Monster creation issues?

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Ok, I'm having a quandary here. I redesigned some monsters for my Kingmaker game to give actual challenges to my PCs. What I'm using is someone's fan-conversion of the Warlock because I really don't feel up to running a high level wizard as a main baddy yet.

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The problem of stacking Character levels on a monster became kinda evident in what I did. The output CR 9 creature has 162 HP and a 150 range touch attack that does 5D8+6 fire damage and forces Will saves or become shaken (the party is pretty bad at will saves it seems)

The question is, how would you fine tune this so it doesn't just outright kill PCs? The thing that I don't get is that apparently that damage code seems actually about right, but I'm thinking the HP and the control rider on the damage might be the thing that takes the fight to crazytown.

That being said, one of the players is a Cavalier who's damage code is up to 2d12+34 to 42 on a charge and another is an alchemist barbarian who's running a claw/claw/bite/gore attack routine that does a lot of damage when he's full attacking.

Sometimes it is better to use multiple opponents. Unless you are careful a single opponent will either die quickly or be too strong.

It is almost always better to use multiple opponents.

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