Legend of Grimrock

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If you liked old fashioned dungeon crawlers (Dungeon Master, Lands of Lore, Eye of the Beholder) then you have to take a look at this little gem.

Legend of Grimrock

It's a very fun (and pretty hard) game. I'm having a blast.

I spent 8 hours with it last night, only 3 1/2 counts for my total time and I just reached the 4th floor (I died a lot and once contemplated ragequitting). It's the most fun I've had being abused by spiders, slugs, mushrooms and phalanxes of skeletons. I'm looking forward to going back to it tonight (I have a boring security job and my laptop gets me through).

I'm down to floor 7 myself. Still having a blast. What a great game.

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I finally gave this game a try ( On sale at www.gog.com). I have been enjoying the game so far. Remains me a lot of the Eye of the Beholder series.

Really wish I could play it, but they don't have a mac version yet and I've had no luck using WINE. May be a long wait, too, since they say the editor program is their current focus.

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YES. This game is so good.

Question: has anyone found a way to revisit the first floor?

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I just got Legend of Grimrock on Steam and now I'm wondering what difficulty setting I should take. Did any of you played the game on hard difficulty?

Just picked it up on the Steam sale as well, along with Botanicula, Nightsky, and Ys: Oath of (something).

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I... don't advise playing on Hard mode.

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Floor 5 survivor here!

Very fun game indeed. All the nostalgic niceties of games like Dungeon Master with good graphics and better controls.

Highly adviceable.

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I love this game so much. So many reloads. So very satisfying when you succeed or find something hidden (that little chime noise is just great).

I just killed my first ogre, yeah! :-)

I found some really nice custom portaits that you can import into the game during character creation.

Go to www.grimrock.net.

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