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can an animal shaman, lets say a eagle shaman, take the feathers domain?
After all he can choose from the animal domain, of which the feathers is the subdomain.

Yes, but you'd probably still need to choose a birdy.

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Cheapy wrote:
Yes, [...].

Do you have any rule quotes for me.

I would like to have it by the book, not just the intent of the rule.

Initially I was leaning towards "no" because certain animal shamans specifically mention a subdomain


A bat shaman who chooses an animal companion must select a bat. If choosing a domain, the bat shaman must choose from Air, Animal, Darkness (Night subdomain), and Trickery (Deception subdomain).
where as the eagle shaman does not mention a subdomain:

An eagle shaman who chooses an animal companion must select a bird (eagle). If choosing a domain, the eagle shaman must choose from the Air, Animal, Nobility, and Weather domains.

Don't get me wrong, I want it to be true, since I really would like to have the Feather Domain ;) . But I would need to see a specific rule for that.

I take those to mean you can just select those subdomains, or at best, the darkness domain or night subdomain. In those situations, the other subdomains don't really fit the concept the shaman is going for. That is, they're more-so excluding other subdomain choices which would normally be allowed due to this line:

Subdomains can be selected by Druids (except the metal subdomain)

Bat Shaman does come from a later book, so assuming that its mentioning of something sets a precedent that affects things published before it is a bit dubious.

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OK, so it is still a bit dubious?
Does anyone know how Pathfinder Society is handling this?

I don't think it's dubious at all. I believe the author of the Eagle Shaman did not know of the subdomains, since they were both introduced in the same book, and I'm fairly certain the author of the druid archetypes wasn't the same guy who did the subdomains.

If the Eagle Shaman cannot choose subdomains, then it'd have to be because the normal druid can't select subdomains. Normal druids can choose domains too, and the rules of subdomains state that subdomains can be taken by druids. The animal shaman domain options does not change this fact.

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