary races. I did play a Svirfneblin once, for a campaign that took place in the Underdark. Hobgoblin might be cool to play. If everyone else in my party was playing Bestiary races, I'd probably play a Human just to be contrary. ;)

I've played a gnome in 2nd ed and PF. It was fun. Just sayin'.

I have played a human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-orc, orc, goblin, dragonborn, warforged, minotaur, duergar, deva, mongrelman, and gnoll, but never a half-elf. Human would be the most frequent.

I may have missed something.

Core Races: played 'em all. 1/2 orc cleric, gnome illusionist, 1/2 elf fighter/wizard. I was in love with halflings back in 1e and 2e. One of my fave characters of ALL time was a stoutblooded halfling fighter under the kit "homesteader" in 2e.

His name was Benarin Stouthammer, and he was legendary. The legend started with some ridiculous rolls; 16 str and 17 con, plus a 14 dex after racial bonus and a 15 int. He got hella skills because of his kit and high int. To round it out he had a 13 wisdom and a 12 charisma.

He was a likeable sort, down to earth; folksy. His original love was blacksmithing and he carried a massive sledgehammer for a weapon but always had a collection of hammers on his belt: "2 goblins on the run across a windy moor? This one calls for a #12 ball pien with the weighted grip..."

Now, on our first adventure out our GM gave us these scaling artifacts; the idea was that we'd go to different adventure sites, unlock new powers and at the same time the site would be "purified". There was one for water, earth air and fire; good, evil, Law, Chaos... you get the idea.

Anyway the original campaign lasted through water. 'Rin helped liberate a water weird from some truly vile river sahuagin and stopped an evil rite from summoning an elder god. But then the real world invaded and the game ended. For his part 'Rin settled in the shadow of the falls to finally begin the town he was slated to build (part of the homesteader kit is that you're adventuring specifically to create a new halfling settlement).

Now some time passed, our schedules normalized, and the old gaming group got together and said "let's finish it" so 'Rin got upped to 16th level, got all the powers his artifact gauntlets were going to give him, and then got converted to 3.0. If in 2e he was ridiculous, at 16th level in 3.0 he was nearly godlike.

The gauntlets made him strong, but he was always more legendary for his endurance, so I sent him down the path of the Die Hard and Iron Will feats, along with an Improved Sunder and weapon specializations. But the gauntlets did one other thing that got TOTALLY broken in 3.0: they TRIPPLED his sunder damage!

This is how, in baba yaga's hut, I was known as the Door Smasher. 'Rin once smashed in a door in one swing, surprising 2 pit fiends. Because he got surprise he unleashed and managed to hit with EVERY attack, doing enough damage to kill both fiends in the surprise round. My GM just sat, dumbfounded.

I FREAKING loved that guy! I still have him in his 3.0 version. I have a detailed write up of Stouthammer Falls (his town) and the gauntlets, the water weird, all of it. I even have a mock certificate of merit to prove not only that I survived and beat the hut but that I earned the badge "door smasher". 'Rin got married to a priestess of yondalla sweetheart/cohort back in town. Together they had 6 kids.

Oh, and monster races: I've played a kobold, a goblin, and have played people turned into monsters like undead and a werewolf. One thing I've always WANTED to play was a monster that didn't know it: a golem that thought he was alive, a polymorphed dragon or a fallen angel or something.

I think that (from what I have seen) I'm just gonna try a gnome wizard and see how she goes. Maybe try a goblin alchemist after that.

My current guy is Drogo (totally stole from game of thrones). He is a Half-Orc barbarian raised by a tribe of orcs that raped there enemies women and sometimes men, to intentionally create half-orcs. Him along with my father in laws character (they are brothers his being the eldest) were sold into slavery by our mother whom was kicked out of the clan along with us into the arena where we slaughtered our way to inevitable freedom killing our master. Cliche but oh so sweet.

Wild Rager Barbarian level 4, Wild Ranger level 6, Martial artist Monk level 5.

Specializes in natural weapons and combo attacks with his brother.

