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If a creature is prone in an area affected by grease and then tries to stand up, does it need to make any check to do so?

If a creature is moving OUT of the grease area (but not within or into it) does it need to make a check?

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The answer to #2 is definitely no, based on the precedent set by difficult terrain. The square you're moving into is what dictates effects related to terrain/area of effect.

I'll leave it to others to tackle #1.

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Personally I would rule that the character could stand up as a move action if they succeeded on an Acrobatics check (DC 10) as per how regular movement is handled in the spell description. But is doesn't say specifically what happens if you stand up, no.

Ah i see, thanks for the info.

Hopefully the standing up in grease thing will be clarified in a future errata or something.

Consider, for a moment, that each square on a battle mat, IE an inch, equals FIVE FEET in game. So I think for even five feet of movement, to get out of a square of Grease, you would still have to make a check, because you're still moving through it.

Standing up, while a move action, is not movement, since you don't leave the square you started in. So you can stand up without an acrobatics check.

Note that you can stand followed by a five-foot step in the same turn, which you could not do if standing were considered movement, since you can't take a five-foot step in the same round that you have moved. You can stand and move out of a greased square without making any rolls.

That's RAW. GMs are free to house rule making it more difficult to stand or fight, but as written these things are not restricted by the spell. Keep in mind it is a first level spell.

1) No check needed, you are not moving.

2) Yes you need the check. You are moving within the area of effect; you are moving and you are within the area of effect. Difficult terrain rules do not apply as Grease is not difficult terrain.

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