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This is the in character journal for Rogar, son of Odol of the Ghalkin Clan. More details on this character are available here. At the bottom there is an OoC area where I talk about notable events.

7th of Calistril, 4712
I have arrived in Sandpoint. I have taken lodging in the Rusty Dragon as I have always done. It’s good to be back, I haven’t been here for 20 years. Young Ameiko now runs the place, although she wasn’t able to give me the usual room we stay in. It seems a young Tian man has been staying there for some time.

8th of Calistril, 4712
I went and saw Niska first thing in the morning. She isn’t doing well. I’ve never seen her look so old. We caught up and I of course told her all about my training to become an ordained priest. She marvelled at my holy symbol and for a brief moment I was able to forget just how bad she looks. I of course insisted on cooking a meal, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever prepared as Niska and Koya barely touched their plates.

Afterwards Niska pulled me aside and asked me to look after little Koya after she passes away. I hope this does not come to pass anytime soon, but I fear it will become a reality all too soon. It seems Koya hasn’t matured very much as Niska insisted that I accompany young Koya should she ever go on a long journey. While I would not begrudge someone for travelling abroad, Koya’s health doesn’t seem to be anywhere near strong enough to cope on such an expedition.

10th of Calistril, 4712
Niska passed away last night. It is a sad day for all.

10th of Pharast, 4712
It’s been a while since I wrote in this journal. To be honest I simply have not had the motivation. I organised Niska’s funeral. I was of two minds as to whether or not we should wait for my family to arrive before holding the funeral. I also wanted to have a grand crypt built to house Niska’s remains, but my parents rightfully pointed out it would take far too long to see one constructed and it would not be fair on Koya.

As such we had the funeral on the 5th of Calistril. Since then I’ve been helping Koya out. Doing my best to ensure she eats properly and takes care of herself.

9th of Gozran, 4712
I have been keeping my distance for the past few weeks. I need to give Koya room and time to grieve. She seems to be coping much better now, although she still isn’t eating properly. I have tried to offer coin in case it is for financial reasons, but she became quite angry at the suggestion.

I’ve been butting heads with the man whose stolen my usual room at the Rusty Dragon. He’s actually been throwing me out of the tavern on a regular basis for being “too noisy.” Who ever heard of a tavern that was being too noisy! It’s outrageous and I’m starting to consider having serious words with Ameiko over this young man.

10th of Gozran, 4712
I met a rather nice fellow today. I don’t know his name, but he’s a graduate from the Acadamae. I don’t normally take kindly to the wizardly types. They’re normally too bookish for me, but this one doesn’t seem too bad. He’s here to investigate the old Lighthouse. He’s convinced it’s a Thassilonian ruin.

I tried to tell him that it could not possibly be Thassilonian as the construction is clearly 600 years old at the absolute latest. But he would not listen.

More importantly the Sheriff came around and told us that the bounty on goblins has been re-enacted. The wizard was surprisingly keen on aiding me in collecting this bounty (proving he isn’t too bad of a wizard). Surprisingly Mr. Hirato requested he join our expedition. Afterwards he immediately insulted my honour and so I had to show him just how strong my honour is.

He’s actually got a mean right hook. He kept trying to kick me which was rather underhanded of him. But he does land a solid punch and can take something of a beating himself. Perhaps I have been maligning his character for the past two months. Perhaps he really isn’t that bad of a person.

Koya told me that there is a Halfling they call the Warden of the Marsh. She believes his shack is along the old fishing trail and that he might be able to tell us where the goblin camp is.

11th of Gozran, 4712
That damn Hirato woke me up at 6am! I cannot believe this man! And he made breakfast… well he called it breakfast. I don’t know what he tried to poison me with except it contained seaweed. Give me a good old fashioned baked mushroom cup any day of the week over that crap.

Hirato and Teotos were rather insistent that we go along the new fishing trail. I think it is a mistake, but they are insisting upon it. It was an arduous affair with poorly constructed bridges allowing us to cross the rivers. Give me a good old fashioned dwarven bridge any day of the week. I do not trust these haphazard constructs.

12th of Gozran, 4712
We reached the Warden of the Marsh’s home today. He greeted us at the door, or so I thought. It was in fact some sort of terrible monstrosity. I went down from the creature’s blows, however thankfully both Teotos and Hirato were able to take it down and revive me.

