Bear Trouble


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What do you do when someone else suddenly seems to be better that you at what you do to earn a living? And how come they suddenly became so good at it? Up your game and find out what's going on, that's what you do!

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Hello Guys :D

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Hello guys! I'm finally here. This Nathan

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hey nathan i think this thread should be our OCC chat forum for the game then once we get settled we can make a new thread to play in :D

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Hello everyone! Should we start by choosing race and class?

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I would love to play a human bard

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Would love to play a Human, not sure what class yet want to see what everyone picks first.

In answer to Will's question, just the core rule books here please, for ease's sake. Them or:

So we are all on the same page.

6th Level, all magic items from A1 to A5 - you'll have to divide them as you see fit. The Blade of the Sun Lord has one sun left, whoever takes that. How many of use are in and who's watching from the shadows?

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I'm in, I believe that I'll be playing a Human Cleric. Still not sure what domains I'll pick though. How do you want us to go about doing character generation?

How historically "housey" can I be?

For the last decade and a bit I've/we've used.

Every stat starts as 7

Every stat then has 1d6-1 added to it

You then have 15 points to share out over the six stats

You then have racial bonuses to apply

As we're kicking off at 6th level, you'll have 1 point to add for 4th level

Too much snow and not enough happening to take your mind off of it makes for a dull life when you're getting by as an adventurer. Considering Rybalka is at the end of the Klavek world, you and your rivals have made it a pretty safe place to live. So, just how well can one group of people get to know each other? Your histories are really coming out during those quiet days of recent times, but do you have more to tell the others about yourself?

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I would like to either be:

a. Halfling Rogue that is a bit of a silly character. He tends to get himself into pretty sticky situations by picking pockets or wandering into dragon lairs in search of loot. Lucky for him he has some damn fine friends who are always have his back. In trade he kindly provides them with his services (he excels at finding traps and locating secret stashes of treasure).

b. Gnomish bookworm (specialist wizard) who is completely head over heels in love with his own voice. He knows everything about anything and will tell you every little details about a particular item, person, or location until the cows come home.

c. A quiet human ranger which is 1/16 elf (similar to Wvolf). He has been to the Silent Forest but does not reveal any information obtained there. In fact, only a few people know that he has been, and those that do rarely speak of it for fear of reprisal of this lone wolf.

Anyone have any recommendations? When do we start rolling up characters?

We usually go either with the 3d6 12 times, choose 6 best -OR- roll 4d6 6 times removing the lowest die from each roll. Alternately we could go OLD SCHOOL and roll 3d6 6 times STRAIGHT DOWN. I love old school and find that low stats can bring about some very interesting characters. Up to you guys though! :)

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They really should align the avatar images to the right so they don't cause the strange effects to the text on the left hand side of the screen. Do you guys have this issue as well? (Sorry, off subject! :P)

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I am down for old school

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All ready have something of a concept for my Pc. Don't have a name yet though.

Early on in his career as a soldier (first level fighter) he quickly grew tired of loosing those he cared about around him. He left the sword behind and picked up the cloth to fight the war in a different method, to heal the wounds of his comrades and strike fear into the hearts of those who caused that harm.

Not sure but I think that might make him Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good.

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I have one suggestion on Stat generation. Stephen could roll up the stats, then depending on how many people are playing (lets say five) and have all of us pick a number 1 to 5, that way Stephen would know all the stats where done fairly. Plus I think it would add an element of surprise as well.
If need be, say Jonathan wants to play a rogue and gets his stats and the Dex score is 8. He could refill it in what ever manner Stephen would suggest.

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RonarsCorruption, aka Michael here, finally. I never play on these boards, so I got lost earlier. >.>

Well, I see a human bard and a halfling rogue requested so far, so very traditional Klavekian Fighter seems a good counterpoint. But, if nobody else wants it, I can play a cleric/healer, too.

Ok, so Vick### (Cory) has gone for a human bard

Adventureaweek (Jonathan) has angled for a halfling rogue

Vashtin (Nathan) has started a fighter/cleric

Ronar (Michael) has staked the Klavek fighter

which leaves us with Will and (if time permits) Joshua and Todd.

