Help building a hippie fire poi dancer


Well there it is. Was going to go Druid with an animal companion, then bard for the performance, and meteor hammer for the weapon. Make her stats something like
S 12
D 14
C 14
W 14
I 8
CH 14

Name her TYE DYE, Sugar Magnolia, or Scarlet Begonia. Please help flesh her out Thanks.

Looking for help with possible feats and spell lists

Druids can Perform just fine, they just don't get much of a benefit from it. But how 'bout an Animal Speaker Bard with a pet from the Sylvan Sorcerer Bloodline?

Well first of all if you honestly want to be a dancing druid I suggest not investing so heavily in cha or str and take dervish dance and bump up dex. I'm saying this because it's a bigger deal to have higher ac, reflex, to hit, and damage then it is to have bonuses to social skills and carrying capacity. Then just invest a little more into social skills and you'll be set.
Remember to use your spells to your advantage when dealing with roleplaying and social encounters. They will help define your character.

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