What would be a good combo for a gnome wizard? Seems like the options for wizard are kinda bland compared to some of the new stuff. But I just don't like sorcerers.

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Currently playing an elf, in a party with two gnomes, a halfling and a human. Gnomes definitely still have fans.

I don't think I've ever played a dwarf, although I've no idea why, 'cos I like 'em!

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I will never understand all of the Gnome-hate. To be honest, I never really considered them in 3.5 (The fluff and attributes felt very Dwarf-lite, and the racial bonuses were so esoteric as to be essentially useless.) but I really like the Pathfinder Gnome. I ended up making one for a 3.5 game after that---an Illusionist with an obsession about hats and a talking Raven familiar he was constantly bickering with. I didn't get him for long, but he remains one of my favorite characters.

So far the only core race I've yet to bother with is a Half-Orc. They offered a worthwhile bonus in 3.5, but the race never appealed to me (seems like every Half-Orc NPC was a dumb brute fighter of some variety, and it is hard for me to separate them from that image in my head) and by the time we switched to Pathfinder their one boon (The STR bonus) was given to humans and Half-Elves.

Edit: Oh wait, I've never played a Dwarf either. Dunno why. Just haven't.

I have only played:


Then again, my only experience with Pathfinder is Society...

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TheDoctor wrote:

Gnomish Paladin 4 LIFE!

No, seriously, I played a Shining Knight Gnomish Paladin with a boar mount. Not only was the damage output ridiculously high, the Paladin Saves plus Gnomish Eternal Hope means never failing a save, ever. DM tears are delicious. Oh, I just critted Mr. Evil Dragon, my smite buddy, on my radiant spirited charge inside of the dungeon; is the DM sobbing?

I had a Forest Gnome fighter complete with a pointy red hat who rode around on a war dog. He was lots of fun to play despite the DM being a prat and always trying to kill the dog.

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Half-Orc (tempted a few times, but dropped idea)

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In all my years, I have never played an elf. Nothing against them, but I've always preferred humans or the beefier races like half orcs.

As for non-core races... there are plenty I have never played.


Love all the Gnome hate in here...

Never really played non core races much. From Core, I have not played Halflings or Gnomes.

Have been tempted to play them on occasion, but it just never works out.

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I've never played a Dwarf, nor most of the Small races. The reason? To me, Speed 20 Feet is the devil </The Waterboy>. I cannot stand moving that slow on the tactical map. Even my melee characters are Speed 30 Feet minimum.

I never played a gnome, until Pathfinder made them something besides tinker gnomes or silly dwarfs.

Although if I had to do it again, I wouldn't have chosen to make a monk out of one.

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I've played: humans (mostly like 90% of my pcs), undead skeleton (once), changeling (once), vampire (once) and a god (one, it was a wierd game)

so i have never played an elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, any of the half-races or any of the mostrous races (and i probably won't since i mainly gm...)

I have never played a Gnome, and I've only played a Dwarf once, in a 4E game. Going beyond the core races of the game, I've never played a 'monster-race' (Goblin, Orc, Hobgoblin, Kobold, etc.), except for Drow (and Githzerai, once, IIRC). I've not yet gotten a chance to play any of the playable races from Bestiary 2, though in 3.5 I did play an Air Genasi or two. I've played my fair share of Aasimars and Tieflings, too.

Things I would never play: Dragonborn, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Tengu... pretty much anything that's a mix of a human and an animal, bird, lizard, or whatever.

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Note to self... Make Kobold Samurai...

never played a gnome or a half-orc. No interest really in gnomes but one of these days i will play a half-orc. maybe a half-orc ranger with two hand axes

master arminas wrote:
One word: GROBNAR.

That.... That was a low blow, and you should apologize to everyone in this thread.

My long-time GM's main campaign has slowly but surely written out all the core races bar humans. Over time, they've been reintroduced, but most of them reflavoured and too infrequent to inspire me to play one. Instead he's homebrewed some races for us instead, but the vast majority of my characters have been humans.