The true Warden of the Marsh was upstairs. I am currently tending to his wounds and will continue to do so for another two days. I did not bring enough rations or waterskins, thankfully he is well stocked on his supplies.

For saving his life he gifted us a lucky cloak. Mr. Hirato insisted on taking it and I have begrudged him this with Teotos’s blessing. He did fell the beast and help save my life.

13th of Gozran, 4712
Walthus’s condition continues to improve.

14th of Gozran, 4712
Walthus has agreed to take us directly to the goblin camp on the morrow.

16th of Gozran, 4712
I dishonoured myself yesterday. I allowed myself to be taken down by the goblins with me unable to even strike a blow against any of them. Mr. Hirato is a very honourable man and an extremely proficient fighter. I owe him a great debt as he saved my life once more. I am afraid I will not be able to repay this debt.

We did collect 12 goblin ears for which the Sheriff was very grateful. As was Ameiko strangely enough. We were able to negotiate 300gp for the camps leader, however we are unable to procure crucial supplies that we need. Although I was able to buy myself a new shield.

On the morrow we journey to Old Megas the Marsh Witch’s house to see if we can either pay her for some potions or find some potions in the ruins of her home. I get the impression from Koya that she was old a long time ago.

It seems she was run out of town for creating alchemical potions. I argued with Koya about this as it is wrong for this town to run her out simply for being interested in alchemy. Koya still has a lot of growing up to do, perhaps her travelling abroad wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

18th of Gozran, 4712
I have done my best to stop arguing with Mishu Hirato. However he is a belligerent man and seems to contradict everything I say simply to be contrary. However I continue to make the effort in the hope he will stop.

We got to Old Megas’s home today, and as I feared she is dead. We were attacked by some strange manner of creature. I believe it may have been a direrat. Mr. Hirato conducted himself in a fairly peculiar manner. He was afraid of this direrat. We did find a map with two shipwrecks clearly marked on it.

We argued about if we should go to the goblins first or if we should check out the shipwrecks. Hirato is interested in naught but looting these relics. He is ignoring the fact that we need to wipe out this vermin before it launches a retaliatory strike against the people of Sandpoint. We will discuss it in the morning.

19th of Gozran, 4712
We were attacked last night by goblins on Teotos’s watch. Both he and Mr. Hirato went down like a tonne of bricks. I was able to recover some of my lost honour in destroying two of the goblins and saving both their lives. Alas Hirato’s weaponry were both stolen by the goblins. Thankfully he is now hell bent on killing them and retrieving his ancestral weapon.

I can sympathise with him and I feel bad for being happy that his weapon was stolen by the goblins. However it has forced him to rearrange his priorities. First we return to Sandpoint where I can revive the wizard. Then we slay that vermin.

20th of Gozran, 4712
Hirato agreed to hand over the map to the Sherriff to be copied by a local cartographer. I felt this was a mistake but I was able to quickly chime in and register our legal claim to the historical sites on the map. The Sheriff concerned about our motivations, but I assured him that the state would have first rights of refusal for any items that could have their legal owner identified.

We leave tomorrow for the goblins.

22nd of Gozran, 4712
My honour is reclaimed. We slayed the goblin chief and the last remaining lackeys he had. It was a team effort with Teotos pulling his fair share of the weight. I have never seen a wizard adapt so quickly to the rigours of combat.

We were also able to reclaim Mitsuhirato’s ancestral weapon. I feel the debt I owed him is now repaid. I will need to send word back home to ensure these deeds are recorded in the Book of Grudges.

24th of Gozran, 4712
Mitsuhirato did not comport himself in the manner that is befitting an honourable person. He sliced off the ear of the chief in an attempt to get an extra 10 gold pieces. I feel we had a verbal contract with the sherriff and that to do as Hirato did is a mistake.

I am going to relax for the next few days and also purchase a new greataxe.

26th of Gozran, 4712
We have sent word to get a wand of cure light wounds shipped to us. But more importantly I have received my Greataxe. It have named it Wut Zon. I have also given Koya a map of the Brinestump Marsh. When I mentioned we had it I just had to hand it over. For the first time since Niska’s death I saw Koya smile. I plan to give her the fan with the map as well. I shall have the local cartographer duplicate the Sherriff’s copy of the Brinestump Marsh on it and also fill in the new details from the fan map.

30th of Gozran, 4712
We have left Sandpoint once more to brave the Brinestump marsh. We are going to the first shipwreck where I hope to start recovering any valuable goods within.

