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I've been staring at the Riptide Cove map for a couple days now and just can't seem to figure out how the side view (section) relates to the overhead view (plan).

Is the side view supposed to be a wrap around as though I were doing a full 360 walk around of the map from the outside looking towards the center?

Also are the two maps in the same scale? Look at D8. In the overhead view its 4 squares across and in the side view its 6 to 7 squares across depending on how you count it.

Should I assume the over head view is when its at high tide (as there is no dry land to be seen even though at low tide D5 is definitely above water as are some of the tunnels.

Also for the landlubers amongst us how do you determine if it should be high tide or low tide? What time of day dictates one or the other?

I'm really having trouble relating the side view to the overhead map except as a depth gauge for the various rooms. How are other people seeing these two maps.



Yeah, the bottom side view is it unrolled. D8's side view looks to run northwest through the top down view; parallel to the tunnel into D8 basically.

Personally, I'm seeing the side view to be for depth, and headroom, only; with the lateral dimensions not to be used for exact measurements. For that matter, I'm using the side view for info on the deepest part of the chamber an general slope of the floor as it's only applicable for the centerline of the chamber.

As for tides, it's yet another advantage of the year/calendar being exactly like Earth's - you can use locations on Earth for in-game information. For tides, I arbitrarily chose Lagos, Nigeria as being in the roughly equivalent location.

Wolfram Alpha, as usual, produced an amazing result when I queried it for "tides for Lagos, Nigera October 12, 2011". One thing it provides is a chart so you can see the rise and fall of the tide. The exact height is, of course, unimportant as the module specifies that, but it's great for knowing if the tide is ebbing and when it'll be full in or out. And it'll be fun to tell the players that the water's slowly rising around them. :D

You could also use something like What's the tide, but that gives the tide at the selected date/time with the time to high and low.

To simplify things. The tides follow the moon, when the moon rises and sets you get high tides, when it crests you get low (it also crests on the other side of the planet). The fuller the moon the weaker the tide as the sun is on the opposite side excerpting force too. Twice a month you get neap tides which are the lowest high and the highest low tides, this occurs when the moon is in a quarter phase. There is always a tide as the moon is always revolving around us and on a sailing vessel you'll notice as it can help or hinder you depending on which way it's going. In the Chesapeake Bay I've had a trip that should have taken 4 hours take 14 because the wind and tide were against us.

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