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If a Paladin were to have Eagle's Splendor cast on him, would he gain two additional Lay on Hands for duration of the spell?

Naturally I would see some caveats here, such as if he had it cast on him and used both, a second casting would not give him the additional two again, however if he used one of the two in the first casting he would be allowed to use the second with the latter casting.

Still I am unsure if the casting of the spell would give him the extra uses at all.

Thank you for your time.

Short answer: No.

Eagle's Splendor, and other such ability buff spells, are counted as temporary ability adjustments. That's why the wording on items that increase ability scores say they have to be worn for 24 hours before becoming "permanent" (the intention being that if it's taken off you lose it, but while worn it acts as though its a permanent bonus). Temporary bonuses are applied to things like Spell DCs, Skill Checks, Attacks and Damage, Saves, Ability Checks, Hit Points (treated as temporary), and maybe a couple I forgot. Permanent bonuses apply to Spells per Day, Special Abilities (such as Paladin's Lay on Hands and Barbarian's Rage), Skills per Level, Hit Points (not temporary), and maybe a couple more I forgot.

Hope that's helpful. =)

Edit - It would however increase your Attack Rolls and AC with Smite Evil.

Moar Editing - scroll down a bit and it'll give you a breakdown of what each abilities temporary and permanent bonuses give you.

It was very helpful indeed. Thank you very much Adoke.

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