1st of Desnus, 4712
We arrived at the first shipwreck. It was called the Kaijitsu Blossom. Unfortunately there was nothing to be recovered. But as we feared, there were animate skeletons contained within. We have taken their rusty weapons which Mishuhirato informs me are called Wakizashis. Teotos has agreed to repair them.

Tomorrow we start heading out to the other ship.

2nd of Desnus, 4712
The second ship was called the Kaijitsu Star. There was no treasure here either. I know some of these skeletons have treasure about, a couple of weeks ago I spotted tracks and it was littered with golden coins. They must be hiding in the cave. That is the only possible explanation.

I have been seeing The Bog Marsh Monster chasing us since our first day in the marsh. However he has not attacked and we have certainly had times when were extremely vulnerable. I suspect he is a friendly hermit. I think he might be looking for company, but I cannot take that risk at this stage.

3rd of Desnus, 4712
We felled the remaining skeletal warriors. I was able to save Hirato’s life and destroy it with my morningstar. The skeleton and Hirato kept yelling at each other about something. I was unaware that skeletons could even talk.

We are now on our way back to Sandpoint.

6th of Desnus, 4712
I spoke with Koya and have given her the fan map. She didn’t seem to be particularly grateful. I was rather intrigued by this item myself. I cannot help but wonder who drew this map. Why did they draw it? Who did they draw it for? Alas, such questions are unlikely to be answered.

We will be leaving for Brinewall soon. I fear that Koya will want to come along. Normally I wouldn't begrudge her this, but I am fearful of us needing to flee as we're chased out of town. I will try to convince her to stay, but I may need to enlist Hirato's and Teotos' help in guarding her during the trip.

Out of Character:
So our GM had us rolling reflex saves at each bridge because I was approaching them with particular fear given their poorly made construction and that they were wooden. So we would spend half an hour on each bridge just to get across.

When we got the Walthus's home we all failed to spot that he wasn't Walthus. But he was wounded, so as a cleric I offered to heal him. I hadn't brought enough waterskins with me so I was dehydrated. In order to ascertain how safe his water was to drink I needed to get water to clean his wound.

The GM had him take a minute to get it for me (as he was unfamiliar with the kitchen). During this time I was carefully laying out my healer's kit when Hirato asked if I was getting warm water. I said good point and when he returned with a bucket of water I informed Walthus I needed a kettle to boil it in (at this point completely unaware of anything suspicious).

I resumed getting out my supplies and Walthus took another minute to find a kettle, during which time Hirato got suspicious. When Walthus returned Hirato declared this wasn't Walthus's home and that he was a squatter. At which point we rolled initiative.

I was flat-footed and closest to Walthus. I went down to sneak before I got to even act (10 HP). The others were able to kill him though. If it wasn't for the fact I was tracking food and water that I was consuming, I would have healed the creature and then left. Hooray for accidentally ruining the GMs plans!

In the goblin village we were planning on just rampaging around and triggering all the encounters at once (we didn't see any other way). I was going to get super buffed at the gates. However my dwarf immediately became suspicious as there were no goblin children in the yard. We slowly started making our way through the huts. We finally found them, they got a surprise round on me. They then went first in initiative. I went down into negatives once more. The others had to kill the goblins (with Walthus's help) before we retreated, having only searched half the town.

Thankfully I stopped dropping every single fight after that and started contributing.

Our GM was impressed that I was able to work out how to boost my relationship with Koya however I feel he telegraphed it quite a bit. I went to her, was telling her about what I've been doing. The exact manner in which I gave her a map of Brinestump Marsh is unclear, but I think the GM gave me a pretty solid hint. But perhaps I'm just more intuitive then I thought.

Funnily enough a quirk of my character given he's a trader is that he is interested in maps. The OoC reason for this is that I know we're going to Tian and it makes sense for my trader to want to document how to get there. I have no ranks in knowledge (geography) or survival so I will be forced to ask NPCs to help me with this endeavour so I can give it to my family so we can start trading in weapons to and from Tian. I love that this just so happens to be a common interest with Koya.

We finished at 2 in the morning so we handwaved the return to town. As such the final two entries are going to be expanded after next session when we actually roleplay returning to town.

All in all, fun was had by all. My current relationship scores are:
* Ameiko: 2
* Koya: 3
* Shelaleu: -2

So that expansion that you mentioned... did it ever happen in a different thread, or was this project abandonned?

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