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Looking for ways to get Perform checks as high as possible. Let's go with level 1. External bonuses are fine if they can be produced by level 1 characters. So far I have:

Class Skill +3
Skill ranks +1
Skill focus +3
Ear for Music trait +1
Masterwork Instrument +2
Art/Music Variant Channeling +1
Guidance +1
Charisma +X

For a total of +12 + CHA bonus. I'm sure there are ways to get it higher.
Can you take 10 and/or aid another on perform checks?

Aid another is a sensible option (music bands, orchestra).

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Drejk wrote:
Aid another is a sensible option (music bands, orchestra).

I think so too, just wasn't sure if it was allowed.

The Savant trait is better than ear for music, in terms of the perform bonus.

The strength of the sun trait is a +1 to all charisma-based checks (which would include concentration checks for a cha-caster like the bard) during the daytime (do NOT need to actually be in sunlight), but trait bonuses don't stack, sadly.

Circlet of Persuasion is another +3 to all cha-based checks. EDIT: Not affordable at level 1, d'oh! Missed that restriction.

You can take 10 on performance when not threatened or anything, such as in combat. Aid another would depend, if you're actually making the check to perform, sure. If you're trying to use versatile performance to do some other skill'd be up to whether or not that other skill can be aided usually.

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