I've played a gnome and an elf here and there. I've played a werebear (one of our GMs race ideas) (for a half a session before an untimely holiday had him written out and left behind. -_-) and a ghoul samurai (a cohort of deceased PC that I picked up for a session and breathed a bit of life into). Neither of those would've been my first choices though. I'm dying for a good chance to play a Dwarf or Halfling.

What I find is certain gamers are really hung up on what the core races SHOULD be. Particularly Gnomes. They, in the eyes of many, have to be Grobnar's that share their beds with badgers, and there's little we can do to change them. Gnome-bashing is a time honored tradition among D&D players. I have a fellow player that refuses to play any of the long-lived races, because they "shouldn't start at 1st level/be as powerful as the 19 year old rogue/be disadvantaged in any way." More power to him, but I think he's missing out on some fun roleplay opportunities.

Any good character is gonna have real, human motivations, human or otherwise, and the race is a fun lens to play with here, just as a cockney accent, nuanced personality or secret agenda might be.

On the other hand, I'm really not keen on playing any of the monster races, so I understand this is a matter of taste.

I've never made a half-orc, halfling or gnome character. Not that I find anything wrong with them mechanically, it's just that they don't interest me in the least. Back in the 1e days I played an alu-demon (half succubus), a half-drow, and a half-werewolf (not by choice. The DM sort of thrust them on me).

In fact, since the beginning of 2e, I've only played humans. Period.



But yeah. Gnomes, Halflings, and Dwarves are the three core races I'd probably never play. I haven't taken too much interest in most of the Dragon Empires races (except Kitsune, who are pretty cool), but I'm guessing I wouldn't play many of them. I really dunno which of the "advanced races" I'd never play, either.

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Humans are boring.

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I played an elf once, because GM said "only core races"

I usually play things from Supplementary material

Removed a post. Sexist comments aren't tolerated on these messageboards.

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If my human unarmed fighter dies I am going to roll up a gnome paladin or cavalier just because of this thread.

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In a Skull and Shackles game a friend wants to run, I am thinking Elf rogue just to give it a try. Admittedly, I love the human for that bonus feat... but I think I can live without it :)

Also if my bard in the Jade Regent game Im in dies, thinking abiut rolling up an Onispawn tiefling ranger, GM permitting

On the topic of gnomes, I have but two words: Douena Trestleben.

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Elf, but I never will. Been wanting to try a gnome recently though.

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I don't actually have an issue with elves now that I've gotten older. I realize that I don't have to play to any stereotype with them or gnomes. In fact, I tend to make my characters act like dwarves sometimes, though I've recently tried not to do that so much.

Same here. I've always avoided elves. Not because I dislike them, just because I don't have an affinity for them. I finally got around to playing an elf twice. I avoided playing up the fey, flighty, beautiful aspects. One played up the sword and spell archetype, the other was a haughty elven elitist, in a less serious game.

I’ve never played a gnome because they are the worst player race ever.

Cheapy wrote:
Humans are boring.

I agree for the most part. However they're often the best statistical choice for a character and that's why a lot of people play them.

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Well, back in the old days, choice of class (or multiclass) was severely limited by race. That is one aspect of AD&D that I do not miss.

In PF so far, I have played elf, dwarf, human, half-elf and halfling. I was torn between halfling and gnome for my summoner, but decided on +1 on all saves looked better than cantrips. I wanted a Small character so s/he (random gender, turned out male) could ride his eidolon.

I still have not played a half-orc, but more by chance than by choice. Based on the description, I think a half-ogre would be fun to play, but it's not in my campaign.

dwarves. Nuff said.

oddly enough humans, they just seems so boring to me.

I only play humans and the (very) occasional half elf. There's just something about being a normal person in such a mystical world.

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Humans are Boring But Practical.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Humans are Boring But Practical.

I respect this only because TV Tropes is amazing.

I don't know about boring though, being a human who can kill legions of demons, devils, undead, etc. is quite awesome.

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I meant mechanically. It's pretty generic.

I pretty much only play the big three: Captain Amer... err... Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.

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I wish more people played as humans and to a lesser extent elves and dwarves. I'm tired of my parties being a troupe of circus freaks.

You'd rather it resemble your day job, but probably with more magic?

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