MobiCon XV - May 18-20th - Mobile Alabama

Local Play

The Exchange 5/5

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MOBICON is a gathering of sci-fi, fantasy, comic, anime, and gaming fans to meet people with the same interests. Each year we go ALL OUT to bring great guests, game, and merchants from all over to make it great. MOBICON is held in Mobile, AL to raise money for a selected charity. This is the 15th year for MobiCon. For more information see the main Mobicon Website.

This year we are offering a good mix of Pathfinder scenarios and modules based on demand. Walkups will be welcome and we will always be ready to introduce new players. There is no separate charge for RPGA/PFS gaming. To sign up for games in advance, please register at the MobiCon XV Warhorn site and sign up for the games you plan to attend. Depending on demand we will add more slots and tables as more register.

We're offering a good mix of new scenarios and old, so there should be something for everyone. Hope you can join us and have fun!

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