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I'm wondering if Healing or Endurance patron is more useful for a Jade Regent witch.


This week I've taken over a Jade Regent PbP game after the former GM had to step down. Since I've been a player before that I'm just now starting to read through the AP and everything. Working my way through the first book haven't touched the others yet.

The witch in that group currently has the Endurance patron, she wanted to take Healing first but since there was a dedicated healer cleric in the group she didn't. She's still a Hedge Witch though.
Now the cleric has been MIA for a couple of weeks as well, and I don't see her returning, so the witch would take over as main healer.

I told her I'm fine if she wants to switch her patron to Healing if she wants, since that had been her primary choice.

Healing patron would give the Restoration to be cast, while Endurance provides Protection from Energy for example, and of course quite a few other options.
And while some of those might be provided by NPCs in the caravan, or could be UMD'd etc, it's an advantage to actually have real access to these spells I guess.

The other players are a barbarian, magus and sorcerer, so either they have a limited spelllist themselves or limited spells known, so its not a guarantee any of those spells will be had.
UMD is there however, and I'm willing to drop them a scroll or maybe a partial charged wand eventually in the loot to make up for the lack of a cleric, if I feel they'll need it.

So, to the people that know the AP a bit better than me, which of those two patrons would you advice? Or doesn't it really matter?

The Exchange

For Jade Regent, Endurance is probably much stronger. Endurance has more spells that the party is likely to want on an average adventuring day, while Healing leans more towards spells that the party can save for downtime. (This is not one of those APs where you need Restoration on demand at all times). It's already very easy for the party to access those spells in downtime, because they can lean on both the NPCs and, in a pinch,

the Amatatsu Seal, which has extremely powerful healing magic built-in.

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