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In perusing archetypes, I've come upon a couple of issues which I've not found addressed in other threads or in any FAQ. Small as they seem, I'm interested to know how people are dealing with these things.

The first issue pertains to the Empyreal wildblooded archetype. The Celestial bloodline's capstone includes the following:

Celestial Bloodline wrote:

Ascension (Su): At 20th level, you become infused with the power of the heavens. You gain:

Unlimited use of the Wings of Heaven ability

However, the Empyreal bloodline replaces Wings of Heaven with Sacred Cistern. I assume that this doesn't grant unlimited use of that ability (inexhaustible healing? Unthinkable); does the Empyreal sorcerer gain Wings of Heaven at level 20? Does she simply ignore this text?

The other issue is with the Kensai. He receives fighter training at seventh level, but does not replace the default magus's fighter training at level 10. The intention seems to be for the Kensai not to receive anything in exchange, and for the seventh level ability to make the other redundant. Are people playing this differently? Giving the Kensai an effective fighter level equal to his magus level (certainly not equal to one-and-a-half times his magus level, less three, I would hope)? Is this an oversight?

Thank you for your responses. With any luck, we can glean some concrete answers about these things, and perhaps open the discussion to other archetype oddities.

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archetypes wrote:

If an archetype replaces a class feature that is part of a series of improvements or additions to a base ability (such as a fighter's weapon training or a ranger's favored enemy), the next time the character would gain that ability, it counts as the lower-level ability that was replaced by the archetype. In effect, all abilities in that series are delayed until the next time the class improves that ability. For example, if an archetype replaces a rogue's +2d6 sneak attack bonus at 3rd level, when she reaches 5th level and gains a sneak attack bonus, her sneak attack doesn't jump from +1d6 to +3d6—it improves to +2d6, just as if she had finally gained the increase at 3rd level. This adjustment continues for every level at which her sneak attack would improve, until at 19th level she has +9d6 instead of the +10d6 of a standard rogue.

so you would gain wings of heavenn with standard limited use

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Regarding the Kensai fighter training, I had the same question as I was playing one at the time. The Kensai version only applies to their specific weapon, they still get the regular Magus version at lvl. 10 & that applies to any type of weapon.

To be honest, its level 20. If you even make it that far the player is already going to be badass to the point to where it won't really matter much. I'd just give the player the ability they lost and unlimited uses of it as worded.

I agree with Name Violation upthread, You would probably gain the lower level ability of Wings of Heaven, so standard limited use.


4 year necro talking to them as if they are still reading this thread. lol

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