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I have a character concept for a Half-Orc Ninja for Pathfinder Society. Taking a close look at the rules for Sneak Attack, I don't see anything that disallows certain melee weapons, or any melee weapons for that matter.

So what I am asking is this: Is it possible for a Level 1 Half-Orc Ninja to sneak attack with a Greataxe, so long as all conditions for Sneak Attack are met?

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Yes, you can sneak attack with any weapon. I don't think you even have to be proficient with the greataxe so long as you are willing to take non-proficiency penalty.

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Yep, Sneak Attack with a Greataxe is go.

It even makes sense. Sneak Attack isn't really predicated on being a surprise, it's predicated on a knowledge of anatomy, and the victim being disadvantaged enough that you can target vulnerable places...which works as well with a Greataxe as with anything else.

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It's just attacking and doing more damage when the target cannot so adequately defend themselves. To be honest, sneak attack has become a bit of a misnomer.

My favorite always has been sneak attacking with a lance charging from a mount :)

But I'm pretty sure someone in Skulls and Shackles will sneak attack with a naval cannon.

One of my friends has a story about the time he sneak attacked with a flying ship.

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To quote the gamers:

DM: "You're going to backstab him?"
Rogue: "Uh Huh"
DM: "With a freaking ballista?"
Rogue: "Yeah"
*dice rolls*
DM: "You turn [the bad guy] into beef stroganoff, which goes flying over the rest of the party"

Myron Pauls wrote:
One of my friends has a story about the time he sneak attacked with a flying ship.

Our group recently did that to a dungeon. They ended up playing the module backwards. (The dungeon boss was pretty pissed.) Good times. : D

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