Alright! Carrion Crown it is!

Carrion Crown

After reading the first books for several other APs, I've decided on Carrion Crown. It is by far the most interesting of the APs so far and it got my creative juices flowing. A couple of changes that seem to be something others have thought of as well:

Pushing the time up to 1800's making use of guns and what not. Doing
so, I've looked at the classes and I believe I can find a place for all of them.

With the change in timeline, I'm thinking of adding some Steampunk elements as well. The idea of Horror and Steampunk has always fasinated me.

I have mannnnnny old Ravenloft adventures from 2nd edition that I think would be perfect to round out the game. In fact, I may move the entire thing to Ravenloft, nix the Whispering Tyrant and make it Azalin Rex coming back.

Any thoughts on these changes?

I did something similar for my own CC-campaign. I placed Ustalav in Ravenloft, albeit a heavily modified one. I wrote a primer and drew a map for my players and can share that, if you would like.

For more instant Steampunk, I replaced the summoner class with the clockworker, which does basically the same thing but with constructs instead of outsiders. Add steamboats or even trains and similar advanced technology and it should be easy to get a steampunk'ed atmosphere. One thing I toyed with was armor-less combat, as I feel that the 1800s do not mix that well with full-plate (even if they are still around and used in some of the more backwater places (and by PCs with that background)).

It is working well so far. Further adventures will take the players all over the Core, as many of the themes presented in the AP are available in other domains and mesh quite well with existing stuff.

While both the Whispering Tyrant and Azalin Rex are evil liches, they are quite different. I kept both, as the Whispering Tyrant is more the world-conquering, all-should-be-undead type and thus a pretty good threat from ages past.

Sure! I love to see the primer and anything else you have got so far! Thanks!

I have copied the text and a map from my RPG-Wiki into a google.doc. You can find it here. It is my first google.doc ... I hope this works as intended.


Some other good resources, mostly from these boards (all too spoilery for players):

*Windspirit's GM Material (this stuff is really helpful!)

*Neverwillibreak's modifications to the AP

*A podcast:The Gamer's Guide to The Haunting of Harrowstone - they do a good job of talking about how to fix the Trust Points system in HoH, as I recall

*Some ideas for integrating the final BBEG into the AP earlier:

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