Why / how is the Eye of Abendego connected to Aroden?

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Sometime it is just simple.

Aroden with all his power was acting like a fireman around Golarion, trying to fix any big issue that would rise up. Because he was all over the place, the only thing he could do sometimes is setup a containment field around the problem, hoping to come back later to deal with it.

It the case of the worlwound, he probably saw the cult stirring some bad stuff, he put some wards in place to slow them down, hoping to get back to it later.

As for the eye, probably some kind of portal or leyline that someone planned to use, like creating a new pit of Gormuz. He put some wards in place, hoping to get back to it later.

Then he died, probably accidental (because it couldn't be predicted), like some spell he cast blew up in his face, kindof like the effect of Spellwrack.

Then all the wards he put in place started to break, one after another. The eye is said to appear a few weeks after his death, long enough for the wards to get broken. Maybe Gozreh intervened with the storm to prevent intrusion, with some of his guards in place.

For me, I'm going with the Rovagug and Aucturn theory. They are evil, want to mess up the place, so they are trying from all angles to mess up Golarion.

I don't think making a quest to go in the Eye would be interesting, but it provides a good background for many adventures (the modules Ire of the Storm and Seers of the Drowned city, are directly inspired by it).

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KrissirK wrote:
Thinking about it starfinder deities that are no more are:

This is an incorrect list. Starfinder is very explicit that Torag and Rovagug are the only two Gods to vanish with Golarion. The others are still around, their worship is just less common than that of the 20 Core Deities of Starfinder.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
We at least know that his death was at the hands of someone else now. How that connects to the Eye remains unclear.
We don't know that he was canonically murdered yet, according to James Jacobs.
James Jacobs wrote:
AKA a product's sales text or early desctription for a solicitation isn't automatically canonical.


PossibleCabbage wrote:

I believe canon is that all the gods except Pharasma were totally caught off guard by Aroden's death/disappearance but the Lady of Mysteries is not inclined to answer questions.

Well, I suppose Nethys knows, because omniscience, but your odds of getting an answer from him are probably worse.

I like to think the critical failure on Commune is you asking Nethys what happened and him telling you point-blank.

I wish they would tell us what happened to Aroden, but to do so in a completely unreliable method.
did it happen like this?
or did happen because the Iconics had a pizza party and didnt invite ARoden.....

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Considering that Aroden did a lot of...questionable...things on his rise to power, and tied his essence to a large number of powerful items and locations throughout Golarion...it might be a manifestation of that. Perhaps he was working on an undersea experiment of some sort and when he died, the controls for that magic broke. Or maybe a piece of the Starstone underwater reacted because his magic was connected to it. I have no idea.

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