9th level Feat Advice on a Bard / Paladin


Hey everyone.
I currently have a Bard5/Paladin3 (no archetypes, all future levels going into Bard) in Curse of the Crimson Throne, and we're really close to hitting level 9 I believe. I'm at a loss for what feat to take.

My current stats and feats are
Str 16
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 9
Cha 17

Lingering Performance
Arcane Strike
Weapon Focus: Glaive
Spear Dancer
Extra Performance

Versatile Performances are in Oratory and Dance.

In combat, I start up my Inspire Courage and then melee with a glaive most of the time.

Dodge is out of the question because of my Dex or I'd be taking that. Discordant Voice is on my list for a later feat (although its the only thing on that list; advice there would help as well.)
Talking with my DM, the only thing we could really come up with was Skill Focus: Perform (Dance) to help with Acrobatics checks. Toughness is an option, but I'm at 63hp as it is, which seems to be enough given the immense healing output our cleric has. My Lay on Hands is too puny to invest the feats into it.

Any help is very much appreciated! Oh, and pretty much any official Pathfinder book is allowed for this, although my DM does prefer sticking to Core + APG.

Radiant Charge, maybe. Your lay on hands is indeed pretty feeble, but that lets you convert your uses of it directly into damage. Right now, you'd be looking at adding 4d6+Charisma damage to any charge attack 1/day, and that would scale up as your Charisma increases.

Glaive? Power attack is sort of a must, particularly if you have ready +attack buffs (which you do, since you're a bard).

Combat reflexes is a good match for a reach weapon. Your Dex isn't high, but the extra AoO could come in handy (and you might well bump up Dex with a belt, later).

How about maneuvers? You can trip with any weapon, so picking up Improved Trip and/or Adept Champion could make that fun. With Inspire Courage (and sometimes Smite) also adding to your trip attempts, your CMB would be looking pretty good. This would have good synergy with that Combat Reflexes. Don't bother with Adept Champion unless you also pick up a silver smite bracelet.

Fearless Aura, possibly, if you expect that kind of thing to come up much. It probably won't, though.

If you have Intimidate, you could think about playing with Dazzling Display and Shatter Defenses. It could be thematically appropriate for an oratory bard.

I'd say to pick up Power Attack right away, absolutely, then consider getting into tripping, since you could be pretty good at that.

Oh, and Craft Wondrous Item is ... a feat. Potentially very practical. But that depends on your table's crafting rules, the other PCs, and so forth.

As an aside, if you take just one more level of paladin, you could adopt the Oath of Vengeance and gain the ability to convert Lay on Hands into extra uses of Smite Evil (2 for 1 ratio). That could be very nice, a definite step up from your 1/day smite you have right now. You'd also get access to the paladin spell list, if you want to use paladin wands or something.

I do have a silver smite bracelet. I do not have Intimidate.

I did see Radiant Charge, but considering I'd only get it once a day, meh, didn't sound that great?

I didn't see Adept Champion, that could be fun, although yes, I'd need Improved Trip or the like.

Power Attack didn't come to mind for either of us. Yeah, I could probably make some use out of that.

Already mentioned: Power Attack & Toughness. More important for you (it seems) are Stat-Boosters for Str and Cha, maybe Con.

If you can increase your strength somehow, Power Attack makes the most sense to me.

Other feats for a fighting bard: Step Up (Chain), Great Fortitude (boring but always handy even for a pally).

Maybe some of the eldritch heritage stuff?

Oh, yeah, I totally need stat boosting items. They just haven't been found as loot or on the randomly generated lists at shops yet (other than Wisdom, which went to the Cleric), and nobody has seen fit to devote to crafting (not that we'd have much in-game time to do it, with the city under near-constant troubles). And the first Strength one we'd find would likely go to the Fighter anyway; he's behind in gear.

So, maybe Toughness now, Discordant Voice at level 11, and Power Attack after I can find some stat boosting gear? That gives me a direction to head in, at least.

Eldritch Heritage needs Skill Focus, so that's kind of out of the question.


How 'bout Voice of the Sibyl?

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