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The Polls have opened!

I posted this is in the Contest thread, but the link is buried deep in comments, so I've moved it to it's own thread!

We, the judges have chosen! Now is the time to VOTE!!

Matt "fray" Widmann, Ted "Zuxius" Thompson, Andrew Vallas of Paizo, and myself all sat down and discussed the 17 entries in this contest. In an hour long conversation over Skype, we selected what we all agreed were the top five logos.

Now, keep in mind, the judges had critical comments about each one of these logos, and whichever logo does claim the most votes will still require some modifications. But, we all agreed that each of these logos, with the necessary corrections and changes, would serve as a great logo for PFU.

And now, you, the Paizo fans, get to vote on which of these excellent logos should become the OFFICIAL PFU symbol. This logo will adorn Wayfinders, Pathfinder Chroniclers Anthologies, and future PFU products.

The Voting Survey can be reached VIA THIS LINK.

The voting poll closes on May 15th, 11:59 PM Pacific.

Good luck to each of our finalists!

And also, feel free to continue this thread with discussion on which logo YOU like best! We'd like to hear your thoughts!

I liked logo #3. Although #1 had the right amount of sinister, #2 had the fans, #4 had the old school heraldic theme and #5 had the polyhedral simplicity, #3 had the best graphic layout, the nicest interaction of the title with the image. I like the twenty twenty-siders circling the twenty-sided dice. Nice.

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And there's another vote.

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Very good! Thanks to all that voted so far. But, I'm seeing only 91 votes in total. Surely, we can get more than that!


It was an honor to vote!

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OK, with 47.7% of the vote, and less than 1 hour left in the voting, it's a CLEAR victory for Logo #5!

Congratulations to Hugo Solis for his winning entry!

Congratulations, Hugo Solis!!



I look forward to seeing the finalized version of the winning logo. Congrats Hugo.

Sovereign Court

Congrats Hugo!

Scarab Sages

Butterfrog, for the win!
There's few success stories like Hugo's. All the way from another continent, he's one of the great staples of art that Paizo has around.
Cngratulations, Hugo, and may your work and career continue to be as prolific and wonderful as they have been since your first days of doing character illustrations for free on the Paizo boards!

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Well deserved! :D

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