Stats for ease - you all get 17, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8

You can move one point from one of these scores to another

You add and subtract racial bonuses

You get one point for 4th level

If you would like me to, I'll give you one of my own-designed magic items to play-test.

You can go back to A1-A5 and have all the magic items shared out between you as well.

The person with the best 10-line history will have a Healer's Wand (see magic items on the forum) that is tuned in to them - no swapsies on that one!

More to follow

male Human Programmer 4 / Game Designer 4

Vlad Krelson is fairly typical for a Klavekian. Born in the northern reaches of the kingdom in a cold cottage on a winter's night, he nearly froze to death twice before he was but a single year old - but not since.

Once Vlad could walk, he has been trained to deal with his harsh homeland, and has never once regretted being born here - in fact, his inborn skill and strength had led him on quite the adventure. He had departed his small village for Mohkba to join the army, only to be derailed in his quest repeatedly by greater and greater dangers and obstacles, only to overcome each one.

By now, his own fame is beginning to rival the army he had sought to join, and it would seem fate would dictate that it would still be some time before he could arrive in the capitol.

(character sheet mostly complete)

Ahh, a true Son of the King. There's a very good reason he's constantly dragged away from his desires; if only he considered money spent on sages money well spent...

Neatly done Michael.

Another day breaks and there is still no new work for your team. Rybalka is quiet, very quiet, and the funds you have available won't last forever. What's worse is that you saw the Black Bear Company return with an item for Sulwotik last night, so it is getting commissions you aren't. You need to gather your wits about you and see what's on offer around and about the village.

male Human Programmer 4 / Game Designer 4

((I imagine I should wait for the others before I post?))

Michael, if you've got your character semi-ready, send him on through via as I'm keen to see what people are putting together.

Everyone else, any signs of the birth of your characters?

Late breakfast, combined with an early lunch for economic reasons, is a gloomy affair with fairly thin fare by the standards of the Thirsty Serpent. This is made worse by the entry of the Black Bear Company, in high spirits and full of back-slapping self-congratulation.

"Drinks all round, Starling," booms the voice of one of the male members of the party, seemingly the leader. A noticable noise of appreciation goes around the bar. The hulking brute of the Black Bears, know simply as Grunt, turns towards you, smiles a jagged-tooth smile, turns back and laughs heartily, slapping the pale, religious-looking man next to him.

The local variation of porridge you have before you loses what little taste it had.

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At a young age Sigismund became a soldier in the Kings army. Not long afterward he had his experience in battle, shaken at first he quickly adjusted to sites and sounds of war. After a year went by, while on patrol with small squad of troops, they were attacked. Before they could recover from the ambush most of the unit was devastated.

It wasn't until after the battle that when Sigismund and the few survivors realized what had attacked them. It was wolves, a small pack of wolves numbering around 5 came in and slaughtered an entire squad of soldiers. What made it strange was when one of these wolves was killed. In it's place was a man.

Not even an hour passed when one of the Royal Inquisitor's had showed up rounding up all the survivors. Sigismund didn't know who this man was or what he wanted, be he knew one thing, he was done with the Crown and the Inquisitors. After this "investigation" he quickly left his past life behind and picked up the cloth and swore to never pick up the sword again or to fight for the Crown.

Sorry it's so long, got a little carried away.

male Human Programmer 4 / Game Designer 4

((long? you don't play a lot of PbP do you? I've seen back stories that are ten pages long. ;) ))

Vlad pushes around the now-bare bone in front of him, unhappy he had to pay for it from his own personal cache, rather than from money the group was currently making. It was never pleasant to be out of business, especially so suddenly as it had happened.

When Grunt looked over at him to grin, Vlad only grimaced back - he liked to think he would be able to take the other man in fair combat - or even in unfair combat, really.

"You think they'd know it was me if I hucked this at 'im?" He asked Sigismund, beside him, "I mean, I bet I could get away with it..."

Hey, guys. I think I'm actually going to sit this one out.

Male Human Musician/Chef/Publisher

I shall create my character and present him tomorrow morning.

