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I may have just missed this, as I've just read through the adventure once, but apart from the stuff in the rear of the book, I didn't notice any hints as to what the rumoured treasures might be, or what they contain. Did I miss something, or is this either in one of the upcoming books, or am I to fill in the blanks myself?

Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. :)

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Can you help us understand what you mean by "rumored treasure"? Where are you seeing that referenced?

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The "rumored treasures" marked on the map on the inside front cover are possible locations for the adventure hooks presented on the inside back cover. They are not otherwise detailed in the AP - these are adventure hooks and treasures that you can give to your players if you want to expand the AP or add a few side adventures to the campaign.

In the office campaign I'm running, I gave each of the players one of the "stories" from the back cover, representing a rumor, legend, or tale that each of their characters had picked up before the campaign. I'm leaving it to the players to decide whether they want to follow up on any of thee rumors.

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Erik Freund wrote:
Can you help us understand what you mean by "rumored treasure"? Where are you seeing that referenced?

If you look on the inside of the cover of the book, you'll see a map where X marks the spot for "Rumoured Treasure", that being the small side quests like "Fisherman's Folly", "Shipwreck in a Bottle" and so on. I was just wondering if I'd missed them somewhere in the book, where it was stated what the rewards actually were, and/or how they were to be retrieved, or if possible, how the players even got to hear of them.

EDIT: Whoops. Ninja posted by Rob McCreary by 30 seconds. Thanks for clearing it up Rob, much appreciated. :)

Has anyone used these in their game? I'd like to do so, but it's not always clear to me what the treasure would actually BE in game terms. Has anyone done an adventure regarding any of these things that turned out well and wouldn't mind sharing details?

Yes I have used 1 so far, the silver toucan. I changed it to a parrot and gave used the queen's magpie magic item in UE then added a clockwork spy template. I then built a small adventure around it using Smugglers Shiv island and the Vegepygmies venerating it as a god in a stepped pyramid. The PC's managed to grab it and run (Indy style). Thye now have something like Bobo the owl in the original Clash of the Titans on thier ship.

The others I picked 10 and stated them up as either magic or cursed items (using other items as guides). For example the skeletal cutlass is a +3 cursed intelgent cutlass with vicous template. When picked up it fuses with the hand and the flesh of the arm drops away. The weapon is pretty powerful though so it compensates for this. The only way to get rid of it is with death (it drops from the hand)remove curse or wish and the victim must dangle the arm in a pool of lava (nasty I know but once in a while there needs to be a good ol pirate cursed item thrown in).

I intend to use the other 10 items as random treasure either on ships or within settlements the pc's decide to raid.

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Ok I know im performing a little thread necro here but im running this AP and could use a little help. Has anybody actually stated the rumored treasures and would anyone be willing to share? I have tons of ideas but I've been working steady 12s for over a month now and would really appreciate the gamer help.

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Not entirely fully statted but you're welcome to what I've come up with for the first volume here: Side Quests - The Wormwood Mutiny. My party are almost finished one of them and are pursuing another. Haven't started the Vol 2 side quests yet though my party are on Parts 2 and 3 of that one now.

Thanks for bumping this. And Thanks Uri for doing the work on side quests. I'll likely use your stuff for my upcoming 5e version of S&S. :)

We have just recently started but I made miniature x marks the spot maps that I am using as a random treasure loot roll. So far it's been fun. Half the party thinks it's fake and the other half is sure their real.

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