Bladebound Staff Magus = Blackstaff?

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Although the white council is likely to behead you for the necromancy you are practicing in this thread....

A shame that even Blade Adept, the Bladebound-style arcanist archetype, can't have a black blade that's a light weapon. Although unlike the Bladebound magus they have access to ALL one-handed piercing weapons, as opposed to magus which only selects from like two or three.

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.Hate9 wrote:
Also, don't you have to be appointed by the White Council to become the Blackstaff?

I don't know what you're talking about. There is no Blackstaff, and if even if there were the white council would know nothing about that person, whoever it was.

I imagine one could always use the Weapon Design rules in Weapon Master's Handbook to create either a simple one handed slashing weapon, or a weapon that counts both as a quarterstaff and a slashing weapon, though that second option may be stretching it a bit.

Seraphimpunk wrote:

So... Aside from the Black Blades sidebar ( and the word "blade" everywhere ), is there anything specific to blades in the archetype?

( I know "a black blade is always a one-handed slashing weapon, a rapier, or a sword cane". But I'd really like to play a "Blackstaff", just wondering if I have to wait for a home game and beg the GM to bend that rule, if there is some part of the archtype that I'm overlooking that is slashing/piercing specific, or if I'd be able to mix Bladebound and Staff Magus in organized play for fun. )

All this humbug is rediculus. You want a RAW legal Blackstaff Magus, here you go.

Step 1, Monk of the Empty Hand. This let's you use all two-handed weapons as a quarterstaff. I'd stack this archetype with Weapon Adept because more thematic.
Step 2, choose a large Swordcane. As the whole debate above proves, changing size category doesn't change the weapons actual category, so a large Swordcane is still a 1-handed slashing weapon. Now don't unsheath the blade, leave it in the Cane. Use your large Cane as an improvised quarterstaff through MoTEH. Technically, the sheath is still part of the weapon, so it should still hold all the Blackblade features.
Step 3, enjoy beating the crap out of people with an sheathed oversized Canesword.

Question what about Shielded Staff Style using a Klar as the Blackblade? I dont know how it would work, and it would take a lot of feats to gain the benefit of the enhancement bonus from the shield (If I understood correctly).

It would probably work best with an archetype that trades out Spell Combat so that the TWF feats dont become a waste.

The Blade Bound Arcanist could make good use maybe it it didnt take so many feats.

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