So, just to clarify:

Level 6

These stats: 17, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8
1 point for first level

I would love to test out a new magical item. I will refrain from choosing anything from the campaign setting and allow others to snag those. (I'm sure whatever my character wants will eventually end up in his grubby little hands anyway.)

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"Now Vlad, as much as I would like to see you mop the floor with this child. There are too many people watching. Now is not the time nor the place."

Sigismund sits back and watches Grunt and the rest of his group. Making sure nothing out of hand is said or done.

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If I have time, I'll go try to go through A1-A5 and compile a list of items to divide up

Ok, so Will is opting out at this time (ever the salesman in me - you may not want to play now, but you might in the future - and the words "Boo! The crowd don't like it." went around my head :-D) which leaves:

Nathan as Sigismund

Michael as Vlad

Cory as tbc

Jonathan as tbc - to confirm your question Jonathan, you've got the inital stats correct, there's 1 point you can add for 4th level AND you can move 1 point from one characteristic to another (e.g STR to DEX) PLUS, if you go for a halfling, you have any racial considerations to include (+2 to over-eating, or whatever it is...oh yes, +2 to DEX, -2 to STR) which means, in theory, you could have a DEX of 21 - assign the 17, add the 1 point from fourth level, transfer 1 point from another score and then add 2 for being a halfing - not bad for 6th level!)

Joshua and Todd to be comfirmed overall (although I don't think I can find that 26th hour in the day that Joshua would need), plus anyone else who wants to join in - Jonathan, do we have a way of announcing this on the forum for other members please?



Thank you to Mike and Nathan for your character sheets - all good, nothing bad, "hat on the side of the head" stuff; expect an experimental "treat" sometime soon, based on your backgrounds.

Male Halfling Rogue/6

Hail and well met friends!

My name is Dweedletoes, Renowned Map-Maker and Adventurer Extraordinaire!

A bit about me you ask?

I have been known to stumble upon dragons and their hoards of treasure from time to time. Of course in all cases the dragon lay dead at my feet while I reap the rewards such as gold, gems, and magical goodies! Too bad my companions at times wander too close and are gobbled up or fried to a crisp. I always tell them they should follow me and sneak into the shadows BEHIND the dragon not charge in like some bare-chested barbarian brute! "Me Volgar warrior, me kill you dragon, smite you blah blah blah..." Bye bye Volgar! HELLO TREASURE!!

Whoops! I got a bit off subject there, yeah so anyway... I have a rich history which I won't bore you with now since we're off to find treasure soon... oh did I tell you the story of when I once scaled the highest peak in the Jagged Crags and single-handedly slayed that Snow Roc? Then I stole her eggs along with a rare flower which I sold to some bumbling mayor for about ten times what they were worth! Ha, ha! Good times!

What did you say your name was again?

Hey, where's your coin purse? Just kidding!

Well good evening Dweedletoes, you seem a fine addition to the group with all that experience. I'm sure Rybalka is coping well with your enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer (plus interest)

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

Sigismund leans over to Vlad and whispers, "Check your pockets friend, I had dealings with these folk a few seasons back. Their friendly, yes. But they tend to be a little friendlier to your pocket if you know what I mean."

Sigismund looks at Dweedletoes, and speaking in Halfling "Greetings, Dweedletoes. What brings you all the way up to the north, hopefully not my pockets. Care to join us in a drink?"

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"Greetings, I am Jegres Talian, did someone say drink? Perhaps, you would like a song to dink with?"

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

"Well good to meet you Jegres, over here we have Vlad and next to me we have Dweedletoes. Don't mind that brute Grunt over there, he's just a loud mouth.

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

"Oh, and by the way. I'm Sigismund.

male Human Programmer 4 / Game Designer 4

Vlad nods in greeting, quiet for the moment and content to let Sigismund do his introduction for him.

Privately, he was hoping that 'drinks for everyone' included their table, because seeing those damn black bears made him want a strong drink.

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

I am currently going through A1-A5 for all the magic items. If everyone could do me a favor and list their Class, Race, Weapon Focus (if any) I'll do what I can to fairly divide up the treasure. What I'll do is, look at who is more likely to use what item and give it to them. Then if it looks like no one specific, like say a Potion of Cure light Wounds it'll go to a Party Pool. What doesn't get divided up to one certain individual will be open up for grabs. If you decide that you don't want that item, feel free to give to someone else or to the party pool. If there is an item that no one can use, like for example a Staff of the Magi, then it goes to the party pool since no one can use it.

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

Okay, here's what I found. A1) Blade of the Sun Lord, Long Bow +1, Life Ring, Potion of Haste, Potion of Disguise Self. A2) nothing. A3) Scimitar +1, Ring of Protection +1, Dagger +1. A4) Staff of Size Alteration, Eversmoking Bottle (small size), Ring of the Ram. A5) Ring of Climbing, 20 Priest Scrolls (5 level 1, 5 level 2, 5 level 3, 5 level 4). Now I didn't grab things like the dogslicer +1 from the goblins in A1. If someone feels that I may have missed something feel free to double check.

Just by looking at things, I'll probably divide it up like this (this isn't set into stone). The +1 Dagger will go to Dweedle. Vlad (Fighter, I take it) the Blade of the Sun Lord. Jerges (Bard) +1 Scimitar. That pretty much takes out the melee weapons. I'll take the Scrolls since I'm the Cleric. Potion of Haste will go to Dweedle as well as the Eversmoking Bootle. Jerges will get the Ring of Protection. The Staff will go in the Pool as well as the Dogslicer. Ring of Climbing will be tossed up in the air between Jerges or Dweedle to grab. I'll take the Life Ring. Potion of Disguise Self can go in the pool unless Dweedle wants it. The Long Bow, Vlad can take that (not leaving you out, gave you a rather potent item). That just leaves the Ring of the Ram, if Vlad doesn't want it it'll go in the pool. If this works for everyone let me know. I vote that the dm handle the charges, and spells on the scrolls

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"Good to meet the lot of you"

Jegres, smiles politely at his new friends, then proceeds to remove his flute out of his pocket.

"Shall, I play a song then?"

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

"Play away my good Bard. The night is young, the glass is still empty. Barkeep! Another round for this table!"

Sigismund glances over at Grunts table to see what his party is up to.

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Jegres, begins to play The Fair Nymph on his beautifully carved ivory flute.

Right, I managed to get my account cancelled by asking "How might I do it?" and it being done in a trice, but I'm back!

Male Halfling Rogue/6

potion of haste
eversmoking bottle
potion of disguise self

"Don't mind if I do."

"Hail fine lads. Perhaps ye would like to hear the tales of my travels? I hath traveled a long journey to reach this icy cold land.. brr...."

Male Halfling Rogue/6

((Note to all: Click on my name and you'll see all my stats. You can do the same things as well Cory. Just add an ALIAS to your profile.))

Male Human Fighter 6

((Vlad's not the type to rely on a whole bunch of flashy items, so you were right to give him a weapon and little else.

And thanks Dweedletoes for the hint of posting in character!))

"Aye, little man, how did a small fellow such as yourself find himself here?" Vlad asks the halfling, not sure why someone so small would take up the travelling lifestyle. It must be awful hard on him.

Male Human Fighter 6

"There's no need to be so shy!" Vlad sees the smaller man pause for a moment, "I don't think less of you because you're small. Everyone's smaller than me!"

Vlad grins, thinking such a comment both very clever and very inspiring, but then shrugs, "But, never mind that, it is late and I've had a lot of mead. I think I'll head to bed - maybe there'll be some work in the morning that those bears don't poach."

Male Human Fighter 1/Cleric 5

"My apologizes there Vlad, I must of dozed off there for a moment. I can't hold my drink these days. What do you say we stir up some trouble or go see what the problem is with this other bunch of nobody's?"

"You in Dweedle? How about you Jegres, think you can find out what their up to or distract them long enough while one of us goes and explores their room?" I say this whipering, hoping that Jegres doesn't smell the strong drink overpowering my breath.

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